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Author's Chapter Notes:
Four Seasons

I would like to thank my beta reader for helping me edit!

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Four Seasons


Jasper POV

I sat at the burgundy couch before the low crackling fire. On my lap lay Passion and Reason, my favorite psychology book, open to the fifteenth page. It was sad, really, that despite my ability to read quickly, I was still stuck on the same page. It wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t concentrate, for a myriad of feelings impacted me at practically five minute intervals. Among them were embarrassment, humor, and of course, love.

Looking out the window, I wondered where Bella and Edward were. They were usually playing in the snow with Alice or Emmett. They tried to give Bella every human experience. If she were to be changed, as Alice does remind me every day that she will be changed, she should receive every opportunity she can get for being a human.

Loud footsteps followed by a low laugh interrupted my reverie. I watched as Edward carried Bella into the room to lay her on top of him as he lay down on the couch nearest to the fire. While they settled in comfortably, I wondered where my lovely wife was.

“She’s making Bella, hot chocolate,” Edward said answering my thoughts. I nodded once and turned back to my book, yet the constant love emitting from the two had caught my attention. Discreetly, I tried to watch them, to try and understand the way they felt towards each other.

The fact that they loved each other was obvious, but how and why? What was it that drew them together? How did he control himself? How was she so sure of him, knowing what he could do?

He toyed with her hair, wet from the melting snow.

“You look quite beautiful today, did I mention that?” Edward whispered to Bella. She blushed a bright red.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” she whispered back, burying her face in his shirt. He softly rubbed circles on her back, and she relaxed and sighed with content. After a while, Bella turned to face the fire, and Edward rearranged himself to make her more comfortable. Looking closely, I noticed that every small move Bella made, Edward would move with her, as well. It was the same thing vice-versa. With their small dance-like motions, I looked on in awe. A strange emotion took over a bit of me. Envy.

Sure, throughout my life with the Cullens, I had seen all types of love, friendly love, sibling love, and couple love. Carlisle and Esme are truly the closest lovers. I wouldn’t undermine their relationship, for when combined, they create the true image of peace and happiness. Rosalie and Emmett are more of the physical type. Sure they had their moments of profoundness where various topics would be spoken about, so they seemed loving and caring towards each other.

Alice and I are by far the strangest couple, in a very good way. She was the one who pulled me out of my misery. With her constant cheeriness and her foresight, she helped me out of a lot of situations where I could have exposed the Cullens. I genuinely cared about her, as well, and tried to lessen any pain she felt. We had this connection, what with me feeling her emotions and her true perceptiveness. We could stand together without talking for several days and remain calm and full of love.

Edward and Bella, however, completely threw me off. Firstly, he was a vampire and she, a human. The fact that he resisted her sweet blood and was still able to carry on a relationship with her proved to us all how deeply he cared. The knowledge of what he could do to her at any moment didn’t turn her away. She saw him as a young man, and he saw her as a young woman with the mind of one so much more mature. Even with his strange talent, he couldn’t hear her thoughts at any time. Yet, both of them loved each other fiercely. Their love literally blew me away. I turned back to the couple in mind.

“Wouldn’t you miss this? At all?” Edward asked gesturing towards her cheeks flushed from the warmth.

“No,” Bella shook her head allowing her scent to float towards him. He inhaled deeply before resting his forehead on her shoulder.

“Are you sure? I know that you would miss the warmth…” he whispered, kissing her neck. His lips glided over her jaw, and she trembled.

“N-no. I-I mean yes. Yes I’m sure I wouldn’t miss this,” Bella told him strongly. She had gotten a bit better at evading his “dazzling” ways.

He sighed quickly and moved away slowly. Bella turned her head quickly so that she would be able to kiss him properly. A smile tugged at my lips as I watched Edward restrain Bella from kissing him further. At this rate, he would combust before he finally did the “deed.” Edward glanced up to glare at me, and I softly laughed.

Bella, put out, pouted and turned her face back towards the fire. I felt the lust before Edward portrayed it. He reached over and fiercely kissed her protruding lips. Not a second later, she pulled away to smirk happily into the fire while Edward lay gasping quietly for breath.

“You do know how to tempt me, Bella,” Edward chuckled. “But you can’t escape my grasp.” His hold around her tightened, and she gasped with surprise.

“You don’t fight fair, Mr. Cullen,” she said breathlessly as he kissed her pressure points on her neck and shoulders.

“Neither do you!” Edward teased. Bella stuck out her tongue. Edward looked a bit dazed, then, he roughly kissed her. She returned the kiss quite passionately.

“Break it up you two!” my lovely pixie teased as she entered the room with a tray of hot chocolate and cookies. Edward sat up, holding a blushing Bella in his lap.

“Did you bake those?” Bella asked.

“Of course! I would never have you eat the store bought cookies! Those probably don’t taste as well,” Alice responded. I grinned.

“Yes, because you’ve actually tried them lately,” Edward exclaimed sarcastically rolling his eyes. “You haven’t been a human in over ninety years.”

“I saw a vision of Bella eating a store cookie…and throwing it up,” Alice wrinkled her nose cutely while both Bella and Edward grimaced. Alice walked into my awaiting arms and took the place of the now forgotten book. We both watched as Bella ate a few cookies and finished off the hot chocolate.

Soon enough, Bella fell asleep. Noticing that she shivered from the cold of his skin, Edward dashed upstairs to ask Esme for a blanket. As soon as he left, Bella started to whimper. Waves of loneliness and sadness hit me so hard that I would have lost it if it weren’t for Alice’s love keeping me in place.

“What’s happened? Is she okay?” Alice worriedly asked.

“It must be a nightmare. Let me show you a bit of how she is feeling.” I let her feel a bit of Bella’s feelings and hugged her tighter as her face scrunched up in anguish.

Edward walked into the room with a blanket in hand. One look at Bella’s face, and he quickly bolted over to place her on his lap. Whispering soothing words of love to her, she finally relaxed. Softly, he hummed her lullaby and lovingly stroked her cheek.

“They’re so good for each other,” Alice calmly whispered. “I’m so glad he finally found someone. I’m afraid he might have lost it if he hadn’t found her.”

I wryly grinned at her statement. I am glad Edward found someone. It didn’t matter anymore if she was human. The way they looked at each other is enough for anyone to see how in love they were. And I was glad Edward found someone as dear to him as Alice was to me.


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