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Story Notes:
Twilighted Beta: qjmom

The fog upon the green covered hills was slowly dissipating. I had run for 3 or so days with no thought other than silence. 

I'd changed back into my human form a few hours ago in order to get food in a nearby town only to realize I had no clothes and no money. I was starving and naked. My better judgment had finally caught up to me. I needed to head home now and if I had to do it with my tail between my legs so be it. The smell of Emily’s fresh baked muffins, scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon was filling my nose as if it were here. I really needed to get home for hungers sake.

I was sitting under a big oak tree that shaded my whole body with its mammoth sized branches and leaves. The forest where I was resting was quite dense with trees and moss covered boulders; every shade of green and brown filled my eyes.  I had my back up against the trunk facing south. I could just see the cliff I was above, the clearing was enough for me to look out and see the glisten of the ocean to the right. I knew I had reached Canada but I wasn’t sure exactly where I ended up.

It was originally breathtaking, nothing I’d ever seen before. I formed back into a wolf and lay out on the grassy floor. The slight breeze brushed my fur and tickled my snout. I closed my eyes and thought of her smell, before she had leech stench on her. She always smelled sweet and flowery like when the freshness of spring comes. Not too powerful just enough to make me want to shove my nose into her hair and never leave. Bella would never be mine and I could never see her again. If they do turn her into one of those things thought I would love to rip all their throats out, but I won’t of course I love her to much to hurt her like that. But I could.

I set off into the denseness and ran back the way I'd come. I started to notice differences in the trees and suddenly stopped to check my whereabouts. I was off with my directions somehow; this was not anywhere I had been. Retracing my strides I turned due east and headed off.  As I ran the wind whipped through my whiskers and flowed down my back, hunger was winning the battle against my strength. Then the smell of them hit my face with such force I almost ran into a tree. I stopped and put my nose in the air, it was coming from the north and it was close.

Bloodsuckers? Here this close to me? Was it the Cullens? Or…..Oh no, what if it was Bella! My mind raced with different scenarios of who it could be and what would happen when they ran into me. Maybe Edward tracked me up here to kill me. Bella had changed and was hunting or looking for me. It never ended well. I found myself heading in the direction of the scent; I had to see for myself.

I had run a good 20 or so miles in the direction of the smell when it was abruptly on top of me. The scent disgusting and vile was churning my empty stomach. Although there was something else hiding in the scent.  Something like violet and vanilla that seemed to get stronger the closer I got. They must have hunted and are now feeding on someone I thought. Please don’t let it be Bella! Seeing her like that would devastate me.

The scent moved closer to me without my help.  Just then I realized that I was being hunted. I stopped and lifted my chest, bared my teeth and let out a growl. There were 3 of them, walking around me with their smooth movements and gorgeous looks. All pale and all revolting, except the violet and vanilla smell was here, strongest now and it was her.

I fell to my knees and was human again; she was so pleasing to my eyes. Nothing mattered. I saw my life with her and only her. I saw her kissing me and touching me. I felt our cold and hot skin blend together. She was a vampire, how could this be, she can’t be the one.  The look on her face was what I felt at that moment; completion, pandemonium and lustfulness.  I saw her put up her hand to motion to the others, they backed away from me. She came toward me and knelt down beside me.

“I’m T…..” she started.

“Tanya, I know.” I said amazing myself.

“How do you know my name creature?” she asked bewildered.

“I just know. My name is Jacob Black and I’m one of the Quileute from La Push near Forks, Washington. I know the Cullens.” I was only looking at her now.

“You’re one of those wolves they told us about, the human girl was running with you, yes?” Not really asking me but stating a fact.

“Bella, yes, she is…was my friend.” I corrected myself.

“So again, how do you know my name?” she seemed intrigued by me instead of being ready to attack like the other two.

“It’s called imprinting and I’m pretty sure we just did it. You see you are my mate, anyone and everyone else are out of the picture so to speak.” I knew this would be weird.

“Is that what I’m feeling right now, or did you bewitch me or something?” she sounded serious, could anyone really do that to them anyways.

“Um no It’s what happens to us wolves. The minute we see them it happens. I just didn’t know it could happen to well….your kind.” How could anyone believe me, but if she really was my imprint then she would naturally have to.

“Come, we will not harm you.” She motioned for my hand. I obliged and rose to my feet feeling immediately embarrassed at my lack of clothes.

“Oh, sorry Clothes don’t work well in wolf form.” She breathed a laugh and never averted her eyes from mine. The other two did not look so pleased; they stared at me in disgust.  She walked over to them and spoke elegantly but too fast to make out. They shook their heads and looked me over with hatred once more before they turned and ran off into the trees. Tanya turned back to me and walked slowly to where I was standing.

“Why are you so far from home?” she nearly made me pass out with how beautiful she was.

“Just had to get away.” I left out why of course.

“We’ve heard of your kind but just never been this close. I feel as if I don’t want to ever leave you.” She seemed relaxed with me like we had known each other forever. I can’t be feeling this way, I’m in love with Bella and only her. Thinking of Bella just then made me realize that I had imprinted on Tanya because my heart didn’t hurt anymore. Tanya was my mate and I was complete.

Our eyes met and they never wavered from one another. My skin seemed to burn hotter as she moved closer to me. Her skin was milk and mine was rust. Her hand stretched out and met mine, the coldness of her touch shot through my body. I had never been touched by one of them, it was electrifying.

“You must be cold, here.” She lifted a shawl off her shoulders and handed it to me.

“Oh no. We don’t get cold, didn’t you feel my skin?” I asked eyeing the red silk shawl.

“Yes, you are quite hot, I mean your skin. Well at least take it to…um cover up.” She seemed embarrassed which made me chuckle.

“Sure sure, thanks. Sorry about the show.” I said as I tied the smooth fabric around my waist.

“Yes, it was interesting.” We both smiled. She was radiant and was beginning to glow as the sun rays from the trees danced on her face.

“Come to our house. We should be able to find you something to wear.” She took my hand again and led me in the same direction the other two had gone. We had walked for a few minutes and then I stopped her.

“You know, we don’t have to walk.” I reminded her

“Do you want me to carry you?” She sounded unwilling.

“No, I mean I can run too.”  I took the shawl off of me and tied it around my wrist, as soon as I untied it she had looked away.

“Lead the way my love.” I said this with a smile and she returned the smile as if to tell me she understood everything.

We were running north and I actually had to slow myself so as not to pass her. We reached our destination in no time and she walked inside the big wooden double doors of her house.

Trees cascaded over the manor and it looked small in the front but it was quite long in the back. She led me down a hallway into a bedroom with no bed just lounging chairs and painted canvas in frames all over the walls. She opened a closet and looked at me with curious eyes.  Then she turned back to the open closet.

“Ah yes, this should fit you.” She handed me a pair of jeans and a sweater. I took the jeans and quickly tried them on. They fit perfectly, almost too perfect.

“This is good, no need for the sweater. Thank you.” She nodded in agreement and put the sweater back inside the closet. I still had the shawl on my wrist and I began to untie it but she stopped me.

“Keep it. I might want to see you in it again.” She laughed and went to sit down.  I followed her and sat as well.

“This is quite fascinating don’t you think. Here I was so jealous of that human girl when she snared Edward, but I could care less now.” She traced her finger on my arm.

“Well, I was jealous of Edward as well, I’m still shocked it happened with you.” I was looking at her lips now and I was trying hard not to kiss them.

“What about the other people you were with earlier?” I asked curiously.

“Oh, don’t worry about them; I don’t answer to any of them.” She licked her lips once and I noticed her eyes move down my torso.

“Who do you answer to then?” I teased.

“Well, I could say you now.” She was smiling with her eyes and then laced her fingers in mine. It didn’t feel weird or wrong at all.

The way we touched and looked at each other reminded me of Sam and Emily. I always hated those moments between them but now I was understanding. I couldn’t resist any longer and I leaned in closer feeling my heat rise again. She looked deep into my eyes and then our lips were touching, it was so intense I was surprised we didn’t cause lightning with our extreme hot and cold temperatures. I placed my hand on her cheek and ran my fingers and palm through her hair. This feeling for her was unexplainable, no one outside of the two of us could ever understand. She climbed on top of me while I sat and she leaned into me and whispered.

“What is this feeling? Why am I in love with you?” she was serious but not upset.

“Well, it’s a long story that you might not like.” I proceeded to tell her everything about the tribe the pack and Bella. I talked and she listened. I told her of the old stories about our tribe dealings with the vampires and how I was suppose to be pack leader.

“Do you still love Bella?” she asked looking away.

“Yes.” I didn’t hesitate to answer this. “I always will, she was my love as Jacob the boy, but you are the love of Jacob the wolf man.”

“I don’t know how to explain it but we just have to be together you and me.” I told her with while looking in her eyes.

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