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Story Notes:

My first fanfic that i've written on the computer. It was mostly to just entertain me and my Twilight obsessed friends, but now it's taken a life of its own. Leave reviews telling me what you thought of it. Reviews are the one way to get better at something and I'd really appreciate it!!!


Disclaimer: All characters, settings, and such that are recognized from Twilight and its following sequels are not owned by me. I am merely one of those hopelessly infatuated with the Twilight Saga.


Twilighted Beta: psymom

she rocks! =]

Author's Chapter Notes:

First Chapter. Second is being written and will be posted up soon!

I sat in my backyard, with a blanket over me and a cup of hot chocolate. The weather looked like it was going to be alright as I watched the sun come up. I loved these rare moments of peace and tranquility that came with no effort on my part.

Right now, other than the sounds of nature, all I heard was Charlie's dreams, and they were only faint whisperings if that. I had wondered why that was. For some odd reason, Charlie's thoughts were the only ones that weren't as clear as everyone else’s, while Renee's were as clear as glass.

Not that my ability wasn't odd either. It had come around the time I was turning fifteen. At first it was just a slight noise in my head when I was around other people. On the day of my fifteenth birthday, it came full-blown. At school in Phoenix I wasn't the most popular, but I had a good group of friends. I mentally winced as I remembered, since I always kept this memory firmly in the back of my head. Not really knowing what had occurred, I had gone to school and started answering people's thoughts instead of their actual questions. I couldn’t have been more left out I if was a leper.

That was the real reason I had moved to Forks, but I would never let my mother know that. For all Renee knew, I had just wanted her to be able to follow her new husband around wherever he was contracted. By now, I had learned to control it better. I didn't even know how that was possible but I did. I could kind of turn it on and off, but it always took more effort to keep it off. I could always extend the range of thoughts to certain parameters, never farther than I wanted it to.

I heard Charlie wake and move around inside. Arriving just two days ago, I still wasn’t adjusted to Forks. Its weather was the total opposite of sunny Arizona and everything was green. Even things I didn’t expect were green.

Despite these facts, it was turning out to be worthwhile. Escaping from judging thoughts was what I needed and Charlie had provided that. He was genuinely happy that his only daughter was living here and he let me do as I wished, while I enjoyed his silent companionship whenever we ate dinner.

Noting that the sun was already up, I stood and made my way inside. Knowing that in a small town, anything new was of the greatest excitement, I sighed, going up to retrieve my bag of toiletries. It was going to be a long first day of school.

Looking out the window, I noticed Charlie's cruiser was gone. I also noticed that the weather had changed rapidly while I was getting ready. I scowled at the traitorous clouds and ate my breakfast. I saw the time and crammed it down, grabbed my stuff, and ran out the door, almost tripping a couple of times.

Navigating the streets of Forks would be easy except for it was now wet with the rain. I went at my usual speed, which wasn't at my truck's max speed of 65 mph. I didn’t mind though. I had loved my trusty and durable truck ever since I laid eyes on it. It was a gift from Charlie.

Pulling into the school parking lot, I searched for a parking space. I found one next to a shiny silver Volvo. It looked out of place compared to the rest of the students’ cars. I had a couple of minutes before having to go to my first period class, so I relaxed my senses, letting the thoughts of those around me flood my head.

Is that the new girl?   

Eww, look at her car.

I hope Mike doesn't like her.

I really should be getting to class.

I should walk her to her classes.

I quickly closed my senses. Great. Before they had even seen me, I was already talked and thought about. Making sure no one was near my car, I exited as quickly as I could without tripping and making a fool out of myself.

I made my way into the office and retrieved my schedule. Fixated on the paper, I stumbled and fell onto a blonde boy. His features were babyish and innocent, but I knew better.

"Oops. I’m so sorry."

"It’s alright. Hey, you're Isabella Swan right?"

I recognized his voice as the one that was planning to walk me to class and mentally cringed.

"Bella,” I automatically corrected.

"I’m Mike Newton. Can I walk you to your first class?"


I couldn’t think of any good excuse to deny him and even though the school was smaller than the one in Phoenix, I did need help finding my classes. I gave in.


On the way there, Mike filled my silence with small talk about school, football, and his friends. I tried not to encourage him in any way. I did not need to hear his thoughts to know he was interested in me.

As we reached my class, he turned and said, "Hey you should sit with us at lunch. I'll save you a seat."

He walked away before I could say anything. I walked into class and gave the slip to my teacher, Mr. Mason. I hurred to take a seat where he pointed, tripping a few times. My face was a tomato red. Great way to start off your first day of school, Bella.

The whole morning was uneventful. A few friendly students walked up to me introducing themselves and offering to walk me to my next class. By the time lunch came, I was sure that I would not be left alone. I got in line and Mike caught my eye and waved me over to his table. I sighed, but I knew I should be happy to be accepted by everyone, since I still knew the all too fresh feeling of having no friends.

I sat down away from Mike, much to his dismay and much to Jessica's, I think that was her name, happiness. I was reintroduced to everyone in at the table by Mike. I already knew that Jessica was the one who would be envious of anyone who occupied Mike's attention. I knew that everyone else's thoughts were on me and I really didn't want to hear them.

I looked away from my group as I grimaced from tuning them all out and passed it off as glancing at other students. And then I saw them.

There were five of them all beautiful and similar yet different. Three were boys and two were girls."Who are they?" I asked Jessica.

"They're the Cullens. The big muscular one is Emmett and he's going out with the beautiful blonde girl next to him. The two sitting across from them are Alice and Jasper and they too are an item. They’re all adopted by Dr. Cullen and his wife and they moved here a few years back."

I noticed she left the most beautiful one's name out."Who's he?"

"That’s Edward Cullen. He's incredibly gorgeous but doesn’t like to date, so don't waste your time."

I could hear it in her voice that he had once rejected her. He looked up soon enough and I was breathless.

He had the most beautiful and perfectly carved face I had ever seen. He could even put angels to shame. And his eyes; they were a gorgeous and breathtaking golden yellow.

My cheeks flushed red and knowing that it was proper to turn away and not gawk, I found that I couldn't. He was gazing back with the same intensity that I was and I felt something in the air that I couldn't feel before. I could see his perfect features contort into confusion and frustrated and that did it.

I HAD to know what was going on in that beautiful bronzed haired head of his. I let go of my struggle to control my "gift."

Instantly, roaring noise slammed into my head. I felt myself falling and blackness closed in around me.


Chapter End Notes:

So there it is. Review pretty please? With Edward on top?

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