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Author's Chapter Notes:
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“Bella over here!” Melanie called over by the cliffs edge. Her skirt blowing around her legs crazily.

I skipped over to her and laughed as we let our hair down; the wind taking total control of it. Melanie threw her arms out like wings and leaned over the edge letting the wind hold her up.

“Careful!” I called as she started tipping. The waves below calling an ugly and violent welcoming. Melanie just laughed and tumbled backwards on her butt pulling me back with her. We sat there in the wet grass smiling wildly.

“Don’t you wish you could just fly? Just get away from it all?” Melanie asked watching the gulls above. I shrugged.

“I can barely walk and now you want me to fly?” I asked.

Melanie giggled. “But Bella, out there—” she gestured to the gray cloudy sky “—there is nothing to get in your way.”

I sighed. “I suppose you are right. But still we mustn’t talk of such silly things.”

Melanie looked at me her eyes burned with such intensity I flinched. “They aren’t silly Bella. And one day I will fly…”


I woke gasping for air. I clenched onto my bed sheets so hard that I could still feel my fingernails digging into my palms. I threw the sweat drenched sheets aside and felt my way over to the wash basin. I splashed cold water onto my face and sunk to the floor.

I hugged my knees to my chest and shivered in the cold night air my nightgown not doing much to keep me warm. I tried to let the cold take over my mind. Anything to take away the memory—the nightmare.

At least you woke before the end…

Her sweet yet sharp voice haunted my mind.

“It’s not my fault. I tried…” I whispered to myself.

You made sure you saved yourself…

I shut my eyes and felt a tear leave a freezing trail on my cheek. As if I didn’t feel bad enough she must always remind me.

“I’m far from saved.” I murmured grabbing my night stand and pulling myself up. I held onto the edge for support; not trusting my own legs. I felt my knees wobble but sucked in a deep breath and let go. I made my way back to my bed but knew sleep was not an option.

Instead I headed over to my wardrobe and grabbed my black cloak. I laced up my boots and put on my cap tying the knots tight and snuck to the door. I knew where I was going. But I didn’t know why. I tiptoed my way through the silent and sleep laden house trying my best not to make any notice of myself.

I made my way out the back door; the night air more harsh out here. The taste of damp earth strong in my mouth.

I hiked up the hem of my nightgown and ran. Once there my throat burned from the cold air that I greedily sucked in. I doubled over resting my hands on my knees wishing my breath to come back to me. Finally composed I straightened and headed towards the smell of salt water.

Oh Bella dear, over here…

I let the hem go of my nightgown and let it drag in the wet grass. I picked up my walk until I was close to the edge. I stopped and watched a few rocks I scattered fall to the black water below. I drew in a breath and stepped back. Something caught my nightgown and I fell backwards. I braced myself with my arms and hissed in pain when I felt something stab into my hand.

Go on Bella. Fly.

I felt the tears sting my eyes from the pain and the salt water. I sat there on the wet ground and lifted my hand to inspect it. I pulled out the tip of the offending rock and tossed it aside. I stared at the cut on my hand and watched the blood pool up before trickling to the sides.

A lonely tear trickled off of my nose and onto my injured palm bringing my out of my trance. I tried to rip a piece of fabric off of my nightgown but with no such luck. It was nearly impossible with one hand. I silently cursed myself for tossing the sharp rock and started searching for a new one. I felt one prick my finger and pulled my hand back.

Silly Bella…

I sighed and grabbed the rock. I pulled my nightgown so there was friction and stabbed the rock into it. I was rewarded with the sound of fabric ripping. I set the rock aside incase I might need it again and finished ripping a strand off with my hands.

I winced as I wrapped it around my hand and tied it tight. After caring for my hand I stood and made my way to the edge again. This time more cautiously. I peered over the cliff and down into the cold black water. The harsh wind tore my cap off. I almost tried to jump for it but stopped when I saw it get whipped away into the water.

The water greedily ate it up. No doubt the sharp rocks bellow taking there share. Everyone wanted a piece of Bella Swan.

After a good hour of watching the hungry beast below me I decided it was time to head back home.

Come back soon Bella…

I ran. This time not bothered to hike up my already heavy wet nightgown. I had only managed to trip a few times on the way back. One of them leaving an awful scrape on my knee; I knew this from the tear in my nightgown and the burn coming from it. For once I was thankful for the cool air. I saw the sky begin to lighten and knew I needed to hurry so no one would find me up.

I silently made my way back to my room and shut the door behind me. I stripped from my damp cold clothes and got dressed for the day. I had just finished dressing when I heard a knock on my door. I threw my wet nightgown behind my dressing screen.

“Come in,” I called hiding my hand behind my back.

“Miss? Oh you are already awake,” Angela one of our servants said. She stepped in and began making my bed.

“I take it you did not sleep well?” She asked stripping my damp sheets off the bed.

“Just had a bad dream is all,” I said as if it were nothing.

“Perhaps it’s all that sugar you’ve been putting in your tea,” she muttered gathering the sheets into a bundle and walking out. I shut the door once she left and went to collect my nightgown I had abandoned. I sighed as I inspected the damage. I would have to ask for a new one. It was utterly ruined.

Now to dispose of it…

I looked around my room deciding what to do with the bloody thing. If anyone found it there were sure to be some questions. It they would not like the answers. I lifted the corner of my mattress and went to tuck it in there but something caught my eye.

A note.

I picked it up; it was rather heavy. I opened it and a heard something fall out of it and land on the floor. Tucking the nightgown under the mattress I bent to retrieve the object. I picked it up and saw it was a necklace. My eyes widened when I saw the pendant. It was a cross that looked gothic and on the back was engraved:

Melanie Shrider.

I gasped and dropped it again but this time I fell to the floor with it. I remembered the note and noticed I was crumpling it in my hand. With shaky hands I unfold it and drew in a breath before reading it.

Bella my darling!

It is me Melanie. You are probably wondering how I got in your room. But you know better…I have my ways. I wanted to give you something special before I leave. Yes I know you will be heartbroken when you read this but I just can’t stay. The dull Mr. Bottner asked me for my hand in marriage. My parents insisted I would be delighted but it is quite opposite…

So as you see I couldn’t stay. But don’t be sad…

At least we will have one last adventure before you find this! Yes my dear we flew.

-Melanie August 13, 1890

My heart sunk when I saw the date. It was that day.

Chapter End Notes:

Well I hope it wasn't to awful xD
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