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Reviews For Solstice
Reviewer: LordXeenTheGreat (Signed) · Date: December 14, 2010 05:57 PM · On: Chapter 3

Great Chapter!

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 14, 2010 05:47 PM · On: Chapter 8

  Interesting the talk Seth and Tara had about dating and, of course, marriage.  I liked specially the part about the Washing of the Hands ritual and it's meaning.

  Alice!  Anyone surprised she simply stealed their date from them?  X-) 

  I have to say, it was unbelievably honest of Seth to want to disclose things with his mother, introducing Tara.  Regrettable that her panick attack and Leah's 'help' messed things.  I think Sue is suspicious;  I hope this fiasco doesn't make things harder later.

  Now, the Pack meeting was a awful thing, even if understandable.  Of course they are concerned with the 'new girl'.  But I don't like the pain it caused to Seth regardless.  :(

  Personally, I guess it doesn't have to go all the way to the abyss.  If, hypothetically, her control slipped and she tried to attack someone, and to save this human they had to dismantle her, all they had to do is not burn her after.

  Unless they are talking about her really killing someone, in which case they would demand a bonfire?  :-{

  Please, never let it come to that!  *pleading look*

  "Okay, okay...well, you just better be careful, one bite and you're done, you know."  Fortunately, the next morning dissipated some of the dark clouds.  But Jacob's warning is valid;  they have to be careful when kissing.

  About Seth, he is also my favourite Wolf, and for the same reasons you claimed.  All the more reason for me to want things betwen these two and the other Wolves to work out.  :-)

Reviewer: LordXeenTheGreat (Signed) · Date: December 14, 2010 05:44 PM · On: Chapter 2

Great Chapter

Reviewer: LordXeenTheGreat (Signed) · Date: December 14, 2010 12:03 PM · On: Chapter 2

Awesome Chapter!

Author's Response:

:) Thank you.

Reviewer: LordXeenTheGreat (Signed) · Date: December 14, 2010 11:48 AM · On: Chapter 2

Awesome Chapter!

Reviewer: LordXeenTheGreat (Signed) · Date: December 14, 2010 11:37 AM · On: Chapter 1 - Prelude to a Vampire

Awesome Beginning!

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 14, 2010 01:22 AM · On: Chapter 7

  She thinks he imprinted on someone else.  Typical.  :-P

  Ah, finally!!! We were all waiting for these two being on the same page!!  X-D

  I thought that, between packs, only the Alphas could share thoughts; and, even then, they can edit.

  I see Nessie learned a thing or two with uncle Emmet about gambling. :)

  For a family that already have a Jacob, what is a additional Seth for the Cullens, right?  Well, of course, Rosalie is Rosalie.  :-}

  About your notes on Imprint:  I second you about the breeding theory being just that, even in the books.  Imprinting is a mystery, even to the Quileutes.  The pairings in the books don't contradict it, Nessie included, but don't prove it definitely either.

  That said, I, personaly, am much more fond of this approach;  Imprinting being like a bonus of being a Wolf, a sense that allows you to identify your other half with no doubt.  :)

  Now, about vampire body fluids...They are not absent.  Just, in their case, instead of blood, the master fluid is venom.  The main one, but, as Nessie's existence proves, not the only one.  At the very least, it has something mixed, on special occasions.   X-)

Author's Response:

Hmm, thought I read something on Stephenie's web site that said the vamps don't really have bodily fluids. In the movies they are all dust and their bodies are describes to be like marble. They dont seem to bleed when they are injured either. It's kind of a gray area it seems.

At one point I was gonna have Tara's arm bleed then heal when Jacob scratched her arm but I took it out because I wasn't sure if it followed true to the cannon.

Reviewer: Gerolling (Signed) · Date: December 14, 2010 12:11 AM · On: Chapter 9

Just started with your story. Its great. Seth is one of my favourite characters too.


Author's Response:

Awesome! Thanks. I really hope you enjoyed it. It says you started with chapter 9 for some reason. Hope you started at one though ;)

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 13, 2010 11:39 PM · On: Chapter 6

  Good to see Tara adapting so well to the life with the Culllens.  And to Seth. ;) 

  Speaking of who; this thing of hiding his feelings from her and Edward would never go for very long. :-/

  Quite an unexpected...sight, Seth had at the cascade!  :-}

  About that, when she lifted him by the neck...Isn't she too small to do that?  I mean, Seth is what, seven feet tall?  And when Bella saw her, she thought she was younger than sixteen, ain't I right?  Was she standing on a rock or trunk?   P-)

  I love to see these two talking.  The scene on the beach was nice; specially the part where Tara saves his life.  I'm sure she scored some points with the pack, even if they are reluctant to admit it.  Specialy Leah.  :-P

  I have to say, 702, your Tara is captivating.  She is nice, but at the same time have that temper and snarkyness that lead to funny moments.  :)

  I just wonder what is the range of her power.  I mean, anyone out of range will see the reality.  If the distance is long, a human may not see much; but could be a problem in a sunny day!  :-/

  I was wondering if she wouldn't figure Seth out with all the attention he dedicates to her.  But, after that last kiss, who needs vampire brains to get it, huh?  :-P

  Not that the vibes weren't strong enough for me to already know that, but it's good to see her corresponding Seth's feelings!  Edward and Bella could really give her some advice on the matter.  Don't think a cold shower will be effective to a bewildered vampire.  P-)

Author's Response:

LOL You picked up on that height difference. Good eye! I thought of that when writing it too but it just sounded better to have her lift him.  She's not as small as Alice, just small framed actually, but Seth is a giant. I just figure her super strength will compensate :)

Thanks for reviewing the chapter!

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 13, 2010 05:59 PM · On: Chapter 5

  Uh-oh!  Alice strikes again!  I hope Tara appreciates a make over.  I don't think she will have a choice on the matter.   :)

  Tara's eyes are already gold?  That was fast.

  So, Anna was native american.  I guess it answers my question from a previous review. :)

  Tara and Seth talking.  I like the part where he says she is alive, only different.

  Tara is Jacob's new Rosalie?  Ooook!  :)

  The scene at the cliff was very funny.  I liked it!!

  Tara looks almost like a little girl when she pleads with Seth to drive his bike.  Hilarious the way he freaks when he realizes she didn'to know how to handle it properly.  And the 'air-bag' event.  X-D

  Nessie and eggs.  Good you remembered.  She likes it since the womb!  :)

  Nessie taking down a grisly... That would be a sight!  :)

  Tara entertained observing Seth sleeping.   That is something Edward can relate to.  :)

  I'm begining to think Jacob misses Rosalie, and that's why he is picking on Tara.  X-)

  Seth imprinted on her?  Oh, I had no idea!  What a shock!! *giggles-giggles-giggles*  ^_^

Author's Response:

You are good! You even picked up on the eggs! She did like them in the womb, that's why I wrote it in there. GOod observation. :)

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 13, 2010 04:00 PM · On: Chapter 4

  Cottage tour.  Ok.

  If you are being canon, phasing stops aging altogether, as long they do it regularly.  And, since Jacob have a mate that can live forever, it would stand to reason that he wouldn't want to age at all.  Even if he already have the control to resist the urge that younger shapeshifters have to phase constantly.

  Magnetic force, eh?  It sounds familiar... ;)

  Silvery Wolf?  Leah?

  Oh, Paul.  I should have guessed! :-/

  Nessie, our hero!  That was really a inspired speech!  :-)

  Jacob and Seth business partners. Ok.

  Oh, no, what is up with Seth?  I have absolutely no idea why he and Jacob are so worried, no clue at all!       *hehehehehehheheheheheheeheeee*   X-)

Author's Response:

From what I have researched about the wolves: they stop aging when they phase however when they chose a mate (imprint), they begin to age again so they can grow old with their mate and not live forever. Baby wolves have difficulty doing so but as they mature they learn to control it and can stop all together (I'm pretty sure I recall Jacob telling Bella this in the books) And the way I understood things is that when vampires are around they phase in order to protect the pack and territory. So they can control it from what I understand but if I'm wrong you can correct me. I was trying to keep it all cannon. Thanks for picking up on detail :)

In Jacob's case he would probably not want to age too fast so he can keep up with Renesmee when he needs to. Same for Seth..... if he needed to. ;)

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 13, 2010 02:57 PM · On: Chapter 3

  Ah, Alice...Always the loving and manipulative pixie! :)

  Cloudy future?  Involvement with the Wolves, maybe?

  Well, Tara had a lot of surprises.  Nessie, the Wolves...Could have been worse.  I hope Jacob eventually cut her some slack.  :)

  Now, what happened to Seth?  *wiggling brows*  ;)

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 13, 2010 02:24 PM · On: Chapter 2

  They finally did go to Darthmouth,  I see.  :)

  Bella mingling with old friends???  Duh, didn't they note something different in her?  Her hair, perhaps?  Or her chalky-white skin, golden eyes and enhanced beauty?  At the very least, Mike Newton would be even more suspicious that Carlisle makes cosmetic experiments with the family.  :-/

  Bella and Edward being jealous.  Funny!  :)

  Spaulding Auditorium?!??  Anything to do with Tara's father?

  Stolen blood units?  Tara uses the next best option to the 'vegetarian' diet, I see.   Good to know she has conscience.  So good when they find new like-minded friends!  :)

  Bella doesn't need to take notes.  Her recall and multitasking brain are as perfect as Edward's.

  And they could talk too low and too fast to be overheard by humans.

  I see her gift is mind-affecting.  No chance against Bella!  Still dangerous if someone is taking pictures of the area.  :)

  I didn't expect her to be of native american descent.  Is it really her original appearance?

  That was a good chat.  And now 54 years of loneliness will end!  I like how things are happening!  :-D

Author's Response:

Spaulding Auditorum is real. Her father Huntley Spaulding was a real man that lived at about that time and I do believe they named that auditorium after the family name. (I did a little research) There is no mention of how Mr Spaulding really died (in real life) It's a shame his family never found out he was really killed by ravenous vampires! (wink)

Hmmm, I don't think Bella's friends would notice too much. She was already pale, she can say she got contacts (or just wear the ones Alice gave her). Everything else is the same. She's more beautiful maybe ;)  Heck her own dad was fooled at first so why not? They would never suspect she's a vampire. hee hee!

Good point on the note taking. I thought perhaps Bella wants to look more normal though. Old habits are hard to break.

Reviewer: Costa (Signed) · Date: December 13, 2010 12:11 PM · On: Chapter 1 - Prelude to a Vampire

  So many cities to visit in Italy, and they just had to choose Volterra? :(

  Exclusive for distinguished tourists...And now Demetri.  Couldn't be a good thing!  :(

  '"Mom, I think we should leave. I don't like this place, it's creepy," she said as she tugged on her mother's arm.

"But why? I think it's absolutely beautiful sweetie. Don't you? It's very majestic," her mother said.

"No, I don't like it. Something doesn't seem right. Can we just go back to the hotel?"'  Tara is very perceptive.  Her parents, on the other hand...  :-|

  'They ignored her however. It was as if they couldn't see her or didn't notice she was there.'  I feel a gift taking shape here.  :-|

Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2010 05:29 PM · On: Chapter 8

You're right... Seth is cool.  :-)

Where you go with this story will be interesting!  :-)

Loving it - continue it!

Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2010 05:28 PM · On: Chapter 7

:-)  - I just wanted to offset the bad score you got, for I don't believe it was warranted.  This tale is a fun read and very different.  :-)

Reviewer: shortness11cat5 (Signed) · Date: December 11, 2010 12:43 PM · On: Chapter 8

another awesome chapter!

Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: December 11, 2010 02:26 AM · On: Chapter 6

Not completely understanding why both Tara and Seth (for that matter) feel a need to keep their feelings so secret.  I was not the least bit surprised that Edward knew all along - but I am glad that Bella intervened and offered some sound advice.  :-)

Incidentally, I don't know a lot of blonde jokes, so I actually laughed out loud real hard at some of Jacob's one liners... especially the one where a blonde is told a joke on a Wednesday and she laughs out loud on a Sunday.  :-)

Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent!!!

Author's Response:

I wrote it that way because I felt that both sides would freak out at the fact that a wolf imrpinted on a vampire. Even just the fact that they are in a relationship with each other is just defying their nature it seems. Just like when Edward fell for Bella... not all the vampires thought that to be natural. She's supposed to be dinner, not a lover! Tara and Seth should be enemies but it's just fate that they are to be together forever. I think even if Seth hadn't imprinted, the idea of beign with a vampire wouldn't seem as wrong to him as it would the other wolves. But that's just the way Seth is.


Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: December 11, 2010 02:20 AM · On: Chapter 5

Awesome!  I'm really enjoying Tara's character... as she provides a whole new dynamic to the Cullen - Quileute relationship.  :-)

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!

Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: December 11, 2010 02:17 AM · On: Chapter 4

The scene where Tara rushes into Esme's arms is especially sweet.  :-)

Awesome tale and I continue to thank you for sharing your talent!

Author's Response:

Thank you! Glad you like it!!

Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: December 11, 2010 02:15 AM · On: Chapter 3

Very different and interesting!  Enjoyable read and I thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!  :-)

Author's Response:

Thanks for your great reviews. I hope you continue to enjoy all 15 chapters.

Reviewer: jojofinn (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2010 10:59 AM · On: Chapter 7

I really like this story. You have long chapters and I just love that in stories. But one thing I dont understand is how Seth imprinted on Tara. I mean, is imprinting not about passing along the wolf gene? How can Tara do that if she cant get pregnant?

Author's Response:

I thought about this when I was writing the story and I even researched imprinting and Stephenie Meyers views on it and it's not so much based on whether you can have babies but just loving the one you're supposed to be with. At least that's how I saw it when I looked it up. I originally thought to have him just fall in love with her but then there is always the possibility he will imprint on someone else and she will end up like Emily. I really wanted Seth to be attached to her in an inseparable way. I love the imprinting concept. I also made her part Native American for the reason that I feel he would be more likely to imprint on one of his own people (even though its a different tribe). Imprinting is a mystery and the way I see it it can just happen. It's really odd that Leia is also a wolf and cannot imprint. It just happens.

Lastly, it's all fiction, and anything can happen in fiction :)

Reviewer: AngelinaGuerin23 (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2010 07:50 AM · On: Chapter 5

i really loved this chapter hun. I love this story. THOUGH i wish emmett and Rose would come into the story.



Its funny how girly Alice is and always shopping and giving make overs...I don't like how they dress Ashley. It just doesn't seem to fit Alice. I see Alice dressing more girly. Cute dressies. Pink and Purple. Cute butterfly clips. lol

Alright in chapter 4 when Tara came back running into Esme's arms scared to death....and then when the wolves came I think that she should have turned invisable. Especially because the wolves scare her and she was terrified and she could here them talking about her and they were angry. I really think she should have been so scared that she turned invisable.

Tara sat down on the bed and started working on a drawing she started earlier, before being taken away by her music. "So, what do you want then, another apology? I have no intentions to hunt on your land again if that's what you came to check on," she said, not even look up from the paper. Her hand moved very fast as she drew.

she never appologized in the first place. I actually was hoping she would appologize to Paul and Seth even if it was only a whisper. But it doesn't matter. I just thought she was going to.

"Wow, I guess I didn't really notice at first because you're such a pale-face now."

the odd thing is is Laurant is black and he looks black....if she was a indian and if she looked like one (I don't know if she did) then even if she is a vampire now wouldn't she look indian still?

"Where we going?" she asked.

Tara is a vampire she would have heard every single word that Ness said to Seth on the phone

that cliff diving scene with Jake and Tara was priceless. Freaking Hilariois I loved it. Reminds me of Jake and Rose...I love their bickering

ohh and btw I love Seth and tara's flirting. so cute

haha nessie burnt the cookies. cute

He suddenly realized it and then casually released her. "You make a horrible air bag you know," he said as a distraction.


"Why, are you offering me a snack?" She leaned into closer to him. Her eyebrow popped up as she displayed a devilish grin.

lmfao she is so fun. Hilarious. I almost didn't read this because I don't like reading fan fictions where the main girl or guy is a original character..but she is awesome.

"Well it looked comfy. I might hunt later though, maybe I could slip on an evening dress and some pumps and seduce some unsuspecting animals tonight." Tara said with sarcasm.

LOL I love that Seth believed her haha

"You put him to sleep?" Jacob questioned just before he turned his attention to the TV. "Well no wonder, what kind of nonsense are you watching?" Lon Chaney Jr. transformed into the Wolf Man as he looked at the TV screen. "Wow, what lame special effects," he laughed."It was made in nineteen forty eight, Rin Tin Tin. It's a classic and it's supposed to be funny."

lol. I think that emmett and rose would love her

"You're so soft," she said. "You know, you're actually kinda... cute."
Seth let out a low grumble.
"Oh sorry, I mean ferocious looking. Really, really ferocious," she corrected herself, failing to be serious. "What are you doing out here so late?" she wondered.

"Why not?" Tara looked up at the sky. "Is it the full moon?"

"Ohh," Tara snickered. "I get it, you're… naked!"
Seth put his paw over his face.


Author's Response:

LOL :) This is my fav chapter too. I love them getting to know each other.

Tara is half Native American so I see her as lightening up quite more as a vampire. She has her father's traits. But good point on Laurent!

Emment and Rose, hint chapter 6 :)

Reviewer: AngelinaGuerin23 (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2010 06:23 AM · On: Chapter 4

"Well we should be expecting them soon. This breaks the treaty. Let's hope they'll be forgiving," Carlisle commented.

that does not break the treaty because techincally Tara is not a Cullen and when and IF they do adopt her it still wouldn't be breaking the treaty because she didn't sign anything. I can't believe they didn't explain things better to her.  And its not like she tried to kill any of their people...only an animal on their property


Now that they welcomed her into their family to stay for good it would break the treaty but she wasn't a Cullen or even family when she ran threw.


GOod chapter though. I'm glad that Paul didn't hurt Tara.

Author's Response:

Well hunting was not allowed on Quilleute terrotory by Cullens or other. Since she is has been accepted into their home and they are responsible for her the wolves expect her to follow the rules.

Thanks for yor review :)

Reviewer: AngelinaGuerin23 (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2010 04:09 AM · On: Chapter 3

great story plot you have going on here. I like your first three chapters so far.

Author's Response:

Thank you! :)

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