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Reviews For Shattered Sunrise
Reviewer: Edward-vs-Jacob (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2008 08:08 PM · On: All stirred up

OMG This is soooo good! Your writing style is awesome and it gets me so into the story. I'm worried about Callie just as much as Bella! I can't wait to see the ending... BTW How many chapter is it going to be?

Reviewer: potterfriendz (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2008 07:46 PM · On: All stirred up

Oh I hope Callie comes back soon!  I'm very curious to see how exactly this family turns out and if they even find them.


I can't wait to read the next chapter! 

Reviewer: LeechLover (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2008 09:07 AM · On: Take care of my Bella

I love this story! Please update soon!

Reviewer: Fallen Angel (Signed) · Date: July 14, 2008 10:16 PM · On: Forget I said anything

Wow... You are an amazing writer. I can't wait for more to come out. Writers like you are the reason I have wanted to be able to write better.

Reviewer: riverspirit (Signed) · Date: July 14, 2008 09:01 PM · On: Forget I said anything

Really enjoying this story. Can't wait to learn more about Deandra...

Reviewer: Amy (Signed) · Date: July 11, 2008 07:43 PM · On: So much pain

Exciting story!

I like how she's so vulnerable and scared, not some supergirl mix who's perfect.

keep on writing! 

Reviewer: Jasper4Me (Signed) · Date: July 09, 2008 08:42 PM · On: So much pain

I want more! I just keep readnig and reading then wanting and wanting! Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: My_Topaz_Eyes (Signed) · Date: July 09, 2008 04:56 PM · On: So much pain

Just less than a month until BD, and this story DEFINITLEY (excuse my horrible spelling haha) quenches my thirst for Twilight. Thank you! :-D

Reviewer: Jasper4Me (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2008 10:36 PM · On: All my fault



your story is so captivating and different that i don't know what to say about it. the writing itself is amazing, so very detailed about feelings and people.

can't wait to read more 

Reviewer: twilight_lover (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2008 05:18 PM · On: All my fault

are you going to be writing more or is this story complete?

oh and by the way this is an excellent story in my opinion. i absolutely love it.

keep up the good work. 

Reviewer: bookworm (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2008 11:39 AM · On: Take care of my Bella

As I first began reading the Twilight series I thought, Ok another vampire story, i like it, but then the werewolves came in and i was a little sceptic because it has been done before. I enjoyed it, and i also enjoy your story... a mix??? interesting... I want to know more about Callies origins.

Reviewer: My_Topaz_Eyes (Signed) · Date: July 02, 2008 02:42 PM · On: Never forgive myself

Wow! How do you write such great stories in just one day?! I mean i really think that this could be published!

Reviewer: sillysun (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2008 07:02 PM · On: Nothing's going to happen

I think I'm as curious as they are about exactly what Callie is. You've done a great job holding my interest, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the mystery revealed.

Reviewer: My_Topaz_Eyes (Signed) · Date: June 30, 2008 01:59 PM · On: Wounded child, snarling animal

Holy Cheese! This is brilliant!

Reviewer: My_Topaz_Eyes (Signed) · Date: June 29, 2008 12:38 PM · On: Take care of my Bella

Oh my! I know I've commented like 5 times already, but... GAH! This is sooo spicy! I keep on refreshing to make sure that Chapter 5 really isn't there... haha YOU ROCK! :D

Reviewer: NoMoreThanUsual (Signed) · Date: June 28, 2008 04:58 AM · On: Don't let them hurt me

Excellent.  Very suspenseful.  I'm loving this.  Please keep going!

Reviewer: Imagine (Signed) · Date: June 27, 2008 09:09 AM · On: Don't let them hurt me

Lol doesn't Bella ever get to have a normal day?

Please write more!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Elena-rose (Signed) · Date: June 27, 2008 05:03 AM · On: Take care of my Bella

this is amazing... next stephanie meyer.

well done


Reviewer: My_Topaz_Eyes (Signed) · Date: June 26, 2008 05:06 PM · On: Don't let them hurt me

This is the best! You have an amazing imagination! I'm literally begging for more! GREAT JOB! :-D

Reviewer: sillysun (Signed) · Date: June 26, 2008 06:23 AM · On: Don't let them hurt me

And the plot thickens! I'm so very curious about Callie - you've done a great job of creating an intriguing plot.

I hope Carlisle gets there soon - it seems like Alice could use some backup. I'll look forward to the next update.

Reviewer: My_Topaz_Eyes (Signed) · Date: June 23, 2008 03:05 PM · On: Take care of my Bella

oooo! great cliffhanger! please write more, because you are very talented... and very evil haha (in a good way) :)

Reviewer: gee3195 (Signed) · Date: June 22, 2008 11:16 PM · On: Take care of my Bella

OMGOSH! I NEED you to write the next one out! Argh! Please? I NEED to know what happens next! Please post the next chapter?

Reviewer: sillysun (Signed) · Date: June 20, 2008 09:31 AM · On: Take care of my Bella

I'm intrigued! And I love that Alice gets to be the protector for once -- the boys don't usually give her a chance. :-) Looking forward to more.

Reviewer: NoMoreThanUsual (Signed) · Date: June 19, 2008 06:16 PM · On: Take care of my Bella

That's excellent.  What is she?  Hope you post the next chapter soon! 

Reviewer: Debussy_This (Signed) · Date: June 19, 2008 05:12 PM · On: Take care of my Bella

Oh my!  What is she?

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