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Reviews For I Know My Duty
Reviewer: transitory_moment (Signed) · Date: March 13, 2011 04:16 AM · On: Ch. 1 Yes

I normally don't read New Moon fics but this kept me interesting. I like your writing style. It sounds very genuine and right for the characters.

Reviewer: ToTouchTheseInnocentLips (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2010 06:42 PM · On: Ch. 18 Unprepared

:O This is where you end it?! Please don't be getting our hopes up for nothing! I'm crying inside! This is just so incredible! Carlisle! Please let this be a good thing! The last two chapters were great! So much progress! Sorry it took forever to review, I was having troubles getting on here and finding the time to read everything I'd missed. Great job, can't wait for more!


(and notice no Edward bashing? He's getting better)

Author's Response:

This is not where I ended it.  There is more.  A few chapters are already up on ffnet and MediaMiner.  There's a note in the last chapter about why they're not posted at Twilighted.

Reviewer: mousekitty (Signed) · Date: November 08, 2010 09:11 PM · On: Ch. 17 Questioning

I like the story and I'm anxious to find out more.

Reviewer: peregrin (Signed) · Date: November 02, 2010 03:00 PM · On: Ch. 18 Unprepared

"You're forgetting about the strike team that Aro placed in orbit to prevent just such a thing."
Oh come on, don't ridicule that idea. How difficult would it be to manipulate a human into driving into the city with a small nuke in the trunk, heh?

Author's Response:

I'd actually been planning to write a whole Star Wars parody in the response, but I got a little sidetracked.

Reviewer: peregrin (Signed) · Date: November 01, 2010 06:24 PM · On: Ch. 18 Unprepared

Well, I have to admit, I really have no idea where are you going to take this.
Btw, why don't the Romanians just drop a nuke on the Volterra?

Author's Response:

You're forgetting about the strike team that Aro placed in orbit to prevent just such a thing.

Reviewer: nutmeig (Signed) · Date: October 28, 2010 05:16 PM · On: Ch. 18 Unprepared

I was wondering when Carlisle would show up. Is Edward ever going to see Bella as Bella and not a newborn?

Reviewer: hc4metal (Signed) · Date: October 28, 2010 04:37 PM · On: Ch. 18 Unprepared


Reviewer: tracey (Signed) · Date: October 28, 2010 01:12 PM · On: Ch. 18 Unprepared

Is Carlisle going to get them out? I hope so. :)

Reviewer: MissMartha (Signed) · Date: October 28, 2010 01:00 PM · On: Ch. 18 Unprepared

Finally. I personally have been waiting for Carlise to show up and put the smack down on Aro. I mean, it is just not well done to hold another's family member (or two) hostage. Nice progress.

Author's Response:

Thanks.  I've been trying to pick up the pace a bit.

Reviewer: nutmeig (Signed) · Date: October 24, 2010 09:44 PM · On: Ch. 17 Questioning

love the story. so sad the Edwards having a hard time

Reviewer: hc4metal (Signed) · Date: October 24, 2010 08:37 PM · On: Ch. 17 Questioning

Love the story

Reviewer: cjmuehlb (Signed) · Date: October 24, 2010 02:05 PM · On: Ch. 17 Questioning

Great chapter!

Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: October 24, 2010 12:11 PM · On: Ch. 17 Questioning

Pros:  The story is very unique and very believable.  The tale could have easily gone this way, and I really believe your spot on with their characters.

Cons:  I'm sick and tired of reading fanfic after fanfic with Edward not being able to simply say; "Bella, you're my mate because I love you and I know you love me."  The angst is tiresome and annoying to be quite truthful.

Overall:  I'm enjoying the tale VERY much and I so look forward to the next chapter.  So, thank you for sharing your wonderful talent - for it has me hooked!

Author's Response:

Honest reviews are how stories get better, JRParz.  Thanks for having the guts.

Reviewer: markeriv (Signed) · Date: October 24, 2010 07:12 AM · On: Ch. 17 Questioning

Loved this so much. Cannot wait for more. Am anxious to see how bella's power develops and how aro will use it.

Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: October 09, 2010 04:49 PM · On: Ch. 16 Eager

This story is progressing painstakingly slow... but it is good.  Yes, real good.  :-)

Thanks for sharing your awesome talent!

Reviewer: hc4metal (Signed) · Date: October 09, 2010 04:14 PM · On: Ch. 16 Eager

Great writting and story

Excellant job

Reviewer: peregrin (Signed) · Date: September 13, 2010 06:15 PM · On: Ch. 15 Intensity

Great story. Not a very popular type of a plot though. However, great story nevertheless.

Reviewer: hc4metal (Signed) · Date: September 05, 2010 03:20 PM · On: Ch. 15 Intensity

I really love this story. Great job.

Reviewer: ToTouchTheseInnocentLips (Signed) · Date: September 05, 2010 02:48 PM · On: Ch. 15 Intensity

I hope they do get out, and then the Cullens can beat some sense into Edward. I hope he accidentally lets his retarded thoughts about two different Bellas out, and she gets all newborn pissed at him and whoops his ass. I just remembered in a different review I promised to stop hating on Edward... Oops. I like Bella's POV better. At least she has a hopeful out look for escaping. I don't see how it's possible, but still, optimism is a welcome change. Can we get an Alice POV? I'm tired of Volterra, and I miss the sensible Cullens!


Author's Response:

By all means, keep hating on him if it pleases or seems natural to you.  Doing so is not in the least inappropriate.

Reviewer: tracey (Signed) · Date: September 05, 2010 01:11 AM · On: Ch. 15 Intensity


Reviewer: hc4metal (Signed) · Date: August 22, 2010 04:01 PM · On: Ch. 14 Focus


Reviewer: ToTouchTheseInnocentLips (Signed) · Date: August 22, 2010 12:00 AM · On: Ch. 14 Focus

Am I the only one so frustrated with Edward?! I mean seriously, "*bad Edward imitation voice* I knew what I owed her memory"! Come on! She's not dead! Grr... And I can't believe the Volturi are actually following through with this ridiculous plan! I hope that it fails, miserably! Not that I want anyone to die, I just hope maybe these 'controlled' newborns attack members of the guard, or perhaps even the family? That'll show them. When can they leave Volterra? It's an awfully miserable place, and poor Bella has no real friends. I miss Alice. She'd be on Bella's side, and kick Edward's pompous ass. Anyway, this story is still really good. I don't usually get this worked up over something if it's awful. So, please update again soon! And PLEASE make Edward see sense!!!


Author's Response:

In the immortal words of R.K. Milholland, "I have plans...  evil, evil plans."

Reviewer: peregrin (Signed) · Date: August 09, 2010 05:18 PM · On: Ch. 13 Reason

Great! I really have no idea where are you going with this :)

Reviewer: nutmeig (Signed) · Date: July 25, 2010 03:38 AM · On: Ch. 13 Reason

Very good. I like how you have taken a different view on Edward then I have read else where.

Reviewer: hc4metal (Signed) · Date: July 25, 2010 01:22 AM · On: Ch. 13 Reason

Fantastic as always

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