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Penname: ladyselenity [Contact]
Real name: Libby
Status: Member
Member Since: October 28, 2009
Beta-reader: Yes

You may have noticed my stories have been taken off the web. Well This is due to the fact that I really don't have the time to devote to writing. A friend of mine will be handling the site and my stories from here on. I had a fan, named CrimsonIceGoddess, message me regarding my stories. Below is her message.

Hey there. I was curious what happened to your stories. I just finished Undeserving, and I was about to start on Given, when all of a sudden I got online and it was gone. I went to all the places you said your stories were posted, and there was nothing. What happened? Will you be reposting them at a later time? Please don't leave all of your loyal fans hanging.


Normally I ignore messages like this, but I didn't this time. I'm not entirely sure why. I talked to my hubs about it after I read it because it just had me feeling like shit for pulling my stories after I promised I wouldn't. My hubs came up with a good idea. He suggested I send my stories to my fan so she could finish reading them. When I mentioned to him that some of them were incomplete, he then went on to suggest that I give her permission to finish them.

After correspondence with CrimsonIceGoddess, I made up my mind and decided that I would allow her to finish my incomplete stories. I've also give her the ability to edit my site ( as she sees fit. I'm unsure whether she'll post the stories on her account or not, though if she were, I would not be upset. These stories were loved by my fans, and they deserve to stay in the fandom where they belong. As long as she doesn't change the stories, and she gives me credit, she's welcome to complete them and post them on her account.

I know this isn't the norm for a situation like this, but circumstances being what they are, I will never get a chance to finish them. I figured I would post this so that people would know of my decision. I truly am sorry for letting everyone down. This fandom has been wonderful to me, and I will miss being a part of it.



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