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Penname: dazzled eyes [Contact]
Real name: Danielle
Status: Member
Member Since: October 21, 2008
Beta-reader: Yes

Why I love Twilight:

I fell in love with Stephenie Meyer's Twilight because of the love story and the variety of interesting characters and a world that I could escape into easily. I think Twilight is great because none of these characters are perfect and all have great fundamental flaws that keep them interesting to read about in story after story.

My favorite books of the series are Twilight and New Moon. I felt SM lost her way when the supernatural romance became a love triangle in Eclipse and Edward took a back seat to the author's fascination with Jacob. I liked Jake in Twilight and early New Moon, but after he became a member of the tribe, he changed into this aggressive and dismissive person when he couldn't get what he wanted from Bella. I also don't like how he gets most of his life decided for him - being a shapeshifter, being Alpha and the imprint. Bella changed too. She prioritized Jacob's feelings over Edward and the great love they had was lost. I read fanfiction to recapture that love from Twilight and New Moon between Bella and Edward.

What I Read:

I read mostly Twilight fanfiction, but I also have read Harry Potter and One Tree Hill fanfics. 

Edward is my favorite character and I like to read Bella/Edward romance stories. I read to feel the romance and passion between Bella and Edward and to see them work through their issues together. If it's canon, they all shared some part of the blame for what happened in the end. I just want some character development and not by blaming one character for everything that happened.

I don't mind them with other people in the beginning, but I want them to end up together and feel like that's where they belong. I have no patience for stories where either one of them cheat on each other or either is just a doormat.

I am a passionate Team Cullen fan and I love how this group fought against their true nature to become a family. I cherish their bond, but I don't like when they conspire to change Edward's values and beliefs or side with Bella over him.

My favorite Quileutes are Leah and Seth Clearwater, but I do like Jacob before he was changed into a wolf. I felt Leah was given a raw deal with her fiance imprinting on her cousin and then for her Pack members to blame her for not getting over him already. How could she? Sam is always there. Seth is so pure of heart and I love the friendship he builds with Edward.

I liked Jacob of Twilight and early New Moon. He was clueless about his destiny and felt none of the prejudice his father had for the Cullens. Soon after Jacob became a member of the Pack, I didn't like his change into this aggressive and dismissive person when he couldn't get what he wanted from Bella. I always hoped Jacob would see how much he changed and realize that he was fighting for someone who would never love him how he wanted, yet that never happened.

I enjoy reading canon and non-canon stories with the other characters, just not pairing any of them with Bella or Edward.

I am not a Jasper/Bella fan, either as best friends, confidants or lovers. Jasper has become too perfect and too many stories make him everything to Bella, where there is no room for Edward to be special to her. Jasper quickly becomes one of his detractors.

My Contribution to the fandom:

My greatest contribution to this fandom, though, has been to provide feedback and reviews. I see that as the least I could do to repay authors for providing such great stories.

I have enjoyed being a reader who doesn't write, but I can appreciate the process. I have been a beta and pre-reader for a few writers across this fandom, while also helping brainstorm ideas as well. I am also on the staff of the C2, First Time Experiences, where we recommend stories where Bella and Edward enjoy their first sexual experience.



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