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Penname: Caius [Contact]
Real name: Michelle
Status: Member
Member Since: March 23, 2009
Beta-reader: No

I'm a 34 year old artist, not a writer. I had a late start when it came to the Twilight saga. About a year after the last book was published, I discovered fan fiction. So far I've read well over a hundred stories. At first I stuck with the Twilight universe but then I came across my first AH story and now I love both. I think I've read just about every scenario out there, but I hate non canon couplings and slash stories. It's just not my cup of tea. Since becoming an active reviewer, I've met a lot of wonderful people both on FFn and on Twilighted.

As of 08-11-10 I've been asked by Diana Law to beta the story Reboot which was originally started by Athey. Diana has adopted it and will be posting the old chapters every other day until we're all caught up to chapter 11.

Summary: It's near the end of Breaking Dawn and the Volturi Confrontation does NOT end peacefully. They attack and Bella and Edward both die. So how come it's Bella's first day in Forks, all over again? BxE, AU Lemons & Fluff

You can find the first 11 chapters by Athey here: and follow the rest of the story by Diana Law here:

It's a fantastic story line so go read, review, fav and follow!

September 2010 - Beta for amoredjenaue and her story The Geheime Vernietiging. Link:

Summary: FBI Agent Edward Cullen returns to New York to take down the Draconi crime family. But will his return bring more than he bargained for? Or something he never knew he always wanted? Secret missions, secret love & family secrets abound... and yet destroy.



My Art Portfolio:



A few of my current favorite fan fics:


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EverClear Revamped by Chandler1200

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