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Penname: Camilla [Contact]
Real name: Laura Radiconcini
Status: Member
Member Since: January 16, 2009
Beta-reader: No

I am an Italian woman, married, with a grown son. Recently, I have become a grandmother. I used to write a lot, in Italian and English, but not fiction. My field is environmental policies. I got twilighted, bad, and discovered fan fiction. So here I am, having written already 16 stories for twilighted net. One has even been published by an Italian magazine and another newspaper has interviewed me about the saga and the messages it gives to those who want to understand them.

The gist of it can be found on my profile on fanfiction net

English is not my native language, but in the twilighted and  fanfiction net communities I have found wonderful people, ready to help me, edit my work and discuss my stories.

On my part I am prepared to help with spelling or other suggestions anybody who is using Italian in her/his stories.

All my stories are translated into Italian and a few of them are to be found in the Italian section of fanfiction net. Should you liketo read the ones who are not there you can pm me and I will mail them to you.


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Reviews by Camilla
As Bella Sleeps by blondie Rated: PG-13 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 73]
Summary: Feature


This story is a Midnight Sun-type one-shot, that is, Edward's POV of Twilight.

It takes place at between TW14 (Mind over Matter) and TW15 (The Cullens) while Bella sleeps – a peek into Edward’s infatuation, and how he reacts to hearing Bella say 'I love you" for the first time.

Categories: Twilight Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jasper, Rosalie
Series: White Night
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 13616
[Report This] Published: May 05, 2008 Updated: May 24, 2008

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: September 07, 2009 Title: Chapter 1: As Bella Sleeps

First of all, an enchanting PoV, but of course the Twilight obsessed reader cannot forget the pain  to come. New Moon has yet to happen...

I cannot access the forum, dammit. I cannot make the so called Edward (he wishes) to answer me and the password I was given does not work, nor do I know how to change it to a simple and manageable one.

What should I do? I am so frustrated...

Summary: Feature

Dark Side of the Moon banner

Thanks Roo, for the amazing banner! 

And more keep coming in!  Thanks to m81170 for this lovely piece of art:



Here's another amazing pic that fits in with Dark Side of the Moon perfectly -thank you to JohannaL for ID'ing the author: check out her (I assume) other manips - she's a genius!


Updated November, 2009

This story is now COMPLETE!

Dark Side of the Moon is my version of New Moon from Edward’s point of view.  Witness how Edward agonized over leaving Bella, hunted for Victoria, faced the Volturi, and came to realize that with Bella was where he was meant to be. 

This tormented story has been a part of my life for about a year and a half – and what a ride it’s been!  Meant to be canon and in character, I hope you enjoy angsty Edward and his suffering during New Moon.  As unhappy as Bella was during this time, Edward suffered so much more (I think).  So be sure and crack open a fresh box of tissues before reading!

 Thank you to everyone for all the reviews, especially to those of you who reviewed each and every chapter!  Your support and loyalty have been the driving force to me getting this project finished – and I hope it’s lived up to all of your expectations.

Love you all,


PS.  As one last thank you, I’ve posted a formatted, printable copy of Dark Side of the Moon at, as will also post as an electronic version suitable for viewing on a kindle or MobiReader.  I’m also posting a ‘Director’s Cut’ that includes citations of all of Bella’s quotes from Twilight, research notes, and even funny comments from my betas in this version in the same directory.


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Use of the dialog from the series is just for clarity - Stephenie Meyer owns all things twilight!  I'm making absolutely nothing from this work.

Categories: New Moon Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 24 Completed: Yes Word count: 163080
[Report This] Published: May 09, 2008 Updated: February 27, 2010

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: February 16, 2009 Title: Chapter 12: Adeste Fidelis

I have read this with extreme difficulty. I have reread the 4 Twilights books many times now, but on New moon I always start with Laurent, or with the jump from the cliff, because the part before it is too painful. (How can a mature woman be so stupid?)

And this was no party, either, because is too well written and the pain is there with a vengeance. Well, I hope we move to Volterra soon (That part I like a lot)

Author's Response:

Thanks for suffering through this - believe me I totally understand!  8-)

Volterra is my favorite part, too,  I have part of it written already.  Hopefully only one more chapter before we catch up with SM's snippet.

So glad you're sticking with me!


Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: March 02, 2009 Title: Chapter 13: Ano Nuevo

So sad...You know, I have read the series countless times, I have also bought the listening library edtion of it, and still I jump over the months of separation. And you relate the desperation so well. Ok ,soon we will be in Volterra and things will  start moving (Volterra is one of my favorite parts)

see ya on the website

Author's Response:

hee hee hee, yes, Italy is coming!  thanks for sticking with me through the desperate times!



Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: April 05, 2009 Title: Chapter 15: Heaven and Hell

So good. All that I could have expected describing one of my favourite parts of the saga. His side of the story is exactly as it should be. And I also loved the dialogue Edward-author. Thank you 

Author's Response:

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

I hope all is well with your family in Italy - my prayers are will everyone affected by the earthquake.  I live in earthquake country, too, and know how bad it is.

Take care, my friend!


Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: June 27, 2009 Title: Chapter 17: Escape

Soo good. I like that Gianna ends up drained. I'll do it myself in my next story. The Volturi will have a younger and prettier receptionist...

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: September 09, 2009 Title: Chapter 19: Awake

Powerful scene, the one with Jasper, I liked it a lot. Now we are getting to the vote. It is one of my favorite scenes (I don't remember if I ever told you) because it is soooo American. No Italian would ever think about it.

Author's Response:

HAHAHA - yes, very democratic.  Not that Edward cares so much about that... 8-D

thanks so much!


Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: October 13, 2009 Title: Chapter 21: Proposal

What a great chapter. I was stunned by the way Carlisle goes about changing Emmett. Filling himself with water, not ingesting a drop of blood. The capacity of denial and self punishment of Carlisle (and of Edward, in his own way) is part of the erotic fascination of Twilight. Not giving in is so much more exciting thatgiving  in alla the time ... Part of the reason it has captivated me and keeps me in thrall.

Summary: Edward was my son, and I had a fatherly duty to him to teach him about these things. I was going to give my hundred and seven year old, virgin son a sex talk. God help me, this was going to be awkward.
Categories: Eclipse Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Jasper
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Completed: No Word count: 3889
[Report This] Published: May 28, 2008 Updated: August 01, 2008

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: February 09, 2009 Title: Chapter 4: Almost

Well, this is the kind of story one hopes to see going to a concrete (experimentation after the talk. You have not updated for a time, I hope you do

Summary: Feature

Carlisle has had it with his children's constant bickering, so he sends the Cullens to Family therapy. Suicidal Edward, Bella's fear of committment, Alice addicted to shopping, Rosalie's hostility, emmett and Jasper's gambling... who will survive?

Categories: Post-Eclipse Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jasper, Mike, Other Character, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 17 Completed: Yes Word count: 65189
[Report This] Published: May 30, 2008 Updated: May 30, 2008

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: January 22, 2009 Title: Chapter 17: Breaking up is Hard to Do!

I am sorry, I got to this when it was already finished, Otherwise I would  havewritten that I had liked it immensely and please continue. It is so good, a parody but still completely in canon. I am now looking for other pieces you have written.

Thank you


Summary: Insight into what Jacob Black may have been thinking while he held Bella on that cold night in the tent. Why was Edward so upset by what he saw in Jacob's mind? All spoken dialogue borrowed from the text.
Categories: Eclipse Characters: Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 2584
[Report This] Published: June 08, 2008 Updated: June 08, 2008

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: January 21, 2009 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This is very good psicology. I wonder, though, why not you and nobody else has written with more detail what is in the mind of Edward when he comes back, finds Bella desperate for punisment and abuse and, on the contrary, he is calm, loving, mature and sure of himself.

Care  to do it ?

(In fact I am hoping that somebody does a serie titled moments of Edward's growth) including this and ending with the moment when he says goodbye  to Jacob and calls him my brother, my son.



What if Edward had gotten to Port Angeles too late and was faced with Bella begging him to do everything in his power to save her? She knows he has the power no one else does...what will he do? One night changes everything.

Categories: AU Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 17 Completed: Yes Word count: 38841
[Report This] Published: June 12, 2008 Updated: April 30, 2009

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: March 16, 2009 Title: Chapter 3: Sunrise

I have just started reading this story and  it looks interesting so i will continue. Good that in this way I have a lot of chapters already posted. I appreciate also the humor (The Prince Charming thing was great) but I have a problem. In the first chapter Bella has been raped by 4 men, or I got it wrong? Even accounting for the dimming of memories after the change, I cannot believe that she has dismissed it completely, that the awful experience has not scarred her psyche. Maybe you address it in later chapters, but I think that this issue should have been worked in, somehow...

Salt by Iris Messenger Rated: PG starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 15]


(Do you ever regret missing the softness of salt? You’ve never felt it except in the savageness of bloodlust and the sorrow of Bella’s tears.) 


Exactly five hundred words. Ten characters. 50 words a character. The meaning of salt.  

Categories: Other Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Esme, James, Jasper, Rosalie, Victoria
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 522
[Report This] Published: July 08, 2008 Updated: July 09, 2008

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: October 22, 2009 Title: Chapter 1: Salt

Very, very elegant, you have style!



Bella Swan spent the first two years of her life in Forks developing a friendship with Jacob Black that finally turned into something more.  As she begins her senior year of high school, a new family moves to town and Bella slowly begins to question the path she thought her life would follow.  Sometimes there is a difference between what you think you need and what you never knew you wanted.  Takes place during the timeframe of New Moon and Eclipse.  J/B at first, but eventually E/B. 


IVO Banner


Categories: AU Characters: Bella, Edward, Jacob
Series: None
Chapters: 35 Completed: No Word count: 170230
[Report This] Published: July 16, 2008 Updated: July 20, 2009

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: February 04, 2009 Title: Chapter 2: First Day

Hi, I arrived to your story late, on suggestion of Booksgalore. I am happy I  started. By the way I think that the Spanish teacher name is Mrs Goff .

This from Midnight Sun draft. Edward says she does not mind he absents himself (to bring Bella home after blood testing), and later he says that she does not mind him not paying attention, because his Spanish is better than hers .

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: February 04, 2009 Title: Chapter 16: Acquaintances

OK, now i reached chapter 17, so I can give you some feedback. It is amazing how you write a different story remaining true to the characters. And I feel that I am going to suffer like I suffered in New moon even if it will be for different reasons due to different plot.

I will reach the end quickly, as I am a fast reader in English as I am in Italian (my mother tongue), and then I will start asking for more. Uffa, one should only read completed stories...

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: February 05, 2009 Title: Chapter 31: Relentless

I have reached the end of the written part and I am waiting, SO MUCH, for you to continue. Who does not love an angsty, tortured love story, very well written? But I have also a criticism, if I may: I am missing two things: 1.Jacob sarcasm. I am not Jacob team at all, but I like him in the SM story because the more he suffers, the more sarcastic he gets. Now he has suffered enough, changed enough to get sarcastic.  2. The real monsters: I miss James, Victoria, Laurent, the Vulturi, the newborns. The are essential because they are part of Edward world and one of the reasons why Edward is afraid to have a human Bella in his life, and because they add the danger element to the plot, making it so much more interesting. The danger element is a catalyst that should not be missing. Of course you don't need to have a step by step introduction of the monsters as it happens in the saga, but please let in some of them.

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: March 30, 2009 Title: Chapter 32: Hypocrisy

The slow pace of this story is killing me, but I will follow it to the (hopefully not bitter) end. The scene of Edward "giving the numbers" to Bella is one of  the most powerful I read anywhere so far.The funny thing is that I had forgotten that it was in this story, and I did not not know where to go and re-read it.

This has happened also because I think that we have not been alerted for updates from the site for a while. I found I had missed some chapters. And this has happened with some other stories too. Maybe because the site was upgraded and malfunctioned for a while.  I hope it is OK now, and wait for therest


Author's Response:

The end will not be bitter, trust me.  I'm not sure about the site malfuntioning, but I have noticed that some of the stories I love have updated without me you may have something there.  Anyway, thanks for the review and for reading despite Bitter Bella (the IVO equivalent to Debbie Downer). 


For True Edward Fans. An in-depth, accurate portrayal of the heart, mind, and soul of the beloved Edward Cullen as he deals with the complex themes and events taking place during Eclipse. RATED T FOR TEEN, ALTHOUGH CHAPTER 8 CONTAINS SENSUALITY. CANON. EPOV.

Categories: Eclipse Characters: Alice, Angela, Bella, Ben, Carlisle, Charlie, Edward, Esme, Jacob, Jasper, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 10 Completed: No Word count: 64609
[Report This] Published: August 24, 2008 Updated: November 08, 2008

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: January 31, 2009 Title: Chapter 10: Theme from Chapter 22 - Fire and Ice - Part Three

Have you really stopped this story? Please don't, there are a number of passages that need exploring with your inisight. Please continue till the end of Eclipse


Vampire brothers Edward, Emmett, and Jasper are stuck at age 17 forever.  Unfortunately, though all of them have lived for over 100 years, they have very little experience with dating girls, especially modern ones.  What happens when their vampire powers and inexperience collide?  Will the results prevent them from winning the hearts of the girls they love? 

If you like humor, angst, and edge of your seat, nail-biting cliff hangers, you'll like this story. 

Categories: AU Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Charlie, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jasper, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 47 Completed: Yes Word count: 108776
[Report This] Published: September 04, 2008 Updated: January 09, 2009

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: April 08, 2009 Title: Chapter 47: Chapter 47: The End of the World as We Know It

 I have just finished reading this story. When it was running I was  fixed on canon and not reading AU (Now I am writing AU!). Then I saw that there is another story that is a follow up, so I tried to read this first. It has delighted me. I had the pleasure to read it as a book, not having to wait for updates, and of course the cliffhangers had no effect. (ha)

I love your Cullens so much that I would like to be a relation (No, not be part of the family,  there are no available males left).  I really like your disinhibited (is this an English word?) Edward, the less than perfect Carlisle and the awesome Esme.

So now I try the next one

This Warm Rush by rydia Rated: R starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 149]

Edward never returned to Carlisle, his "rebellious years" stretching into decades. Bella is in Seattle, avoiding a dance and buying books. But she's a danger magnet, and ends up attracting something she never expected.

Categories: AU Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 7 Completed: No Word count: 31630
[Report This] Published: September 16, 2008 Updated: July 15, 2009

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: March 05, 2009 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3 (S)

I have just discovered this story. I am enthralled and it will go immediately to my favorites. If I have questions I'll ask them later, when I have read more.

Thank you for the moment

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: April 09, 2009 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

This is great, sensual and dark, I just cannot wait for more.

But I have a curiosity. I am always interested in the economics of the vampire world. In my stories, if  the need arises, I give explanations about it. I mean, we know the Cullens are very rich, not to speak of the Volturi, and nomads do not need much, probably they just steal what they need, but if you tell of a vampire having a house, buying books, music, travelling not on foot, etc. he must have money. So about this terrible and fascinating Vampward,  where is his money coming from?


She was sought after for her scent, but soon revealed to be more than just a monster's drug. It was her destiny to embrace destruction, and nothing could have prepared Bella for what lay ahead in the dark chambers and corridors of Volterra Castle. As far as she was concerned, her life ended the day she stepped foot in that cursed city. She didn't count on Edward Cullen.

With a soul as kind and pure as Bella's, how could anything evil come from her? Edward and Carlisle are willing to take the risk in rescuing this broken, beautiful girl, but the challenges are more than any of them could have imagined.

Carlisle on left, Aro in middle, Edward and Bella on right with angelic glow. Title in the middle with Aro.

Categories: AU Characters: Alice, Aro, Bella, Carlisle, Demetri, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Felix, Gianna, Heidi, Jane, Jasper, Marcus, Rosalie
Series: The Destiny Series
Chapters: 18 Completed: Yes Word count: 47068
[Report This] Published: September 29, 2008 Updated: December 03, 2008

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: March 06, 2009 Title: Chapter 18: Epilogue

I have finished the story now. ow it was amazing...Now I can imagine the only 4 vampires left on Earth becoming a sort of guardian angels for mankind. Finally not the bad guys but the superheroes..


Down The Rabbit Hole graphic by casket4mytears

After departing Forks with the rest of the Cullen family, Alice becomes increasingly preoccupied with the information revealed to Bella by James about her life as a human and the vampire who changed her. Told partially through flashback and through present-day (read: during the New Moon time span) events, Down The Rabbit Hole explores the details of how Alice comes to an understanding of her past.

"I read that letter, just last week
You were telling me the darkness had taken you
and it had only lasted a week
I don't know where your saviour is...
Check the back room
He's writing the book that describes the end
as you're passing this life

Now I see it: it's a doorway
It's a doorway to my love..."

The Streets Fell Into My Window - The Red Paintings

July 2009:  Indie TwiFic Awards Finalist:

Best Canon Complete
Best Characterizations (non Edward/Bella) Complete

Eternal Hope Contributor

Categories: New Moon Characters: Alice, Alistair, Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Esme, James, Jasper, Rosalie, Tanya, Victoria
Series: The White Rabbit series, Eternal Hope: The Alice and Jasper Archive
Chapters: 19 Completed: Yes Word count: 58669
[Report This] Published: September 30, 2008 Updated: October 22, 2008

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: September 15, 2009 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 2: Predators

Uh, dammit. I am reading the Looking glass, but  now you are obliging me to read this first and I am not happy. New Moon still disturbs me so much that I don't read the first part, when re-reading the saga and start with the cliff jump. Now I have to read about Edward's desperation, added to Bella desperation and I just can't stand it.

On the contrary, I enjoy BD totally and can re-read it anytime. I will review your other story when I have finished this punishment (Which has nothing to do with your capability as a writer, which is great....)

Author's Response:

I promise that this story for the vast majority deals with Alice.  Bella never appears directly, Edward is very in and out, more to show the passing of time and to set up details for TTLG.  Trust me - you NEED to read this one.  It's my baby!  And there's loving Jasper/Alice!

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: September 16, 2009 Title: Chapter 19: Epilogue: Serendipity



Set during New Moon.  Bella didn't jump.  But a vision from Alice sends the Cullens running back to Forks.  What if Bella wasn't the only one who fell apart when she lost the love of her life?  What if Edward couldn't handle being apart?  What if he fell?  How far could he fall?  Who committed the murders at the Swan residence and what happened to Charlie?  Just how bad can it get? 

Read and find out!

Story Banner

Thanks to the amazingly talented Anne Cullen for the Banner.


Categories: New Moon, AU Characters: Alec, Alice, Angela, Aro, Bella, Ben, Billy, Brady, Caius, Carlisle, Carmen, Charlie, Demetri, Edward, Embry, Emily, Emmett, Esme, Felix, Garrett, Jacob, Jane, Jasper, Jessica, Kate, Kim, Lauren, Laurent, Leah, Marcus, Mike, Other Character, Phil, Renee, Rosalie, Sam, Seth, Tanya, Tyler, Victoria
Series: None
Chapters: 19 Completed: No Word count: 77631
[Report This] Published: October 15, 2008 Updated: March 04, 2010

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: March 31, 2009 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 14 Honesty

This was an essential chapter, Thank you for writing it

Author's Response:

I'm glad you thought so :)  and thank you for not only reading it, but for reviewing too.

Perspective by ekimmuh Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 2527]

Edward seeks out the counsel of his father and brothers after agreeing to be with Bella after their wedding. What will Edward do with that advise and how will he and Bella prepare for their upcoming wedding night.

Thanks to Anne Cullen for this beautiful banner.

Perspective Banner

Shimmer Award

Categories: Post-Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Charlie, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Jasper, Rosalie
Series: None
Chapters: 42 Completed: Yes Word count: 132792
[Report This] Published: October 19, 2008 Updated: March 17, 2010

Reviewer: Camilla Signed
Date: February 11, 2009 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12

I do like to see Carlisle expressing himself, like in this case, so deep and wise. Since I am going to write something in his POV in the future, I am keeping this in mind. And I look for your story follow up

Author's Response:

Thanks Camilla. :)

IMO, Carlisle as a character is just as interesting as Edward. He is very complex and has been through a lot in his 400 years. Edward is his favorite son, which makes perfect sense to me considering the situation, and he's also more of a father to Edward than any of the others.

The next chapter should be up next week.



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