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Penname: AJ04 [Contact]
Real name: Monica
Status: Member
Member Since: July 01, 2009

Used to be a die hard Sci-fi fanatic...but my new Twilight obession is quickly overshadowing it...LOL...loving every minute of it!

I am a mother of three rabuncious and energetic kids ages 11,8, and 6. They keep me on my toes.

I read alot in order to escape the rigors of real life and it was my sister who acutally introduce me to the Twilight Saga after raving about it for months. LoL...I never would imagine the world in which I now find myself. I have met a number of fans and have made lifelong friends along the way. A group of us known as the Edge girls met on Twilighters Anonymous and it was one of my fellow Edger's that introduced me to Twilighted. I love them all to pieces and am thrilled to find another site to fill my reading obsession.

10-27-10 Things in RL are on a rollarcoaster right now, so to my darling authors...I will R&R as I have time but know you are not forgotten. I love each and everyone of you and value the journey's I have been on with every story I read. You author's rock and help me thru some tough times and for that I can't thank you enough. =)

1-1-11 Happy New Years!
Wow...hard to believe it is the start of a new all my unbelievable authors; I write this to let you know that RL has really taken a toll. I am trying to catch up but recently I had a setback when my computer was dropped and now I have trouble logging on. As much as I would love to go buy a new computer, I can't with my budget being the way it is right now. So know that I will try and log on as much as I can at home and at work. As busy as work and my three kids keep me, unfortunatly the time I get to spend on here is limited but so very much appreciated. I regain my sanity here so, Thank you all for being there! Have a safe and blessed New Year!
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Reviews by AJ04



When Bella and Edward meet the first day of High School, he is a chubby misfit with no friends in a new town, aside from his popular cousins.  He meets Bella Swan, a well-liked, if uncoordinated, local with problems of her own.  This is the story of their friendship, their loss, their love and destruction.  Can they find their way back to each other?  And can they survive the changes they have both gone through since the fateful day they met?


Categories: AU-Human Characters: Alice, Bella, Carlisle, Charlie, Edward, Edward Masen, Sr., Elizabeth Masen, Emmett, Esme, Jacob, Jasper, Renee, Rosalie
Series: Always Human
Chapters: 41 Completed: No Word count: 164271
[Report This] Published: August 13, 2009 Updated: December 04, 2012

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed
Date: January 19, 2010 Title: Chapter 23: Fragile

Dear lord my good authors, I'm surprised that the water didn't evaporate from that hot tub. Talk about scary...the idea of Edward being gone...gasp...don't even want to think about it. I am glad however that this happened seeing that it is opening them both up about things.

Author's Response:

We’re so glad you enjoyed it!  Yeah, there was a scare at the beginning, but it needed to happen for the end to occur...


Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: January 26, 2010 Title: Chapter 24: I'd come for you

Oh Hale Yeah!!! I think I scared all the crickets

*Excitedly bouncing around* I am so excited to see how much progress these two have made. This chapter was magnificent!!! I can't wait to see what the next few days holds. Did I mention I am thrilled.

Author's Response:

It was a really fun chapter for us!  To finally move these two forward felt wonderful!

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: February 11, 2010 Title: Chapter 25: As Time Goes By

OMG are you trying to kill me!! How could you leave me hanging like that!!?

Ok so buzzing with excitement...Alice and Jasper are married! Le Amore! It was a good day and Bella realizing that she needed Edward too...sigh. However your little cliffie is going to have me anxiously awaiting your next update. Soon....PLEASE!

Author's Response:

*shrugs*  We had to leave it somewhere:)  Hopefully, the next chapter will be up soon!


Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: February 17, 2010 Title: Chapter 26: Hallelujah

Holy Fucking Hale...THAT WAS HOT!!!! DAMN I think I need to run and take a cold shower. WOW what a first for both of them. I am just dizzy with excitement for these two. I can't wait to see what you have in store for the next chapter!! *runs off to take a shower*

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: March 05, 2010 Title: Chapter 27: Nightingale

OMG!! * tears fall as I look for something to throw* Oh why did that evil bitch of an aunt have to ruin this for them. Aaaahhh I cried with them as Bella was asking him to let her go!! Oh the heartache!! Please udate soon so that I won't be crying to long.

Author's Response:

It's going to get harder before it is easier, but don't worry, we're HEA girls.


Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: April 04, 2010 Title: Chapter 29: Goodbye My Lover

Holy Freakin Hale!! Wow such pain...will she ever find her way back to herself? I will wave my lil team Bella flag until she learns not to give up on herself. This was an emotional chapter but I'm glad to have her POV from when Bella left. They are both in such pain...sigh

I love Charlie for talking to them both, he is such an awesome dad.

Author's Response:

Charlie does, indeed, rock.  She's a hot mess, but she's trying not to isolate herself completely.


Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed
Date: April 07, 2010 Title: Chapter 30: I'll Be There for You

OMG!!! Oh please don't let him make a mistake with Tanya!! I think I'm gonna be sick...*nears hyperventilations...breath!*

*chants...believe in your authors, believe in your authors...*

Please Please PLEASE update soon

Author's Response:

Have some faith.
Everything will work out just fine.
Thanks for the review

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: April 18, 2010 Title: Chapter 31: Running to Stand Still

Ok Edward better have a damn good reason for not answering his calls...grrr i just don't understand him some days. I realize I'll get in his head soon but at this time its just how i feel.

Three cheers for our favorite southern boy! I am glad he is such a fuckawesome friend. I do hope Bella and Edward start pulling their shit together because they are miserable without each other.

I will anxiously await the next chapter

Author's Response:

You'll definitely get the reason Edward didn't call back in the next chapter.  It may not be what you're thinking...


And Jasper to the rescue!  He was JUST what Bella needed to move forward and get back home.



Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: October 22, 2010 Title: Chapter 38: My love

Holy Fucking Hale ladies! God that was so hot it was scorching and believe it or not a damn cold shower is in order to pull my melted ass back together! Tanya really is a bitch and i couldn't be more proud of Bella, had my pom  poms out and was cheerin her on! It was brilliantly written, now if you lovely ladies will excuse me there is a cold shower waiting for me...

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: June 04, 2010 Title: Chapter 33: Silent all these Years

That was GREAT! I love that Bella is working so hard to get it together. She is making excellent progress.

Author's Response:

She really is trying *so* hard.  The damage done to her is so deep and goes so far back, it's going to be hard to extricate it from her core personality.  But she wants it badly enough, that's for sure.


Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: June 13, 2010 Title: Chapter 34: Everything Under the Sun

LMAO! How I love that Tanya was stunned speechless over the whole fiancee declaration. That will put that skank in her place...dear lord that woman doesn't learn does she...I mean he's T...A...K...E...N! I wonder if Bella will ever hear of his? Hopefully not soon, we wouldn't want her to flip her lid.

Awww Edward is just the sweetest thing. His gifts left warm fuzzies in my lil heart. =) *Happy dance!* I was so thrilled they web chatted. I think thats fuckin AWESOME! Her kitten sounds adorable and if I had to toss out a name i would name her Deanna (Pronounced Dee-anna); Dee for short. Any salsa lovin cat should have a latin

I loved the chapter! Excellent work my dears!

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: July 07, 2010 Title: Chapter 35: Wishing Well

*Crash!Thud!....OMG! My inner self cries out..."Everybody get the hell back and give her some room! Air! she needs AIR!" she looks at the screen of a smokin hot computer...Is that steam? What the hell? Oh god is that drool on the keyboard! AJ can you hear me! AJ! For the love of all that is Holy wake up!" Reader looks up groggily...AJ is not hear right now but if you leave your name and number she will get back to you when she is more coherant...DAYUM!*

Oh my dear authors...your gonna give me cardiac arrest if you keep that up...looks down bashfully. I guess my inner AJ kind of let you in on how this chapter affected me...that was Fucking AWESOME!!! I am beyond thrilled with the progress Bella and Edward are was magnificent and SO FUCKING SCINTILATING! I can't wait to see what happens at Christmas! This is so exciting. I would love nothing more than to hug ya'll for the damn fine performance these two put on...

I Get Off by Britpacksuccubus Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 333]


When Bella becomes Edward's assistant and moves in across the street, what will happen when he takes in the view? And not just that of the skyline... AH, OOC, Lemons

Categories: Twilight, AU-Human Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 10 Completed: No Word count: 71226
[Report This] Published: August 17, 2009 Updated: January 29, 2010

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed
Date: January 30, 2010 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1-I Get Off

Holy Fucking Hale!!! Damn I will be sure to follow it hot in hear?

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed
Date: January 31, 2010 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2-Nasty Girl

Damn Edward is such a nieve fool...but you gotta love him. When is that boy going to make a move?

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed
Date: January 31, 2010 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3-Phone Sex

Of three things I am certain...

1. Tanya is a bitch.

2. Alice needs to drop Tanya like a bad habit.

3. Edward is definalty FUCKHOT!

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: January 31, 2010 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4-The Animal

Hot damn a tattooed Edward...DAMN!! Now that is just so HOT! This has been one heck of a weekend. I've just got to laugh at Tanya's sad excuse for drunken verbal diarhea...just sad really.

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: January 31, 2010 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5-Candyward

Holy fucking Hale!!! What I wouldn't give for an Edward Sunday....that Bella is on lucky girl. Sigh...getting to know the reall Edward is just so sweet. Damn it is way to hot in here.

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed
Date: January 31, 2010 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6-Tumble Down

Damn Edward is one hot, considerate bastard. I just love him all the more for standing up for his relationship with Bella. Tanya the bitch will pay, lord help her when Bella catches up with her...what a fucking vindictive cry baby.

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed
Date: January 31, 2010 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7-Head Over Feet

OMG Rose is just to cute for words. I love her no nonsense attitude. Tanya beware...if Rose gets you it will be so much worse. that's a fight I want to read about.

Holy Fucking Hale!! Edward and Bella are just to hot for words.

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed
Date: January 31, 2010 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8-Crazy Love

Oh HELL YEAH!!! That Edward is one sneaky bastard getting his ILY's and walking away. I loved that dinner with his family went well. LoL... I can just imagine poor Jasper sweating it out before the dinner. This was fabulous. 

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: January 31, 2010 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9-I've Fallen In Love With You

OMG i can't believe you left it hanging there. This was brilliant!!  I just love Rose to death. I cracked up so bad when she met the horse and dear god I can't wait to see what she does to Tanya.

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed
Date: January 31, 2010 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10-Hollaback Girl

Holy fucking Hale that was HOT!!!!!  LoL...I can only imagine what Tanya's past indescretions detail, and she implies that Bella is a whore...PALEEEEAAAASSSEEEE. I loved seeing Bella knock her on her ass. It was fabulous. I can't wait for your next update.

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for joining us here and for sharing the love. Your reviews were made of pure WIN and I really appreciate each and every one of them.

Summary: Feature

 Thank you, hellacullen, for the awesome banner!

Edward’s rebellious period didn’t last a few years; it lasted seventy.  A solitary hunter on the fringe of society, he stumbles across a young woman praying. Can he seduce her away from everything she's ever known? And will he be willing to fight for Bella instead of fighting against her?

AU, a bit OOC, canon couples.  Rated for lemons, violence and adult subject matter.

Banner by Zesty_T, awesome!

Banner by n7of9 Thank you!

Banner by readergoof, thank you!


Categories: AU Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 34 Completed: Yes Word count: 129165
[Report This] Published: August 18, 2009 Updated: March 27, 2010

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed
Date: January 20, 2010 Title: Chapter 25: Chapter 25 Before The Fire

Whoa what a way to make progress. I am happy Bella still feels the pull towards Edward and can't help but hope for the best.

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed
Date: November 23, 2009 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter 19 The Falls

What the Hell! How could you leave me like this!!1 * Sinks to the couch heavily with a world class pout* aaaaahhhhhh

Ok enough of my whining, really though you left me hanging. I am glad Bella confessed her sins but am no excited to see if Edward will now tell her what he is. It must have been rough to leave Bella like that but I now have to wonder what is going on in his head. Please update SOON!

Reviewer: AJ04 Signed
Date: November 30, 2009 Title: Chapter 20: Chapter 20 Returning Home

*gasp* Oh Edward...the guilt he will feel after Jerry...sigh. Although it was for his sanity when it comes to Bella... well it's hard to be upset. I do hope he finds another way to help him with his bloodlust as it is if he keeps killing people then he will be in even more pain later. I do hope Bella is turned soon as this will be so much easier for Edward.



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