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Reviews by Dulcinea21bella

One and a half years. That’s how long it's been since Edward Cullen had banished himself and his family from Isabella Swan’s life, from Forks, from the one place they truly felt at home. 

A lot can change in that small amount of time, and it becomes painfully apparent to the Cullen’s when they come face to face with the girl they left behind, only she’s not the same girl anymore.

In an effort to protect herself from the pain of her past, she has become more confident, self assured and fierce. She’s a fighter now and their fate, along with many others, now rests in her hands.

Will she save them or punish them for past grievances?

AU set during New Moon

Let me set everyones mind at ease about the coupling in this story. It IS completely CANON. That means that no matter what I may make it look like between Bella and Marcus by the end of this fic Edward and Bella will be together again...well sort of. 

Eyes on fire banner 3

Categories: New Moon, AU Characters: Bella
Series: The Eyes Series
Chapters: 16 Completed: No Word count: 83819
[Report This] Published: August 20, 2009 Updated: January 14, 2012

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: May 21, 2010 Title: Chapter 13: Chapter 12: Undefeated

Great chapter.  I am eager for Edward to get his game on!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: January 11, 2011 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 13: Broken Again


Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: June 01, 2011 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 14: The Escape

Wow.  This was great.  I really feel so invested in these two.  I can't wait to read were they go from here!

Illusions by Crittab Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 47]

New Moon AU. Bella finds something much more dangerous than a motorcycle hoping to hear Edward's voice.


Rated NC-17.  Warning: Contains sexual assault.  If you are sensitive to this subject, please do not read.




Categories: New Moon Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes Word count: 4957
[Report This] Published: August 27, 2009 Updated: September 11, 2009

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: September 12, 2009 Title: Chapter 3: Epilogue

Nice job!

All of Me by flibbins Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 3630]

Bella lives to serve her Master. It can be tedious at times, titillating at others, but always, her world revolves around his. Come take a peek at the trials and triumphs in the life of a 24/7 consensual slave and find what happens when outside forces threaten to expose her lifestyle.


All of Me


Please note that this story contains graphic language, graphic sexual situations and is only intended for a mature audience. The BDSM relationship described herein is entirely consensual, but may be offensive to some readers. Read with caution. OOC, AU/AH

Categories: AU-Human Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: All of Me: The Series
Chapters: 25 Completed: No Word count: 109463
[Report This] Published: September 01, 2009 Updated: June 29, 2010

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: November 17, 2009 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9

Wow.  Brilliant update!  I am so intrigued with Jasper's role in their lives at this point.  Edward is clearly proud of Bella and is showing her off.... I can't believe I have to wait a week until the next update.  I can't believe that I will be seeing NM in only 2.5 days!!!!  SO EXCITED!!!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: November 24, 2009 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10

Wow.  THis was intense and passionate.  It gave me such an insight into their true reasons for living this lifestyle.  It actually takes a stronger couple to do this.  The level of devotion and trust and pure love for the other person must be so intense.  It was nice that they were able to step outisde of the lifestyle to simply focus on reconnecting with eachother, recommitt their love.  Excellent update!!!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: September 17, 2009 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Oh, there is interest.  I am with you.  Fascinating start!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: October 03, 2009 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3

This story is SO captivating.  I am eager to find out more about the dynamics of their relationship and the feelings behind them.  Fascinating!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: October 15, 2009 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5

So very good.  I love that he takes care of her like that.  So he does truly love her?  It appears so.  You were right, this chapter answered a bunch of questions.  I can't wait to read more as this story progresses.  Excellent update!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: October 22, 2009 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

Yep, definitely interested in the one shot.  I love that Edward is so protective of her and sees that she is well taken care of.  It is very interesting how their relationship works for the both of them.  Clearly they meet eachother's needs, sexually, and they do communicate freely at times, but I wonder about his feelings for her.  Surely being her master 100% of the time must be exhausting for him.  He needs to always be attentive to her, more so than she is to him because she simply follows his orders.  He needs to be the creative one and keep her satisfied and engaged.  Doesn't he ever just want to go out to dinner and a movie with her?  Hold her hand and nuzzle her neck.  Is he hopelessly in love with Bella the girl or is in love with the idea of  the slave?  I want more of Edward's mindset.  I am addicted to this story!  Great update.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you are enjoying the story.  You bring up a lot of really good points, most of which will be addressed as we go.  On the surface, it seems like everything is about Edward's needs, but in some ways this lifestyle is harder for Edward than it is for Bella and is more about her needs.

Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts.  I really appreciate it!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: November 02, 2009 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7

Wow.  This story just keeps unfolding.  I am so caught up in it.  I like reading about how Bella and Edward handle the details of their relationship in the public eye.  I can't wait to read more!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: February 18, 2010 Title: Chapter 16: Chapter 16

I love how protective Edward is of Bella.  She does attract attention everywhere she goes!!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: November 10, 2009 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8

This was a higly erotic chapter.  I am even more interested in learning more about their relationship.  This story is like a guilty pleasure.  i just can't get enough!!!  I love it.  Excellent update!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: December 03, 2009 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11

Well, shit.  You really DID leave us hanging!!!  For some reason I did not get the alert for this chapter and I came across it my accident.  It was an excellent chapter.  It is interesting because it feels like Edward's a little disappointed that Bella wanted to jump right back into being his slave.  It feels like he does thie mainly for her, but that he wants some normalcy with the woman he loves.  He is sacrificing that in order to make sure that she is happy and that her needs are met.  It was very fascinating.  I DO hope they talk about it.  I want both of them to get what they need from the relationship.  I love this story!!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: December 15, 2009 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12

Excellent update.  Tyler has me freaking out a little bit.   Does he want slave Bella all to himself?  Hmmm.  I love that Jasper is accepting of their lifestyle.  Unconventional, yes, but deep love all the same.  I love it!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: December 30, 2009 Title: Chapter 13: Chapter 13

Wow.  This was intense of so many levels.  It was incredibly erotic throughout the dinner.  It was incredibly romatntic the way Edward spoke of his devotion to Bella and her needs and how much he needs her.  Now we have the intense fear of what is to come.  I can't wait.  I love it!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: January 13, 2010 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 14

This was a great chapter.  Edward cares for her so very much.  She is his every priority.  It is so mesmerizing to understand the dynamics of their relationship.  Excellent update!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: January 28, 2010 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 15

Excellent chapter.  I LOVED the meadow scene.  And I thoroughly enjoy Possessiveward.  It is nice that realizes what a hot item Bella is and how people crave a sub with such devotion to her Master.  I love that he is so protective of her and that he is so obviously in love with her.  I love this story.   It has so many layers and it is thrilling to read!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: March 03, 2010 Title: Chapter 17: Chapter 17

Holy Hell... that was ridiculously HOT!


Kids and work have a way of pulling a couple apart. Can Bella and Edward find a way to reconnect and keep the love alive? Entry into Ninapolitan's DILF Contest. AH/OOC, *Mature Adult for Language and Graphic Lemons

Handcuffs and Heartstrings

Categories: Twilight, AU-Human Characters: Bella, Edward
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Completed: Yes Word count: 8559
[Report This] Published: September 06, 2009 Updated: November 03, 2009

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: September 08, 2009 Title: Chapter 1: Handcuffs and Heartstrings

This was so beuatiful.  I love that they can play and have hot rough sex, and them sweet romantic love as well!

Author's Response:

Exactly!  The perfect DILF in my book.

Mind's Eye by catharticone Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 214]

A momentary loss of control leaves Edward desperate to find a way to fulfill the promise he made to Bella about "trying" during their honeymoon. 

Categories: Breaking Dawn, AU Characters: Bella, Carlisle, Edward, Esme
Series: None
Chapters: 12 Completed: Yes Word count: 22762
[Report This] Published: September 07, 2009 Updated: September 30, 2009

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: September 10, 2009 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Ah, poor Edward!  He doesn't deal well with guilt- especially when it pertains to hurting Bella!!!

Author's Response:

Yes, Edward feels very, very bad about this... As we all know, it's his worst fear come true.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: September 10, 2009 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Wow.  Poor Edward.  I love this time frame, the void between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  I mean, it took him months to aclimate himself to being able to touch her cheek, they would have to work on desensitizing him to these feelings.  I am SO much enjoying this story and I can't wait for more!

Author's Response:

Yes, I feel that he would be overwhelmed very easily by more intimate contact with Bella.  I think his extremely heightened senses would be bombarded.  How will he manage, though?  Thank you so much for commenting!  I'm thrilled that you're enjoying the story.  :)

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: September 12, 2009 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Um, okay, I love your stories dearly, but this was a little nauseating to even think about.  I mean, Edward is fiercely protective of Bella.  He is extremely jealous.  I can't imagine him ever allowing somebody- even Carlisle touch Bella.  I don't think he could ever stand to hear Carlisle think of Bella that way.  And it would.  It would be instinctual for him to remember the feel of her afterwards.  And really??  Bella losing her virginity to her father in law?  It isn't about the sex with Bella.  It is about the sex with Edward.  Between the two options,  I think she would refuse and either, tell Edward he needs to TRY, or rescind and agree to wait until after she's been changed.  Seriously, I don't get what Edward is thinking.  Couldn't he simply DECIDE to make love to her and then ask Alice to think about it?  Can't he experience it through his future self?????

Author's Response:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  I understand that this story will not appeal to everyone, and I certainly don't want to cause any offense to readers' sensibilities.  I'm sorry if I've done that.  At this point, I will say that all may not be as it seems on the surface. I hope that any readers who do decide to follow through to the end will feel satisfied. 

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: September 17, 2009 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5 (Ninapolitan)

I am so not liking the storyline... but I can't stop reading it either.  I want to see where it goes and am determined to see it through... but, when you are finished, you are going to write a sappy lovey Edward and Bella, right???

Author's Response:

I hope you will enjoy this plot eventually... and I appreciate your sticking with it!  I'm currently working on a new story, and it will have lots of Bella and Edward love/affection/comfort/cuddles.  So you can anticipate that starting up once I've finished posting this monster!  Thanks for the feedback.  :)

Reviewer: Dulcinea21bella Signed
Date: September 28, 2009 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11 (Ninapolitan)

Wow.  I was in Disneyworld last week and came home to find all of these chapters!  I was thrilled to be able to read them all at one time.  I am SO happy with the way things all played out betwenn Bella and Edward and Carlisle.  I am no longer panicking or freaking out.  This was beautifully done. 

Author's Response:

Thank you!  I was hoping that readers would feel satisfied by the resolution, but I know I lost a few along the way... I really appreciate that you kept reading.  :)



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