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Penname: diamondheart [Contact]
Real name: Carmen
Status: Member
Member Since: January 30, 2009

Been getting some nice press lately *blushes modestly*:


*fan girl squee* Gravity Never Sleeps was rec'd on the Perv Pack's Smut Shack, May 24, as well as a very nice mention of Working Man - thank you, ladies! (A rather, um, loose application of the word... ;P )


ssherrill115, host of Southern Fan Fiction Review, interviewed me on May 1 as a follow-up to the post of my one shot Gravity Never Sleeps which was originally written for SFFR. I hope you'll check it out & get better acquainted...


Wordslinger posted a great rec of Moonshadow, as well as several other fine JxB fics, on Twi Fic Pimps blog (a very funny & informative site, btw): link

ArtBeatsandLife posted a lovely rec of Working Man on the Phase Fics blog and little furry cannibals wrote an absolutely lyrical rec of Moonshadow, also on Phase Fics.  Check out the reviews--and the whole site, for that matter: link

click on the PACKPLAY tab, 10/14/10 for WM ~ click on the WEEKLY REC, 11/8/2010 for MS


To see the video & lyrics of Bruce Springsteen's wonderful song "I'm on Fire", the inspiration for Working Man, click here


I have chocolate brown eyes and mahogany-colored hair, my skin is very fair and I blush easily. I have been 17 for a while… I’m a native of Portland OR and spent my childhood along Puget Sound. I’ve lived various places, but reading and writing so much Twi fic made me homesick, so now I’m back in the Pacific Northwest!

Professionally, I’m a chef. Really. I haven’t written anything other than menu descriptions since college – about the same time as the Battle of Hastings.

I got struck by Twilight November 13 2008, found out about fan fiction at the end of December, posted my first fic in February ’09. Anyone who knows me or has read my stuff knows what team I’m on – but I’ll read just about anything except RPF’s and Nessie fics. Of course, I used to say the same about AH, so you never know…


Proud beta for Sublimation by sfiddy, Be sure to check it out! link   Deputy muse to the wickedly talented leelator, author of How to Seduce a Werewolf, a contribution to The Bella & Jacob Chronicles

Be sure to check out the series I started, The Bella and Jacob Chronicles, here on Twilighted, for readers as obsessed, I mean, devoted, as I am.


AN for the Highly Compulsive

The Moonshadow Continuum (or as I like to think of it: The Saga that Should Have Been!)


93 Million Miles

Jacob’s Ladder

The Fractured Angel (EPOV - WIP)

You Belong to Me (about Leah)

Gravity Never Sleeps (about Sue & Charlie)

The Color of Rain (about Seth)


~*~ Awards ~*~

Working Man ~ Winner Best All Human, Twilight Gem Awards Pearl Round (tie with Dr. Love by lovinj)

Enough ~ 2 Time Winner for the After Your Heart Stops Beating Contest, Popular Vote AND Judges’ Pick Awards  

The Color of Rain ~ Winner Judge’s Pick Award in the Team SOB Rain Scene Challenge, Winner Best Seth, Jacob Black 'n' Pack Awards

The Mind’s Eye ~ Winner Lamb’s Choice Award in the I Get Off In Volterra Contest

Moonshadow ~ IndieTwiFic Finalist 2010; 3rd Place Winner Wolfpack Awards & Howling Wolf Awards ’09

Judge for the Monster-in-Law Contest hosted by Bella Flan & katinki. Judge for The Original Character Awards hosted by Leanne Golightly and WolvesCanEatMe

Two HM's in the Fandom People Awards, Beta category Reviewer category

fp bannerfp banner 2

Check the link below for a fun place to hang out with other wolf girls…

~*~ PLEASE, if you’re going to rate my story, do me the favor of leaving a review to tell me why – wonky stars with no explanation do violence to a writer’s soul.


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