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Reviews For Need to Escape
Reviewer: fleur50 (Signed) · Date: July 17, 2011 02:26 AM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me


Reviewer: fleur50 (Signed) · Date: July 17, 2011 02:25 AM · On: Chapter 82- All You Need is Love

Savais-tu qu'il est possible pour une grand-mère ou une maman qui adopte... d'allaiter un enfant.


La Ligue La Leche en parle dans leur livre sur l'allaitement, vérifier sur google.  Cela demande beaucoup de travail... un tire-lait électrique beaucoup de patience!  Mais une fois que lait commence à arriver... c'est comme une maman!  Je crois qu'il y a des médicaments qui peut aider aussi.  Il faut vraiment être convaincu.  Bella aimerait peut-être vivre cette expérience, vu qu'elle aura probablement une mère porteuse.  Ce serait spécial de voir Edward admirer sa femme allaiter.

Reviewer: Twidult2771 (Signed) · Date: July 17, 2011 12:38 AM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

This was a wonderful chapter.

You go girl Jen, thanks for putting Summit in it's place. Claim your man as your own!

I also thought that the best welcome party would be Kellen, Peter and Jackson. They seem the obvious ice breakers for Jen.

Why exactly did she say 'ewww' in respect to Rob being in his Edward get up with make up? I would have thought she'd like it.

Can''t wait till she can meet Ashley, Taylor, Elizabeth and Nikki.

I do worry a bit on the backlash of Summit. In previous chapters it has been proved that they can be quite dangerous.

Love this story keep it up.


Reviewer: Phoenix Rising (Signed) · Date: July 17, 2011 12:12 AM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

Yaaaay! I'm glad you left it like this.  Great job, sweets.  Listen to RobJen...they'll guide you where they want you to take them.  :-)

Hey, if I had Rob in his Edward get-up, you can bet that I'd try to squeeze in a little roleplay, even if I would end up coated in chalky white make-up....

xoxo Sarah

Reviewer: VIGGO (Signed) · Date: July 16, 2011 09:09 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

Way to go Jen.  Don't let Scummit keep you quiet.

Reviewer: sclark0925 (Signed) · Date: July 16, 2011 04:20 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

"Ewww" Hahaha! That made me laugh!

Reviewer: Enchanting Lilly (Signed) · Date: July 16, 2011 04:07 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

God what a thought to think it's Rob and then seeing Edward I'm sure the makeup looks better in the film then in person but If I closed my eyes who would know the difference. I think I would have pushed that bitch out the door before we got to the hotel. God I love your writing. I hope next chapter has a shower scene.


Reviewer: kkdman (Signed) · Date: July 16, 2011 03:35 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

OMG, I should have expected that ending when Rob said "screw the cleanup", but you got me.  I felt like Jen cracking up during her Inigo Montoya moment. 

I love how you outted them, spontaneity is so much better than a staged production.  It was worth the wait for this chapter.

Thank you for making me smile.


Reviewer: suziekew (Signed) · Date: July 16, 2011 11:52 AM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

ohhhh, you are EVIL!! I cannot wait for the passion that follows this, with Rob all fired up about her admission and then his possessive side coming out at finding her playing strip poker with three of his (very attractive) friends. And the visual of him making love to her as Edward, but able to actually unleash that passion....*swoon*

But *squeeeee* you finally outed them!! I would love for them to stay outed, but of course Summit has its ways, don't they? Ooh, here's a thought, although you have probably already written it, maybe he confirmed what she said with the pap encounter in the lobby? He's been wanting to make them public for so long, how could he resist such an opening?

Cannot wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response:

yep...i am evil... my little angel halo is well tarnished. 

Can you imagine being surprised with Edward standing there in front of you? 

and Rob saying something to the paps? quite possibly, especially if he is giddy from her proclamation. hehehe

thanks so much my dear! 



Reviewer: MrsMichellePattinson (Signed) · Date: July 16, 2011 02:58 AM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

GO JEN!!!!!!

Reviewer: sekoehler (Signed) · Date: July 16, 2011 12:31 AM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

As soon as the words came out of her mouth, I was torn between shouting, "Oh crap!" and "Go Jen! Go Jen! Go Jen!"  I'm glad that she and Rob are feeling so much better about things...with her outing them, but I have a feeling that Summit is going to try their hardest to cover it up.  I just don't know it they will be successful.  I hope they aren't.  Jen and Rob deserve to be free to do what they want, ya know?  And what is up with the make-up and contacts?  I know he was in a hurry to get back to her, but did he think that she would like it?  Hmmmm.  I'm curious to see how it goes.

Reviewer: Perrylover (Signed) · Date: July 16, 2011 12:02 AM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

Oh Steph, you are such a wicked woman!  I love the way Jen handled that presumptous flight attendant.  I'm glad that Jen didn't let that bitch Janice get completely away with her threats & scare tactics.  After "listening" to the conversation with the Cullen men, I'm thinking Jen is absolutely right that
Summit is seriously abusing both Rob & Kris. (Probably in RL as well) 

I'm in a bit of a quandary with myself, while I much prefer RL Rob over Edward, having a little one night stand with Edward might be fun as long as it was only one night.  A little role playing could be interesting.  *blushing profusely* 

I can't wait to see what happens next.  I would so love to see Rob tell Summit to kiss his ass.  I hope he hasn't already signed his contract for the rest of the Saga. 

Thank you so much for keeping us in your busy life. 

Love you girl,


Reviewer: fprm (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2011 11:21 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

awesome and funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Reviewer: fleur50 (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2011 10:38 PM · On: Chapter 76-Budapest


Reviewer: MrsCullen30 (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2011 09:44 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

I can't believe you ended it like that!! But that was good!!! I'm still laughing! :)

Reviewer: LiRock (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2011 09:18 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

You're back! You're back!


I've missed Rob and Jen so much!

And Mack.

And Joe.

But not Nick.

And DEFINITELY NOT Scummit Bitch.

Thank you.

MWAH!(did I use enough exclaimation points?)


Reviewer: pattinson90 (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2011 08:18 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

Eww is right. Thanks for writing!

Reviewer: stephsmith (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2011 06:29 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

I knew this chapter would be especially good after the encounter with the flight attendant.  Yay, you're bringing back all the fun drama with Summit!  Are you teasing us or is this really it for them coming out?  And holy cow with the boys and the Edward make-up.  You still got it girl! 

Reviewer: mamadog93 (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2011 04:19 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

Bwahahaha, Ewwww is right.  Not gonna lie, had to grab a drool cloth at one point.  Was a bit distracted with the image of Kellan, Peter and Jackson all dropping their drawers at the same time.  I most certainly would not have been composed at that moment.  Just sayin....  Can I just say that I'd like to kiss Jen myself for putting that out there! It's about damn time even if it gets overlooked...

Reviewer: WildPhoenix316 (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2011 03:29 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

LMAO,I loved it!More please.

Reviewer: sophielynn31 (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2011 02:54 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

That has to be the best chapter yet!  Love it!

Reviewer: SweetDemon (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2011 01:36 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

LMFAO! I love her reaction to Edward!! X)

Reviewer: fleur50 (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2011 01:36 PM · On: Chapter 75- Just Like Any Other Day

Le groupe internet de Bella pourrait avoir des privilèges de Rob, billet d'AVION, rencontre avec Rob, repas en petits groupes, tirage pour une rencontre privée et repas lors de lancement de film...

Reviewer: RPattz Freak (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2011 01:16 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

Oh how I have missed RobJen!

So Jen finally did it! I say HELL YEAH! This day needed to get here! Can't wait to see in the next chapter what Rob's reaction will be when they actually "talk" about it...hee hee. My mind is reeling at the possibilities...ooh and in the Edward make up too. Vampire speed and all that...oh seriously Breaking Dawn needs to hurry up and get here! (or Bel Ami--I need my Rob fix stat!)

What a great surprise to see Kellan, Peter, and Jackson too! Can't imagine strip poker in quite the same way now...Calvin Kleins oh my!

Can't wait for another update. Oh how I have missed you Jen--uhhh I mean Steph (wink, wink) Luv ya <3


Reviewer: timidvampire (Signed) · Date: July 15, 2011 12:46 PM · On: Chapter 83-You're Not the Boss of Me

so she outed them!!! Fantastic! this story is one I just adore!!!!

and the eyes at the end, Ewwwww LOL! loved it, loved  it, loved it!

so good . xxx

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