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Reviews For Branded
Reviewer: Aggie (Signed) · Date: July 02, 2009 02:30 AM · On: Chapter 5

well lets say I was sad that I came to the end..are you on ff also?


Your story is sad but there is a good vibe in it also. I look forward to the healing...

Author's Response:

Thanks Aggie :)  It is a sad story, it was very hard to write, but you're right, there will be healing.

Reviewer: Aggie (Signed) · Date: July 02, 2009 02:11 AM · On: Chapter 4

heart breaking... very well written...

Author's Response:

Thank you so much, Aggie!  :)  Thanks for leaving me some love.

Reviewer: Aggie (Signed) · Date: July 02, 2009 01:36 AM · On: Chapter 2


Reviewer: Aggie (Signed) · Date: July 02, 2009 01:27 AM · On: Chapter 1

ouch... I hope Em notices the burns

Reviewer: traci4edluv (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 10:51 PM · On: Chapter 5

Really like your story so far!  I always find it so interesting how everyone chooses to use the Twilight characters in their stories, like your Victoria and Jane being doctors! :)

I love the picture in your banner.  A picture of Bella and Edward foreshadowing the future for her with him might be cool to work in too!  Is that picture of her from another movie she's done?  Perfect for your story!

Author's Response:

Thanks traci4edluv!  I know that Victoria is an "evil" vamp in the books, but I still always liked her for some reason, so I thought I'd throw her in a most unusual place.  :)

That picture is from another movie...It might have been from Speak (great book and movie, btw), but I can't remember offhand.

Reviewer: KelseyJane (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 10:32 PM · On: Chapter 5

Good chapter. I like the fact that you brought in Rosalie's rape into the story. I wonder if Bella will end up getting surgery to get rid of the word on her stomach. Good job hun!

Author's Response:

Thanks KelseyJane!  Rosie needed her moment to "shine."  It was long overdue.  :) 

Reviewer: Emmett_lover (Anonymous) · Date: July 01, 2009 10:08 PM · On: Chapter 5


Author's Response:

Hi Emmett_lover!

I'm on vacation right now, but i'll send my next chapter off to my wonderful Beta AdmittedlyObsessed as soon as I get back in town.  :)

Reviewer: Emmett_lover (Anonymous) · Date: July 01, 2009 08:05 PM · On: Chapter 4

I. KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bastard.

Author's Response:

You are intuitive, Emmett_lover.  ;)

Reviewer: Emmett_lover (Anonymous) · Date: July 01, 2009 07:30 PM · On: Chapter 3

Wait....DID THAT BASTARD RAPE HER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Reviewer: RedRedRed (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 07:11 PM · On: Chapter 5

hey cool chap its good that rose shared that =]

Author's Response:

Thanks RedRedRed.  As I've said in reviews before, and I will say again because I believe it, I think Rose was greatly misrepresented in the books.  She was cold and jaded for a reason, and I think that her reason fits well with my story.  Rose has a lot to offer from her experiences and I wanted her to have a time and place to shine.  :)

Reviewer: Edward_Bella_Nessie (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 07:01 PM · On: Chapter 5

this chapter was great! edward is so unbelievably sweet with bella!!! plz update soooon!! nice banner, btw!

Author's Response:

Thanks Edward_Bella_Nessie!  I think we could all use an Edward at some point in time.  :)

Reviewer: Emmett_lover (Anonymous) · Date: July 01, 2009 06:57 PM · On: Chapter 2

I want some flashbacks. You know? And I want them to see her scars and burns and stuff. Yes, I know, I'm evil. Oh, well.

Reviewer: Emmett_lover (Anonymous) · Date: July 01, 2009 06:47 PM · On: Chapter 1

THATS RIGHT EMMY!!! FIND THE TRUTH!! KILL THAT BASTARD!!! ANYwhoosers. I'm hooked. Great first chapter.

Reviewer: kerrylee (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 05:34 PM · On: Chapter 4

It's a very bitter sweet story this, and I'm loving it. Fingers crossed though for when they have to go back to school and how Bella & Edward will cope.

Author's Response:

Thanks Kerrylee.  Sorry for the delay in replying!  I didn't realize I had missed you.

Please stay tuned, there's more story to come.  :)

Reviewer: JuliannaOphelia (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 09:25 AM · On: Chapter 5

I think it's a well written, well thought out story. Keep up the good work. I guess I'm really jaded about abuse b/c i work with survivors every day, and you are writing it tastefuly as can be.

Author's Response:

Thanks JuliannaOphelia.  It's hard to write about something like this in a tasteful way because it is such a personal thing for so many people.  I really hope that I'm able to do so in a way that won't seem disrespectful. 

Reviewer: Twilight_obessesed (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 08:26 AM · On: Chapter 5

This story is sad it good but still very sad. Im glad bellas getting little better i just hope soon she'll be able to think better of herself worth.

Author's Response:

The journey to self-worth is a hard one, but I am confident that Bella will, in time, be a little more okay with things.  ;) 

Stay tuned.

Reviewer: Steelerfan (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 08:20 AM · On: Chapter 5

lovethis story.... I wonder when they will start dating

Author's Response:

Keep reading.  I'm not saying anything.  :)

Reviewer: Daylen (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 08:02 AM · On: Chapter 5

hmm it was a less intense chapter than the last one, for sure, however I felt the first session with Dr Taylor just didn't "flow" right. It's kind of difficult to place, but it kind of felt a little disjointed maybe?

Overall it was great to see Bella feeling a bit better, and getting to connect with Rosalie.

I had to chuckle at both the drooling on Edward and Bella being scared of shopaholic Alice hehe :)

Looking forward to some more happy things for Bella, although with school starting I'm more than a little nervous for her :S

Author's Response:

Thanks for reviewing Daylen, I always enjoy hearing your thoughts. 

The first session may have been a bit disjointed.  I'll have to go back and re-read it to see where the holes are.  I would be the last person to say that this story is perfect.  ;)

Keep reading and letting me know!  :)

Reviewer: aussietrueblue (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 07:22 AM · On: Chapter 5

That was such a great update....


Author's Response:

Thanks aussietrueblue!  You are very welcome.  :)  It was my pleasure.

Reviewer: adk2012 (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 03:41 AM · On: Chapter 5

oh my god! i love the story but it is so sad. it makes me cry.

Author's Response:

adk2012, I'm going to pass you a tissue.  I'm sorry your sad, but I'm really happy you love the story.  :) 

Reviewer: dreampills (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 02:54 AM · On: Chapter 5

I'm glad to see Bella and Rosalie bonding a little.  I always read them having a strained relationship.  So, it's good to see Rosalie being a good friend.  =)

Author's Response:

Hi dreampills,

I always felt that Rose got the short end of the stick.  I wanted her to be a little more redeeming in my story because she has a lot to offer, and really, she isn't a bad person, she's just had a rough go of life (in the books).

Reviewer: turtletoppers9 (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 02:26 AM · On: Chapter 5

this is a nice story but i do not think bella is fat i just cant rap my head around it.... and i try to just think about it my way and that shes not fat but it doesnt work this is a really nice story you have started please finish AND MAKE BELLA LOSE WEIGHT PLEASEEEE

Author's Response:

I'm sorry you can't get around the fact that she might be a little chubby.  It doesn't really play a huge role in the story other than it just feeds into her insecurities.  After a while it doesn't even get mentioned any more.  Really, though, I think Bella being "fat" is just a construct of her broken spirit...after James goes on and on about it, it's just cemented in her head.  It's another way for him to break her down.

It really is an inconsequential thing. 

Reviewer: vampire-romance (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 02:04 AM · On: Chapter 5

could i have a go at a banner? hehe

keep up the good work.  =]

Author's Response:

If you'd like to have a go at the banner, please go ahead.  I won't be offended.  :)

Reviewer: lee723 (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 01:27 AM · On: Chapter 5

Edward and bella are more than joined at the hip...but it's really an endearing quality of his to be so understanding for Bells.


Author's Response:

Hi lee723,

I think every bruised/broken girl needs an Edward, someone who is safe no matter what.  It makes healing a whole lot easier.

Reviewer: angfet24 (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2009 01:13 AM · On: Chapter 5

Found this story and love it already. Anxious to see where it goes from here. This is one that I want to sit and read all the way thru, not wait for an update!!

And btw, I like the banner!!

Author's Response:

Thanks so was my first banner attempt.  :)

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