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Reviews For Not Like This
Reviewer: laurelbarnes (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 02:53 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

I think that Bella is going to sit stuned for a moment as she see's him and he is going to burst into tears and appollogize massively while bawling his eyes out saying that he never stopped loving her. It will take her a moment to come out of her dazzlement but she will focus enough to hear what he is saying and start to accept him back in her life but timidly because she is scared and she can even confess this to Alice who will be a good sister and pass it on to Edward when he feels like he is going no where and needs encouragement.

Author's Response: Interesting theory! Won't be long until you find out how close you are! Thanks so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: Jaenelle Masen (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 02:45 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

i know we all want happily ever after for E and B but these two have so much to work out...there has been so much hurt, lies, and betrayal for can't be that easy for them to work it out...i hated that Bella was able to just forgive Edward in New Moon just like that!!! they didn't even talk about anything to work out the problems in their relationship...and trust me that they had problems, it wouldn't have been that easy for Edward to walk away and lie to B if they had actually talked....even in Eclipse, Edward still continued to lie to her and make decisions for her, try to control her....they need to see if they can have a partnership of equals where they can make decisions together and work on it together....

Author's Response: Very good point! I totally agree! These kiddos have a ton to work through before riding off into the sunset. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: jlugo (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 02:38 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

i love Emmett

he honestly makes everything better!

Author's Response: Emmett can definitely lighten the mood! Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: lyleslove (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 02:33 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

hmmm.... i weirdly didn't get an update alert for this chapter, i just happened to spot it when i went to go re-read the chapter of BtS... anyways...

i know i say this literally all the time, but you are brilliant.  i could just see that scene being played out and felt the hurt, and it is exactly how i thought it should be.  i loved the splash of emmett at the end - unexpected and refreshing.

what would i like to see?  oh, gee, i don't know, lol, maybe what i've been nagging about since lizzie was born - edward holding her - and i want bella to see it.  i know that they won't just magically get back together and all forgiven (erm, especially with you writing :) <3 ) but i think it would be the spark that will reignite their fire... ugh, i'm cheesy.  anyway, another fabulous chapter and i'm so happy i just happened to check my page today - a birthday blessing :)

Author's Response: Happy birthday, a bit late! So glad you liked the chapter. You may be surprised that you get a bit of what you want in the next. Thanks so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: icrodriguez (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 02:25 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

To tell you the truth, Darling, I'm terrified of the next chapter. It's the BIG ONE, and I know, just KNOW that it will destroy me.

Every single chapter since the very first has managed to knock down my defenses over and over. I always end up trembling, wiping tears away as they fall mercilessly down my cheeks. 

But with what's to come, I am afraid, for I know that it will destroy me once and for all.

And yet strangely enough, I welcome the destruction.


Author's Response:

Wow, I got chills from that review!  You're making *me* scared and I wrote it!

Thank you so much for keeping your mind open and trusting me, at least a little.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: CassLVStwilight (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 02:24 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

eeekkk so this chapter was amazing just like the others but i really can't wait for the next one...EB meet YAY...i know its gonna be bad but I love it like needs to bad for them for a while...any way ud soon

Author's Response:

Hang in there!  It will be tough, but it'll be ok in the end!

Thank you so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: Linds14 (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 02:24 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

Awww...I swear my heart breaks a little more with each chapter. It was so sad how she asked what Edward was like with Elizabeth..but of course I can completely understand her curiousity and wanting to know his reactions and feelings/behaviors about the baby. I am hoping that by knowing that he absolutely loves his daughter, it might make her more understanding and possibly forgiving of him? He made a mistake. It happens. Now they have to find a way to move on from it.

Gah...I CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT CHAPTER! ( chapter is a reunion chapter with Edward or Lizzie, right? - It better be! J/k...maybe...)

Author's Response:

I am so glad you're still enjoying it!  I know there's so much left to do and so much to heal, but have faith!

Thanks so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: LostCullen5 (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 02:22 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

Very nice reunion scene here.  And I can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!!!  I seriously have no idea what will happen, I'm just excited to know it's next.  I know she can't just fall back into his arms, but I also really really hope that she's not too hard on him, so I'll just hope for a happy medium.  :o)  As always, keep up the great work! 

Author's Response:

Good to keep an open mind!  Just hang in there.  It's not a one shot deal!

Thanks so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: BlueLotusGirl (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 02:17 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

I 'want' them to kiss and make up...I 'think' it is going to be way more complicated than that.

Author's Response:

Alas, it has to be...

Thank you so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: mauge (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 02:08 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears


I really liked this chapter, and Alice is right, you just can't not forgive Emmet :D

Author's Response:

Demanding!  LOL!  I will get it out as soon as I can!

Thank you so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: Elizabethan (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 02:05 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

Jasper was so sweet, encouraging Alice to go see Bella.

Glad Bella and Alice made up - they really needed to talk.

I think after that emotional reunion between Bella & Alice that Emmett bursting in was perfect - really broke the tension.

I refuse to speculate on the next chapter.  I will just sit back and let it unfold as you intend.

Oh and the swim lessons?  Well, it's still warm enough here in North Texas for swimming, so send Edward on over, please?


Author's Response:

LOL!  I'm in TX too, although in South TX.  In the 90's here!

Jasper is a good guy.  He talks a big game, but he's really one of the most perceptive and supportive of them all.

Next chapter will be a toughie.  Hang in there!

Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: JW11 (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 02:02 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

Ahh. I almost cried. And for me that's saying a lot.

I've only ever cried at one fic and that was "The Best Man" and  I almost cried at "Hydraulic Level Five".

Sooo... Next chapter dum dum dum (cue ominous music).

Author's Response:

Aw!  Well, I'm glad we made you feel it.  It's a terrible time for these kiddos, but they're working their way through.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: pennymoore09 (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 01:56 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

Please let them reconcile soon. and when will she get to meet lizzy?  I think you are gonna lead up to the meeting and the next chapter with him either coming in the room and not saying anytning or him bringing in Lizzie.  I need some bella edward time.  I loved the chapter!  Alice is great and emmett well he just makes life better!

Author's Response:

Hang in there.  I'll be interested in what you think after you read it.  But they will see each other in the next chapter.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: Ann Middle (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 01:55 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

Tears, tears, tears.  you sure know how to make a girl cry.  I can't wait for more. I'm really excited for the next chapter. 

Author's Response:

I don't' mean to!  But I am glad it's making you feel!

Thanks so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: jimmy7660 (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 01:52 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This story is sooo addicting.  Love it so much, I think that Bella handled the whole "Alice" situation, very well.  She let her know that yes, Ilove you but you hurt me and why?  Great job.

Now, what do I hope will happen next.  I hope that Bella does tell Edward that he will be a big part of the baby's life.  That she never took that away from him that it was taken by his decisions.  And that his decisions where the very reason that they all went through this hell.  I want Edward to know how much he hurt her and what a horrbile life she had to endure.  But I don't want Bella cruel to Edward and I want her to leave the door open for them.  I want Edward to be the one to bring Elizabeth to Bella for the first time.  For them to be parents together.  And I want Edward to BEG Bella for forgivness.  Alot to ask for, I know!!!!

Anyway, I mostly look forward to what you always give us.....a great story!!!


Author's Response:

Thank you so much for your feedback!  What a great review!  I don't know if I can get that all in one chapter, but I hope you'll like what I give you!

I appreciate your review!

Reviewer: sherylb (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 01:51 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

Yes!!!!!! I love this chapter!!!!!!


I want to see Edward and Bella either: in her bed, witrh their arms around each other..crying ...or if Bella is strong enough, I want to see Edward with his arms around Bella, holding her up, so she can see their daughter..again, with both of them crying...

Author's Response:

Aw!  So romantic! 

I'm not sure if it will be that satisfying, but I will definitely try!

Thank you so much for reviewing!


Reviewer: kismit1496 (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 01:50 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

Reviews are not better than tho awfully nice!  How many times do we have to go after that point? hmm hehe

OK emoward will sit there stoic with I'm sorry blah blah blah and both will do their best to be strong in front of the other - however I think you'll let Elizabeth meet her Mommy and that's what's gonna help break the ice!

What do I want to happen?  Not realistic but I want them to curl up together in that bed and promise they'll give each other the time to figure stuff out together!!!

Author's Response:

LOL!  Yeah, probably won't happen, but a nice thought:)  Still, I hope you will be satisfied for what does happen.  At least for now...

Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: LittlePixieStick (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 01:49 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

Glad things are looking up for our favorite family.  There's a long way to go before they can heal completely (if that's even possible) but they seem to be on the right track.  Alice and Bella back together is one of the biggest hurdles there was to cross, and while things are not one hundred percent with them yet, they seem to be on the right path.  It's going to take Alice a long time to forgive herself for not trying harder, looking longer, all of that, but she'll get there.  And Bella, she's beginning to understand the complexity of the situation, and that the Cullens were just as broken as she while they were all apart.

Can't wait to see Edward and Bella together, but I think I'm more looking forward to seeing them with their daughter.

Author's Response:

It's definitely a step in the right direction!  There's a lot left to heal, but it's slowly coming back together.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: pink_photographer (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 01:45 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

I HOPE that Edward can show Bella that he only meant to leave for her own good and he thought it was right and for her to understand him and for them to be together again. I would hate to see a BUNCH of chapters fly by with them in some limbo where they dance around eachother NOT QUITE together but obviously both missed the other. That would be annoying.


Author's Response: Well there are not that many chapters left in which to dance! Lol! But I know what you mean... Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: caperves1979 (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 01:44 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

I think they will both cry a lot.  That is my prediction.

On one hand I want her to see him with the baby but on the other I don't want that to be the first time for her to see the baby.  I had a similar birth experience and I'm sure she is feeling uneasy about everyone having seen her daughter but her.  It will be a big moment for her.  I'm worried that dealing with Edward issues at that moment might be too much for her.

Author's Response: It is definitely going to be difficult no matter how you slice it! Thanks so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: SarahElizabeth (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 01:41 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

I honestly don't know what to think.

It could go either way. He feels so guilty, rightly so in some ways but entirely off base with others. She feels defeated, betrayed, hopeful, fearsome..God, she's a mess. I think mainly, they'll realize, without a doubt -whether they voice it or not- that their love hasn't diminished for the other in the slightest.

Honestly, I expect a fuckton of emotional torture in the next chapter, and it'll be left up in the air. Kind of like a ferris wheel. Round and round and round it goes, where it stops....

Yeah, that's my take.

Sarah Elizabeth

Author's Response: Lol! You about nailed it! They are both hot messes! I guess we just let the chips fall where they may... Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: annetted (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 01:39 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

Oh Mrs Potato

When Alice told Bella how Edward is with Elizabeth and that he calls her "Little Love" I just melted.  I do think that she's being very forgiving, maybe a little too forgiving, but she does have Elizabeth to think about and she loves them all so much.  Although I guess she hasn't made any decisions yet, she's just sounding them all out.


Author's Response: I don't think Bella has really worked through her feelings on anything or anyone yet. But she is listening and trying to absorb it all. Thanks so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: Songbyrd8503 (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 01:33 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

♥This story is really good. I look forward to the updates. In the next chapter, I hope that you let her be mad and hurt and upset with edward but don't drag it out forever. After all he didn't know what was happening. But DO let him have it from her. Keep up the good work!♣

Reviewer: Songbyrd8503 (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 01:33 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

♥This story is really good. I look forward to the updates. In the next chapter, I hope that you let her be mad and hurt and upset with edward but don't drag it out forever. After all he didn't know what was happening. But DO let him have it from her. Keep up the good work!♣

Author's Response: I will see what I can do, but try to keep believing, no matter what happens! Thanks so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: SeanEmma4Evr (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2009 01:33 AM · On: Chapter 40 - Taste My Tears

I needed this today, lovely! 

I'm glad you made it clear that she hasn't forgiven them yet. I know she will in the long run, and forgiveness is a virtue and all that, but come on...just like with the need to see Edward, forgiveness takes time. It's divine, yes, but immediate forgiveness sometimes seems hollow. It's good to see her still working through things.

The interaction with Bella was sweet. This seems canon for them (well, their human selves anyway).

I look forward to the next chapter. For some reason I'm envisioning the meeting not going over too well. I just foresee Bella offering to let him go, to be happy without her. To let him know he doesn't have to stay with her for the sake of Elizabeth.

I'm also curious as to when our Lizzie will finally meet her mommy.

I foresee tears and giggles during that meeting!!

Author's Response: Oh boy! There is definitely a lot left to go! A lot of healing left to do. I really hope you think I do the next chapter justice! Thanks so much for reviewing!

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