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Reviews For Guarding Edward
Reviewer: jenni4U (Anonymous) · Date: December 31, 2009 05:54 PM · On: Chapter 2 - Choices

cool up load more mmmmm want a piece of Edward Masen

Author's Response:

Glad you liked him!


Reviewer: jenni4U (Anonymous) · Date: December 31, 2009 05:28 PM · On: Prologue and Chapter 1... Blood Singer

well i like it sounds like its interesting story i will keep reading to find out. :-)

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for giving GE a read!


Reviewer: tmbilling20 (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2009 09:46 PM · On: Epilogue 7.0 Jasper

I would love to hear Jacob's thoughts on imprinting!! If you do skip over it to Edward and Bella's last epilogue, I understand, but I would still love to see it! :)


Author's Response:

Thanks for reading, tmbilling20...I do plan to do a Jacob/Vee epilogue...I think SHE has a lot to say!

I appreciate the stellar stars!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 22, 2009 04:34 AM · On: Chapter 20~~The First Question~~

awww the sweetness is just so adorable :) great chapter to read right before bed. cannot believe that THAT was Edward's question, haha.

Author's Response: was a GOOD question!

Have a great day...I'm off shopping again..but almost done!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 22, 2009 02:55 AM · On: Chapter 19~~ Later ~~

Oh, I am so relieved to hear that Edward will play again. And that sweet kiss totally counts. I am such a nerd, but I have to say that when written well, these characters are like friends to me. Reading a fic when they are in character is like seeing a good friend that you have missed for so long. And reading a bad OOC one is like seeing a Bizarro world version of your friend--'what the hell?!'

So yeah, I like the way you write Bella and Edward :)

Author's Response:

Ah, I had to let him play again! 

They feel like friends to me too!

Thank you!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 10:54 PM · On: Chapter 18~~Rescue~~

Nah, you're not a bad person. At least. no worse than me, I was cackling, 'FRY BEYOTCH'  the whole time, haha. Poor Edward! Yay Bella saved the elderly people! Luckily they can blame Bella's sparklyness on Edward's blood loss :D

Very satisfying chapter, with sad undertones as to Edward's future playing ability, but at least Bella is there to love him and kiss the pain away :)

Author's Response:

So you are also a member of the "BURN Lorena Club"...

Glad you thought it was satisfying!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 10:47 PM · On: Chapter 17~~Trying to Focus~~

Oh this is just awful. I mean it's a great chapter but it's heart wrenching. aaaah. *sniff*

Author's Response:

Oh, I'm sorry...but you had a next to click!

Your stars make me happy...


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 10:28 PM · On: Chapter 16~~Interrogation~~

woo what a great chapter. it was very well handled, the whole 'how the heck did the crazy woman get away with this' problem. poor Brian. I enjoyed Jasper's POV, it was the calm soothing excerpt we all needed, right before we plummet into the GAPING BLOODY WOUND of Edward's POV. omg. ewww I hate blood and just reading the words made me feel queasy. somebody help! argh I am being dragged to target shortly to buy my boyfriend's brother's mother in law (no kidding) wine glasses for Christmas. sigh. Happy Holidays, everybody. :D

Author's Response:

Thank you...had to come up with some reason...LOL...

At least you could click NEXT really quickly!

Merry Christmas to you too!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 10:19 PM · On: Chapter 15~~Gone...Just Gone~~

OH NO. This is awful, no one knows where Edward is, unless they planted a tracking device on him, or if they can trace his cell phone signal, or something. Crap. Vampire senses have not been documented or tested or anything, but not being able to tell if a scent is one person or two people = -1000 cool points :(

Also, the minute 3 Cullens converged on the stalker scent, leaving 4 in the audience and ZERO WITH EDWARD, I got a bad feeling about this chapter. -10000 cool points from Elite Guardians! :( :( :(

omg my best friend is Team Jacob but in a good way: she's Team: Jacob is Too Good for Bella. So Edward Can Have Her, Nyah :D whatever the jacobites say to get themselves to sleep at night :D

Author's Response:

Well, they had to have him slip away SOMEHOW, or where would my plot be???

"Jacob is too good for Bella"...LOL...that's what My girls think too!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 10:07 PM · On: Chapter 14~~Epiphany~~

oh sweet Jesus. what are they going to try to do to poor Edward. please tell me Emmett is not going to be distracted by Rosalie bending over or something, and that's when the loonies strike. omg. that would be a hilarious prank chapter. Loonies run off with Edward in a sack, while Emmett drools over Rosalie's perfect tushie, and Bella comes in the room 'where's Edward???'

Emmett: 'er...he was here a minute ago...'

Bella: *facepalm*

Author's Response:

Oh dear...Emmett getting sidetracked!  I should have used THAT!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 10:01 PM · On: Chapter 13~~Taken~~

Awww she is totally taken with Edward :) this was such a sweet chapter. I am totally falling in love with this story.

Alas, I still have 4 more people to shop for, I thought it was 3 but apparently my bf bought me 6 things for Christmas and I only bought him 3 so I have to play catch up. 1 of the 3 things is a PS3, but he doesn't know that :D

I would be absolutely honored if you used my summary! I feel I could write a better one once I've finished the story, though. And of course I would continue to read it with Jacob. Sometimes he's OOC to the point of villainy, which upsets me, so if an author really hates him that much I'd rather they leave him out and make it the Edward & Bella Variety Hour instead, but I trust that you will do him justice :D


Author's Response:

So you weren't mad about the TITLE?  LOL

I still need one more thing...sigh...

Eh, Jacob won't be SO bad in this story...LOL...Hey, I made Mike and Jess good people!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 09:24 PM · On: Chapter 12~~His Girl Friday~~

Ummm I have no idea, I am mystified as to what the scent is lacking. *shrugs*

Author's Response:

That's what my daughter said too! Great minds, you know!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 08:52 PM · On: Chapter 11~~Before the Dawn~~

Awww Bella watching him sleep is too cute. And she's actually being paid to do this, haha.

Guarding Edward is the story that has everything, romance, action, an intriguing plot and a certifiably insane villian (with bonus loony mom!). All it's missing so far is Jacob, but that totally doesn't count as a loss, especially if you're not really a Jacob fan, haha :D

I think the computer may have eaten one of my earlier reviews, but suffice it to say that it was full of praise and even more questions :)

Author's Response:

I had to turn the table and have HER watch HIM sleep for a change!

I might have to copy and use your summary!

Will you quit reading if I tell you that Jacob DOES make an appearance?

Thanks for reading!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 12:55 PM · On: Chapter 9~~Discoveries~~

Hmm. I have to agree with your daughter, she does look more like a Victoria. It's the red hair. Another brilliant chapter. What bad luck, to have sat for one painting and have it wind up in Edward's house 90 years later, haha.


I'm going, I'm going...*click*

Author's Response:

Did you get all your shopping done?  I didn't...sigh...

A reviewer found this picture...and if I had found it, I would have used it for sure...

Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 12:41 PM · On: Chapter 8~~Too Close To Home~~

I'm glad Jess is okay, phew. Too bad the stalker is too dumb to realize vandalism is not exactly the way to Edward's heart :P

Author's Response:

The stalker is just a few fries short of a happy meal...she wasn't thinking ahead to what Edward would think...that's for sure!



Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 12:30 PM · On: Chapter 6 ~~I Love Him, He's MINE~~

okay that was damn creepy. I guess this answers my question about Edward being able to read minds, cause if he knew what this girl was thinking when he shook her hand, he'd have called the cops and had this chick dragged off to the funny farm. He seems to have an intuition, but nothing like what he has in canon.

I keep telling myself, one more chapter, then I'll go. it's still early, I can read another. omg I will have to load this on my mobile and read it on the bus. haha! :D

Author's Response:

So, do I scare you now?  Everyone said that I had way too much fun being IN the stalker's mind...mwahahaha!

I'm off to feed horses...and then shopping for me too!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 12:21 PM · On: Chapter 5~~Love Letters?~~

wow a chapter from the POV of the villian, this ought to be good. But what is going on at Jessica's house? argh I have last minute christmas shopping to do, it's going to be painful tearing myself away from the computer at this point!

p.s. of course Lauren is a nutty fan lol

Author's Response:

Have fun shopping!  The best part of fan fiction?  it will still be HERE when you get back!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 11:43 AM · On: Chapter 4~~Who is She?~~

Edward has totally seen Bella in his dreams, awww.

Yeah I agree, although I do like one story that does EVERY chapter twice, from Bella's and Jacob's POV. So I just wait until both POVs are up before I read.

Ack, poor Bella, it's gonna be so frustrating. That was one of the main reasons I felt sorry for Canon!Edward, having the hots for your delicious off limits food and only hoping that said food loves you as much as you love her, because you have no idea what she's thinking. Shoe's on the other foot now. I am loving this fic so much <3


Author's Response:

His dreams is a good guess...

From now on there will only be SLIGHT overlap of POV...and it will move the story along...

"off limit food"...LOVED that!

Glad you are still enjoying it!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 11:33 AM · On: Chapter 3~~Face to Face~~

hoo boy this is some exciting stuff indeed! :D

I am so glad I don't have to wait for the Edward POV. I'm on the edge of my seat here as it is. Now I'm wondering all sorts of things, like who was changed when in this time line, since Carlisle and Esme were together already when Bella was changed, and also what was wrong with Bella to cause Carlisle to change her, what happened to Charlie & Renee before that, what the hell they were doing in Alaska, because I find it hard to believe that they transported a hungry newborn vampire up there many questions! And all of them are of the 'read and find out' variety, so that's what I'll do :)

Author's Response:

Yes, being able to click NEXT is a wonderful thing, isn't it?  LOL

Her story will be told...I think chapter 10?

YES, questions will be time!

Thanks again, Daeuiel!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 11:18 AM · On: Chapter 2 - Choices

I'm really enjoying this fic, seeing Bella as part of the Cullens is different and interesting...she's not as melancholy as Edward was at this point, I will have to keep reading to see how her life as a vampire was different than Edward's, she must have had some good experiences to still seem so lively and happy. I mean, I know it might just be her personality, but I'm guessing she didn't go on a killing spree avenging the innocent? Cause if she did she's not weighed down by guilt at all..

Oh, I was in the forum for The Day The Earth Stood Still, looking for something sareliz had posted a while ago and I don't know why I clicked the link, but I'm sure glad I did! :D

Author's Response:

I'm glad you clicked the link too...

Ah, you will find out Bella's background...She is  a *bit* happier than canon Edward...LOL...she doesn't feel GUILTY at all...LOL

Thanks for reading!


Reviewer: Daeuiel (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 11:02 AM · On: Prologue and Chapter 1... Blood Singer

OMG THIS IS AWESOME. I am soooo glad I saw a link to it in the forum! :D

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for your unbridled enthusiasm, Daeuiel!  And, thanks for the lovely stars too!  Hope you enjoy the next MANY chapters!

Which forum did you see it in?


Reviewer: JRParz (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2009 02:16 AM · On: Epilogue 7.0 Jasper

Bravo!  What an awesome story.  You did an excellent job of capturing the Twilight Saga universe and I loved how you introduced new roles for the various characters.  Obviously, you were kinder to Mike and Jessica, but even that tidbit didn't detract from the overall enjoyment of such a tale.  I loved how Alice got to have closure regarding her mother and sister... and it was awesome that Vee imprinted on a much more mature Jacob.  I did think that scene with the nomads was overkill.  Three against the Cullens alone shouldn't have been a problem - never mind throwing in the pack. 

Anyway, now that you have created your own universe within a universe, I was thinking... why not there by a Volturi threat.  But of course that is wishful thinking on my part.  I know you are done with this tale - but you almost are, and it's kind of sad to see this tale end.

Thanks for sharing such an awesome talent!  Awesome!

Author's Response:

Thanks for such a lovely review...and stars too!

Ah, I figured Mike and Jess needed a break in fan fiction...LOL...

I'm looking forward to Vee's thoughts on imprinting, and her AUNT, the vampire!

I might have to have a peek at the Volturi's been simmering in my brain cells.

Have a great evening...and thanks for reviewing, JRParz!


Reviewer: Bella Quinn (Signed) · Date: December 15, 2009 09:15 AM · On: Epilogue 7.0 Jasper

I'd rather move to hear more on E & B....

Author's Response:

Thanks for your vote!

I do think that we need to hear from Vee...she will have a FRESH look on the imprinting least I hope she will!

THEN we'll chat a bit with Edward and Bella...

Thanks for reading, Bella Quinn!  And those lovely stars...


Reviewer: 3daygirl (Signed) · Date: December 13, 2009 08:56 PM · On: Epilogue 3.0 Rosalie

I've been re-reading this story as a way to avoid working on my finals.  I just had to send you another little review to tell you how much I admire and enjoy your Rosalie in "Guarding Edward".  She has such an amazing heart and that is so refreshing from all the anger and hostility usually used when Rosalie is written.  I especially love how she has enveloped the wolves into her family thinking too.  She see's the good and deals with the bad that comes their way. 

Thanks Kathie!!! 

Author's Response:

That is so sweet of you!  I do love this Rosalie too...although she can be scary, but only in a protective way...LOL

Thanks for reading...AGAIN, 3daygirl!  And more stars too!


Reviewer: MarilagML (Signed) · Date: December 11, 2009 05:39 PM · On: Epilogue 7.0 Jasper

Wow!  This is so happy but I'm so sad this would be over soon.

Author's Response:

I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!

Jacob, with a bit by Vee, will be in the next one...


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