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Reviews For Alice's Twilight
Reviewer: ludo (Signed) · Date: May 09, 2010 05:57 PM · On: 14. The Hunt

I love hearing Alice's POV, you write her so beautifully. I especially liked the 'conniving little freak' bit lol

Reviewer: fgeragosian (Signed) · Date: May 09, 2010 05:41 PM · On: 14. The Hunt

This was great!!  I love the "Angstward" comment.

Can't wait for the next chapter and of course for Eclipse!!

Thanks again for writing this!!

Reviewer: Twivamp (Signed) · Date: May 09, 2010 08:28 AM · On: 14. The Hunt

The last part was definitely the best! "Angstward" haha, classic!! Can't wait for Eclipse AND the next chapter of this!


~Twivamp :)

Reviewer: jc4twilight (Signed) · Date: May 09, 2010 05:51 AM · On: 11. Observing

I love the alice love for bella.  2 cute.

Reviewer: Miliejolie (Signed) · Date: May 09, 2010 01:22 AM · On: 14. The Hunt

nice chapter!

Reviewer: beck943 (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2010 04:42 PM · On: 2. Decisions

Hi, I really like this take in Alice's POV!
Just watch for little canon details, that's all. Alice and Jasper have different last names so no next door lockers :)

Reviewer: Gelsamina (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2010 04:31 PM · On: 14. The Hunt

I'm intrigued by Alice's "Ah memories" thought.  When you finish this story, would you consider doing a pre twilight story of the Cullen's evading the FBI?

Reviewer: nautical (Signed) · Date: May 03, 2010 04:21 PM · On: 13. The Baseball Game

Great chapter.  I've always wondered why Jasper just didn't try to make them disinterested in Bella when they arrived.

Reviewer: fgeragosian (Signed) · Date: May 02, 2010 02:08 PM · On: 13. The Baseball Game

Loved it!!  I can't wait for the next chapter!!  Hope you had a great time at the convention!!


Reviewer: ermireallydontcare (Signed) · Date: May 02, 2010 11:56 AM · On: 13. The Baseball Game

Hahaha Emmett :D

Love your version of the Cullens playing ball!

Reviewer: ludo (Signed) · Date: May 01, 2010 08:46 PM · On: 13. The Baseball Game

Such an exciting chapter! You write the Cullen family banter so well too btw.

Reviewer: rosaliehale (Signed) · Date: May 01, 2010 06:16 PM · On: 13. The Baseball Game

I love the innuendos! Hilarious! Can't wait for more.

Have fun at your twilight convention this weekend =)

Reviewer: Twivamp (Signed) · Date: May 01, 2010 06:12 PM · On: 13. The Baseball Game

Aaah! A cliffhanger!!! Well, you lucky ducky! I got PFach's autograph as well, but didn't get pictures and all that jazz. Can't wait for the next chapter!


~Twivamp :)

Reviewer: Gelsamina (Signed) · Date: May 01, 2010 04:37 PM · On: 13. The Baseball Game

I enjoyed Alice's POV on the game

Reviewer: ontheroad (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2010 11:24 PM · On: 12. Meeting Bella

Adorkable, lol. Alice is a crack up.

Reviewer: melaniemarks (Signed) · Date: April 02, 2010 07:57 AM · On: 12. Meeting Bella

I love this! Cannot wait for more!

Reviewer: fgeragosian (Signed) · Date: March 26, 2010 08:01 AM · On: 12. Meeting Bella

I thought that you did an excellent job and I loved this chapter!!  I loved how Jasper tried to contain Alice when Bella came to visit and I also loved the alone time with Jasper and Alice (I can never get enought of that!).

Thanks for all of your hard work and for keeping with this story.

Looking forward to the next chapter!!

Reviewer: hc4metal (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2010 06:13 PM · On: 12. Meeting Bella

good job as always

Reviewer: hush (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2010 04:20 PM · On: 12. Meeting Bella


Reviewer: ermireallydontcare (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2010 12:49 PM · On: 12. Meeting Bella

I liked it - it was very Alice-y in my personal opinion :)

Loving her and Jasper's distraction techniques ;)

Reviewer: Twivamp (Signed) · Date: March 22, 2010 10:43 AM · On: 12. Meeting Bella

That was very Alice-y and I enjoyed all of it! In fact, I think I'm going to reread this chapter again! Great job! I loved it and can't wait until next time!


~Twivamp :)

Reviewer: archy (Signed) · Date: March 18, 2010 05:46 AM · On: 11. Observing

i like this--alice in bella's room,aww!going on to next chapter.

Reviewer: seadragon (Signed) · Date: March 17, 2010 11:44 PM · On: 11. Observing

i think you should do the whole book. alice wasn't there for everything so it wouldn't be too long. the bit where edward is gushing about bella to alice is utterly adotable.

Reviewer: lilmissb (Signed) · Date: March 16, 2010 04:55 PM · On: 11. Observing

Its great I hope you continue!!

Reviewer: lilmissb (Signed) · Date: March 16, 2010 01:44 PM · On: 7. It's Only a Matter of Time

I know the feeling of your Italy adventure I was in Vancover as they were shooting but I was on business and couldnt take the time away to go stalking lol. great chapter even though I know what happens Im still excited!!

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