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Reviews For Tainted Love
Reviewer: be_my_escape (Signed) · Date: June 12, 2009 09:48 AM · On: Chapter 11 - Altar Boy

Great chapter. I loved the mental image of Edward being all proper in a church. Hehe. Glad he pulled it off. Can't wait to read more. Please update soon.

Author's Response:

Yeah, you don't get to see a lot of Edward in church around here, so I thought it would be fun. Of course, I think we would all take Edward no matter where he was....

Thanks for R&R!

Reviewer: 8th-cullen-is-here (Signed) · Date: June 12, 2009 09:29 AM · On: Chapter 2 - Home

OMG if i MY FATHER was ever like that i would kill my self and i aint kidding i would leave this earth right away.... OMG

Author's Response:

My dad was a lot like that, but I somehow survived it.

Thanks for R&R!

Reviewer: RightKindOfWrong (Signed) · Date: June 12, 2009 06:21 AM · On: Chapter 11 - Altar Boy

This is SO great! Please Update soon!


Author's Response:

I will, I promise! Be sure to check out the forum for sneak peaks too.

Reviewer: IslandWoman221 (Signed) · Date: June 12, 2009 03:54 AM · On: Chapter 11 - Altar Boy

Loved the alternating POV's.  Nice continuity that Charlie wants to be oblivious just as much here as in the orriginal, for all of his bluster.  Adored that Charlie thinks E will be a firm guiding hand for his "wild" daughter!  lol   Great chapter!

Author's Response:

Well, you know Renee left Charlie a little bit "warped" when it comes to women.

Reviewer: Bella_Cullen884 (Signed) · Date: June 12, 2009 03:39 AM · On: Chapter 11 - Altar Boy

Great chapter. I loved that Edward did that for Bella! So sweet!

I can't believe that Charlie agreed to let Edward date Bella. Yay! I was sure that Edward was going to get ticked at Charlie for saying that she would be a bad influence for him...but, nope.

Please update soon?

Author's Response:

At this point, Edward was willing to do whatever he could to be successful.

Reviewer: erinnnzomg (Signed) · Date: June 12, 2009 03:12 AM · On: Chapter 11 - Altar Boy

Blecky. Catholic churches give me the willies now. I was raised Catholic, so I know how all that goes. I still don't understand WHY anyone would convert TO Catholicism. I would convert FROM Catholicism XD

Author's Response:

My two childhood friends were Catholic, although I was raised Baptist. I never really understood everything, but Charlie's a little warped from Renee anyway!

Reviewer: claire de lune (Signed) · Date: June 12, 2009 03:09 AM · On: Chapter 11 - Altar Boy

omg i was now about to go to bed and i saw and update! how could i resist! i'm luving this story! please update more often!!

Author's Response:

This one took a little longer because it was so long. Also, I submitted it Sunday night, but it takes a few days for validation on here. The next one is done and at the beta right now, so it should be up mid-week. Check out the forum in a couple of days and their might be a snwek peak! 

Reviewer: porche911turbo (Signed) · Date: June 05, 2009 12:57 PM · On: Chapter 10 - Shopping


I swear if I wasnt pregnant i would be bouncing up and down on my bed like a sugar crazed seven year old. Gosh woman, I love you. I was so excited when I saw your email and the Favourites Update, and of course the chapter was fun and great and amazing and wonderful and i cant think of more words right now because my brain has gone like mush. (probaby because its 1am)


 Of course Rose is rich... but a Rose that doesn't like people making a big deal of her wealth. Rose isnt being osetentatious. I think I'm beginning to like her more and more. Everyone is always so harsh when writing Rosalie, I love your characterization, especially when it comes to Rose. You make her a nicer person, letting us get all friendly and see more of her in the story.


My gosh, red leather thong you say! Well yes I agree with Alice. Emmett is a very lucky boy. I dont know why but I pictured him holding the pink bag skipping with joy hand in hand with Rose. Perhaps I need help.


I found myself trying to see how far I could get my mouth to open, trying to judge how many slices i could get in my mouth. Nowhere near Emmett's record. I must say that its a very strange talent. But we all have one. Even if it is Pizza Eating. What can I say, I love Emmett. Yay emmett love!!

Alice and Jaspers love is beautiful in its own way, we dont hear much about them all the time but I think it's kinda supposed to be that way. They are so private in their own whay that dishing out the details would just be too much. But I love them.


Bella and Edward... well I can see this beginning to get exteremly interesting. I love how you captured the teenage feelings of need to have the one you love with you constantly. And how you will plot and plan just to be with them. I cant wait to see what Alice's devious little plan will be. I laughed out loud when the girls gave Bells the blue thong. Now Bella and Edward  can like something else the same :P
I can't help but feel a little guilty. I'm craving angst. Edward angst. I can't help but want more Carlisle induced devistating heart wrenching angry Emoward angst! I know, I'm a horrible person.


You have GOT to keep me updated. Email me with how Chap 11 is coming along.(if I dont get back to you asap then my internet is still trying to drive me insane with its independability!) Oh yes and Thanks sooo much for the dedication. You know how much I love them. Almost as much as Emmett love.


Oh yes.... and if there are any of you fantastic readers scanning through the reviews..... COME PLAY ON THE FORUMS. We won't bite.... hard.





Author's Response:

So, I take it you really like this one? Just don't go into premature labor or anything! *lol*

I think you're the only person who notices my changes in Rose. I totoally agree that most authors write her off as a shallow bitch. I actually really like her, so I'm trying to give her something more. I'm also trying to lose some of the Alice sterotype as well.

I knew when I started this story that they would all end up at the mall. I mean, it's just waht human teenagers do. The first thought tthat popped into my head was Emmett holding a Victorias Secret bag! I actually wanted to see him buy out the store for Rosalie, but it wasn't realistic for human teens.

I threw in the pizza eating to give you one more smile!

Alice and Jazz are a bit more private with their relationship. Once again, you got it just right. I do that on purpose.

Don't feel guilty about craving the angst. I'm actually having the same problem. These chapters are much harder for me to get down than the angsty ones. Maybe we're masochists.

Thank you for another prolific review! I will email you an update ASAP!

Reviewer: ForbiddenFyre (Signed) · Date: June 03, 2009 04:04 AM · On: Chapter 10 - Shopping

Love your story so far!!! I was kinda reluctant to read your story but I am so glad that I did!!! It's an amazing idea and you are an amazing writer. I am so glad that you are willing to share your wonderful talent with us!! Anyhoo, can't wait to see what happens next! I am betting that Alice is suggesting that Edward go to Bella's church. In the words of McDonald: I'm lovin' it!!

Author's Response:

Thank you! A lot of poeple are reluctant to read this. I meant for that to happen, because I can't stand haters. I prefer the few and the brave for my readers. I'm glad I haven't dissapointed you!

I don't care for McDOnalds, but I love your review!

Reviewer: beaandmarco (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2009 01:26 PM · On: Chapter 10 - Shopping

what if edward had an actual alter server past... lol.. that would be interisting...

Reviewer: beaandmarco (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2009 01:26 PM · On: Chapter 10 - Shopping

what if edward had an actual alter server past... lol.. that would be interisting...

Author's Response:

That would be interesting, but that is not the case here. However, I think that Edward in church is a good possibility.

Reviewer: diamondheart (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2009 10:10 AM · On: Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

Glad TL is back, I missed you! Aren't E & B lucky to have such good friends to further their 'interests' since their families are so dreadful... the overalls are a nice touch, can't wait to see the uses A & R suggest! <><3

Author's Response:

I missed all of you too! I'm glad you liked the chapter. I thought they needed a break from all of the angst. The overalls are going to be fun...:-)

Reviewer: TheCutie (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2009 09:09 AM · On: Chapter 10 - Shopping

let me guess..:D edward is going to church... that would be soo awesome and hilarious..:D

Author's Response:

I'm going to let Edward go where no Edward has gone before....*lol*

Reviewer: be_my_escape (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2009 09:05 AM · On: Chapter 10 - Shopping

Great chapter. Can't wait to see what Alice has planned. Please update soon.

Author's Response:


Reviewer: IslandWoman221 (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2009 02:49 AM · On: Chapter 10 - Shopping

Sorry to hear about your computer!  Glad you're back up and running.

I liked how this chapter got into more of basic nuts and bolts of E and B's daily lives under these circumstances (how managing something as simple as a date is a pretty big obstacle for them let alone daily alone time).  The overalls are a different touch.  Considering the places they are able to get to be alone (and since Eddie wouldn't want to accost her on the playground again) I'm guessing his room or his car are the only real contenders for me at this point, but then I'm not necessarily the most creative in this dept.  I'm thinkin' it'll be "fun" no matter what you do with it!  lol

Still looking forward to more!


Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked it! I like to take a break from the angst every now and then, let them enjoy their time.

The overalls? I'm going to get a bit creative with them...I have planty of "inspiration" to guide me. It won't be in the next chapter, but it is coming!

Reviewer: applemartini (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2009 01:06 AM · On: Chapter 10 - Shopping

Oh my! Now I want to go and buy a pair for myself! I can't wait to see Edward's reaction.

So, our guy is gonna go to church? Interesting...update soon!

Author's Response:

Yeah, myeralls were my fav in high school! Especially for study hall! *lol*

Reviewer: meimei42 (Signed) · Date: June 01, 2009 09:25 PM · On: Chapter 10 - Shopping

Haha the overalls were made of win.  I'm not sure when she should try them out, I'm just going to trust you to bring it on this on! Loved this update.  Edward is going to be so charming at church, I can just see it.  I'm just curious how long she can keep his true nature from her dad.  And poor Eddie with his own daddy troubles.  :(  I just want to hug him.  Good thing he has a Bella of his own.

Anyway, can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response:

The overalls will be a little down the road...don't worry, I'll make it worth the wait!

Edward at church...who ever thought it possible?

Reviewer: TIFFYYYYY (Signed) · Date: June 01, 2009 09:23 PM · On: Chapter 10 - Shopping

Great chapter :) update soon :)

Author's Response:

Thanks! I will, promise!

Reviewer: Bella_Cullen884 (Signed) · Date: June 01, 2009 08:25 PM · On: Chapter 10 - Shopping

Great chapter. Alice is very sneaky, planning this for them. She's great.

Bella should wear the overalls at school or on a date maybe...Maybe at the beach.

Please update soon?

Author's Response:

Don't worry, Bella will make good use of the overalls soon....Next chapter being beta'd right now!

Reviewer: lionslamb1901 (Signed) · Date: June 01, 2009 08:08 PM · On: Chapter 10 - Shopping

Huhh. I have a feeling Ali is going to take Edward to church. That might make Charlie like him a little more. Not so sure how Edward is going to do with this, but...we'll see :) Can't wait for more of this story!

Author's Response:

You're pretty sharp! Imagine Edward at church...*lol* I will update soon!

Reviewer: jasjosjaim069 (Signed) · Date: June 01, 2009 07:49 PM · On: Chapter 10 - Shopping

I Luv your fanfic !!

Author's Response:

Thank you! I love your reviews!

Reviewer: martha8450 (Signed) · Date: May 22, 2009 03:42 PM · On: Chapter 9 - The Game

I'm lovin bad boy Edward!  I can't wait for more~

Author's Response:

Bad boy is fun, but his sweet side is about to come out.

Reviewer: littleangel531 (Signed) · Date: May 21, 2009 01:50 AM · On: Chapter 9 - The Game

Wow wonderful chapter!

Author's Response:

Thank you! It's one of my favorites.

Reviewer: makovitza (Signed) · Date: May 21, 2009 01:08 AM · On: Chapter 8 - Lunch

Poor Edward. I hope he picked up on the clues about Bella's nazi father and didn't take the rejection too personally. I'm looking forward to them having a nice long conversation and explaining what is going on on both sides. Wishful thinking, perhaps?

I'm loving Jasper and Alice! Jasper is actually my favourite Cullen, and I'm glad you've given him such a nice (if small... hint, hint :-) role in the story. Alice is awesome as always. I love the way she knows exactly how to handle Charlie! I'm sure that will come in useful in future... :-D

Author's Response:

Edward & Bella have lots to talk about, I promise!

Jasper is important here. Edward is closer to him than to Emmett. Bella is the key to bringing Edward back into society, so he's got to get there first. Alice is my fav, which is probably why I give her so much. That, and Bella doesn't have any trouble socializing.

The chapter I'm working on now has more interaction with the group. I ran into some fail, so it won't be up for a few more days.

Reviewer: makovitza (Signed) · Date: May 21, 2009 12:27 AM · On: Chapter 7 - Escape EPOV

Ok. Well, as much as I'm not in favour of bowing to peer pressure, I'm kind of glad you did in this case :-) It was great to get inside Edward's head a bit. I was hoping for a few more answers to the questions I have about his family life, but you cunningly avoided giving too much away. Still, it's nice to know that Esme hadn't taken an irrational dislike to Bella, and that Edward's motives for not kissing her were romantic. After the last chapter I assumed (I guess because that's what Bella thought) that he was just angry and not in the mood. I never guessed he was thinking about their first kiss being special. I'm glad that he wants that. In the previous chapter when he said she could be his escape, I was wondering if he was just using her as a diversion. It's good to see he is actually properly interested in her.  :-)

Author's Response:

I'm really enjoying your reviews! Peer pressure is just a natural part of being a teenager, although usually a bad idea. Esme will love Bella as always; she's just got other issues right now. The kiss is coming, and then some...The "escape" thing didn't quite come out right in the last chapter. He's not using her; he's just messed up and trying to figure it all out. The only thing he really loved until now was his music - it was his escpae. Now, Bella is like the music and then some. He doesn't quite recognize what his feelings are, but he recognizes the similarity.

I don't know if I just made it more clear or more confusing. He loves her, how about that? :-)

Thanks for all of your support!

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