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Reviews For Tropic of Virgo
Reviewer: Jime (Signed) · Date: May 10, 2009 04:57 AM · On: Unconfessional

Awwww, I am so happy to see she had a happy ending to her day because honestly, they rest must have sucked. Nobody is more evil than a bitter high school girl :)

Reviewer: samasa (Signed) · Date: May 10, 2009 04:48 AM · On: Unconfessional

i'm wating for the moment when they realize they are talking to eachother on the blog...

Reviewer: Lola84 (Signed) · Date: May 10, 2009 04:48 AM · On: Unconfessional

I like anything by My Chemical Romance when I'm angry.  Awesome chapter, btw.

Reviewer: Autumnmissa (Signed) · Date: May 09, 2009 11:42 PM · On: Balancing Act

It all depends on the mood I'm in!  Plain vanilla can be grand, but Dublin mudslide or Phisch Food is wonderful too!  I love the story, your words breathe intensity and life.  I want more please as I am now caught up...just took me forever and a day!

Reviewer: DarkwardluvsT (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2009 05:33 PM · On: Balancing Act

flavor of ice cream? Depends on my mood. my favorites are: anything with as much chocolate that can fit into the name for when I'm feeling like a woman, lime sorbet (i know its not really ice cream but whatever) for when I'm feeling fresh and springy and giggly, chocolate chip mint for when i'm feeling clean, and peanut butter whatever for everyday. ^_^

FUCK YEAH! how does Edward just keep getting sexier and sexier?

Can't wait til thay find out about they're little pen pal situation. <3

Reviewer: DarkwardluvsT (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2009 04:55 PM · On: Lost Angeles

omigosh! SO sexy! ^_^


fave gushy love song: love story by Talor Swift (currently)

Reviewer: Eclipse_in_the_Desert (Signed) · Date: May 07, 2009 04:17 PM · On: Nocturnal Prelude

I have been following this story for a while and have been truly enjoying it. The poetry is wonderful and I love your descriptions of the way E&B feel when they sing and play music together. Just wondering are you a musician or poet, maybe a lyricist? Anyway....keep's good.

P.S. This should be on the top ten list IMO...

Reviewer: twilight lover (Signed) · Date: May 07, 2009 12:08 PM · On: Balancing Act

i am confused! Does Edward know about ordinary_girl? oh wait ... I think I just read the sentence wrong ... lol anyhow ... that was awesome ! LOVE IT ... the last chapter (18) was a little crazy ... all over the place. I had a bit of a hard time understanding. But the others were great. I am happy that things are beginning to work for them both. update soon !

Reviewer: chloey24 (Signed) · Date: May 07, 2009 04:27 AM · On: Balancing Act

Well at least it's all out in the open about the sex anyways.  I can't wait to see what happens when they find out they're messaging each other.  I'm betting James had the curaco laced with GHB.  Hmm never did care for him much.

Reviewer: xchic (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 11:49 PM · On: Balancing Act

vanilla dough with chocolat chips. hey, this could be thei nicknames to each other! LOL. This time they had se was sooo mich better thant the otheer( and i feel soooo weird by writting this, but -eh, i dont care,). anyway, you need to update soon please. i love this story.

Reviewer: ladyrip (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 11:21 PM · On: Balancing Act

Triple Brownie Nut Fudge (it's sinfully rich)

I am so DYING that I have reached then end of what you've posted. I hope you have more to add soon because I am in agony wanting to know where their relationship goes from here. You have completely captivated me in this fantastic story!!!


Reviewer: ladyrip (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 11:02 PM · On: Lost Angeles

"Truly, Madly, Deeply" by Savage Garden

I'm so glad they patched that up. The drama of people not being honest with each other just drives me crazy! Thank God Lauren was being decent--even if it was out of fear of what her parents would do.

Reviewer: ladyrip (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 10:48 PM · On: Port Obvious

Front left: keys
Front right: cell phone
Back left: license & debit card
Back right: piece of paper

OMG! I love you! The angst... the dramatic irony...

Reviewer: ladyrip (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 08:05 PM · On: Ghost Stories

"Pisces" and all the symbols that go with it. It's a REALLY skinny tee that I FINALLY fit into!

Have I told you that I freakin' LOVE your story?!?!

Reviewer: booklover08 (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 08:05 PM · On: Balancing Act

ungh - and oh my goodness!  Started reading this story last evening, stayed up till 3am to finish it before coming in to work at 9am - then out of work at 5:30 to read this chapter after work!! OK, so obviously I am loving it!! So keep up the good work!!  :)

Reviewer: ladyrip (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 07:13 PM · On: Bloody Hale

Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me"

I cannot tell you how many times I SQUEALED while reading this chapter! Hav eyou ever gotten anything published? You should!

Reviewer: Emily Belle (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 06:14 PM · On: Balancing Act

chocolate chip.


Lovely as always.

Reviewer: ladyrip (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 06:01 PM · On: Invited and Confused

Yes, but I can only remember one sex dream. I was a senior in high school and it was about the boy who sat behind me in government. Let me tell you, it was so awkward to go to class the next morning even though he had NO clue!

This was SO HOT!!!

Reviewer: ladyrip (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 05:29 PM · On: Dazed and Invited

I don't drink alcohol, but Safe Sex on the Beach is divine!

Dramatic is my favorite flavor of irony!

Is is too funny that when I read the part about Paramore and Evanescence that Paramore came on my Pandora station?

How hot was that duet? I wish I had the guts to sing in front of people (church doesn't count). *sigh*

Reviewer: ladyrip (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 05:11 PM · On: Visuals

I don't do coffee. But hot chocolate with creamer and powdered sugar is to die for! Can you say SUGAR SHOCK?

I can't think of anything good enough to say about this chapter! It was awesome, for lack of a better word. (I think I see some foreshadowing, but I'll keep it to myself for now.)

Keep going!

Reviewer: ladyrip (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 04:56 PM · On: Phenomena

On my keychain is a Borders rewards card in my husband's name (although I read WAY more than he does) and  a Food Lion MVP card. Boring, I know. All my other keychains are lost somewhere else.

LOVE how you work in the Twilight events in your own way. All of the AU-AH stories I've read have nothing to do with the original storyline, and I was afraid to read any that tried to mirror it, but I must say that I LOVE your take on it. Keep going!

Reviewer: ladyrip (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 02:26 PM · On: Opening Lines


And finally: someone who knows how to punctuate dialogue! (I'm an English teacher; I can't help it. *grin*)

Reviewer: ladyrip (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 02:05 PM · On: First Listen

I totally LOVE how you wove Edward's tension on first meeting Bella into a completely believable human experience. You have a gift for this writing thing. Are the poems your original works? Cuz they are freakin' awesome!


Reviewer: ladyrip (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:45 PM · On: Nocturnal Prelude

I've just found your story, and I'm glad you decided to keep going. I can't wait to see where you go with it...

Reviewer: JexMorgan (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2009 01:23 PM · On: Balancing Act

Blue Bell Vanilla Homemade - Yum

GReat chapter.  I wonder when they are going to find out about themselves online.

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