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Reviewer: Jaina 12 (Signed) · Date: May 01, 2009 03:19 AM · On: Lessons in Longing

*sighs* I've already squeed about the kiss, so I'll try and talk about other things that I liked in this chapter.  I loved how the bracelet came up again and that Alice let Jasper take it with him to the hospital.  I also like how quick Jasper recovered from surgery even though this was suppose to be a difficult one for him.  It's seems that he recovers quicker and is healthier when Alice is around or waiting for him. 

My favorite line is "Just remember that this is how we're gonna find your mountains."  That picture is gorgious (from your profile) and I love how he's going to help her find her mountains. :) They are so adorable!

I can't wait for more!

Author's Response:

Jaina.  I don't know if it's the fact that you read this story almost as much as I do, or if it's just because you're a good reader, but somehow you always manage to come up with little theories/observations that just blow me away.  Yes--Jasper recovers more quickly this time 'cause he freaking WANTS to get well for once.  So he does all the things he needs to do (rest, drugs, ice, more rest) to get him there faster.  And why does he want to recover more quickly?  Alice.

Ahh, the pic from my profile.  I can't TELL you how excited I was when I found that house.  I'm gonna be posting more pics of it later in the story, and you'll be able to see how goregous it really is.

Thanks for reviewing... TWICE!

Reviewer: Ashmerlin (Signed) · Date: May 01, 2009 03:09 AM · On: Lessons in Longing

I keep trying to come up with different ways of telling you how beautiful this story is with out repeating "I love it" over and over while squeeing in delight like a complete fangirl.   Maybey I should just say I smile everytime I see an alert in my inbox letting me know you've posted another chapter and after reading it I practically glow with happiness.  You truly are wonderfully talented.

So I say in closing please feed my addiction and post again soon.




Author's Response:

Haha, I'll try to post as soon as possible!  This story was up on a long time before it was up here, so updates were coming pretty quickly.  Now everything's caught up, and I have to actually write the silly chapter before I can submit it (who knew!?), so things might be a little slower.  But I'm definitely gonna try to be as fast as possible!

Thanks for the reveiw!

Reviewer: purplemilk27 (Signed) · Date: May 01, 2009 03:08 AM · On: Lessons in Longing

This is probably going to be the most useless review you'll ever get!  The only words I can come up with right now are: I love this story. 

Author's Response:

No review is ever useless.  As fanfiction writers, we get paid in reviews, not money.  Every review is like a check in the bank!  Especially when someone tells you that he or she loves what you've worked so hard to write.  So thanks very much, and I'm glad you're enjoying the story!


Reviewer: lilsabeth (Signed) · Date: May 01, 2009 02:39 AM · On: Lessons in Longing

ohhhh!! i hope jasper realises soon that alice will love him no matter what! update again soon! this is my favourite! and the update came when i was sick. you have good timing.

Author's Response:

I hope Jasper realizes that soon, too.  But, in a strange way, he's right.  Alice has only ever seen the outline of his scars on his arms and upper chest.  She's never seen all the damage.  And you can't love someone until you have seen and accepted all of them.  So, basically, Alice and Jasper both have a few more steps to take until they can reach the point of Love.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you feel better!

Reviewer: Neurotika (Signed) · Date: May 01, 2009 02:01 AM · On: Lessons in Longing


I've been waiting on something like that happening!

I'm trying not to squeee again.


Author's Response:

Haha, I think you and like, twenty other people (including myself!) have been waiting on that happening.  'Course, it's a reserved relief that it's finally happened.  How will Jasper and Alice respond....???

Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: Anka (Signed) · Date: May 01, 2009 01:38 AM · On: Lessons in Longing

I just love this story. I have been following it for quiet a while, it is so awesome. 

Everytime you update it I am late for university, because I can't leave without reading it. 

Jasper and Alice are my favourite characters and this is the first fanfic I read about them, that does them justice.

Looking so forward to the reaction to that kiss !!


Author's Response:

Ha, I know that feeling of being late to stuff 'cause your favorite fics have been updated.  Heck, I've even been known to put off doing stuff in order to read not-so-great fics.  I love the fact that important things like university and work suffer for the sake of Twilight fanfiction.  Stephenei Meyer would be so proud...

Thanks so much for liking my version of Jasper and Alice!

Reviewer: btomasko (Signed) · Date: April 30, 2009 11:28 PM · On: Lessons in Longing

thank goodness for you. this story is like a breath of fresh air. i can't consider parting it into categories like fluff or angst...more just...right. it's very natural. you've got  a lot of wonderful elements to work with, and i love reading and seeing them work :)

Author's Response:

Aw, that's so sweet of you to say.  And yes, sometimes I feel like I'm juggling about ten different things at once with this story, but I think it's all worth it when I get reviews like this.  Hopefully the story will continue to wow you!

Reviewer: jace (Signed) · Date: April 30, 2009 09:57 PM · On: Lessons in Longing

Then, I feel it: the sickly sweet, coolly burning touch of her lips against mine.

I can't think; I can't even fucking breathe. All I can do is hold her as we precariously straddle the divide between the parody of love and love itself, and wait to see which side we'll land on when we fall.

That part was just brilliant, and I absolutely adore this story.  Please don't make us wait too long to see the reaction to their kiss.  (Kisses, maybe???)

Author's Response:

Wooo, that was my favorite part too!  Well, one of them.  I enjoy anything Jasper and Alice tell me to write :-)  Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: zuisa (Signed) · Date: April 26, 2009 06:55 PM · On: Prologue: Nature's Second Course

I'm procrasting writing a paper horribly right now, and I stopped by to see if a new chapter was up, and remembered that I hadn't reviewed this at all!!

I stumbled across this story the other night when I definitely should have been asleep, but thought I'd read the first chapter and then totally stayed up far too late reading the whole thing because it was so fantastastically captivating.

Jasper and Alice are probably my favorite characters in the books, and I had been looking for a good fic about them, and yours is just wonderful. The writing is fantastic and I found myself far more emotionally invested than one should probably be when reading fanfic at two in the morning. So, in short, good work! I look forward to commenting on individual chapters now as they are written!

Reviewer: Aille (Signed) · Date: April 26, 2009 10:15 AM · On: A Little Bit More

This is wonderful, I don't know how I didn't find it before now.  These two are by far my favorite couple.

I have so many thoughts and questions right now, but I won't put them down because I'm sure they'll be answered as you continue on.

Definitly going on my fav list. :) Keep up the great work.

Reviewer: melissapdo (Signed) · Date: April 26, 2009 05:55 AM · On: A Little Bit More

I love this story.  I can't wait for the next installment. : )

Reviewer: riddiculusvampire (Signed) · Date: April 24, 2009 06:24 PM · On: A Little Bit More

wow amazing many emotions and events. gahh Jasper is so sweet to Alice! :D    loved it!


Reviewer: WinniePony (Signed) · Date: April 24, 2009 06:18 PM · On: A Little Bit More

Aw, that was adorable! The snow, the presents, the bet, everything was really cute. I'm glad that he talked to Rose, and I want to meet the baby. I bet he's cute! Good chapter. =D

Reviewer: CillDaraCailin (Signed) · Date: April 24, 2009 03:06 PM · On: A Little Bit More

This is AMAZING!

The last add nearly had me in tears and this one too.

I love it so much. The emotion in it is just wow.

I actually have no words for it at the moment cos I am sad that I have read all of it and its quite late but wow. I want to Alice to hug Jasper forever if it helps him because he is such a beautiful person and Alice, Jasper is just as good for her by helping her and not pushing her into trying to remember, looking after her in so many ways.

They have a beautiful relationship.

One of my favourite Alice and Jasper fics I have read.

You have such an amazing talent. I was just so drawn into the last two adds as their relationship continues to grow and they continue to get more comfortable with each other. So full of emotion, each add.

Cant wait for more!

Suze xxxxx

Reviewer: Neurotika (Signed) · Date: April 24, 2009 12:49 PM · On: A Little Bit More

I've just read this whole thing. And I really have to tell you that it's so freaking good. I feel really bad for Alice not being able to remember anything and I got all girly and soppy when she gave Jasper the journal.

Please for the love of god, update soon?



Reviewer: LisaLoo (Signed) · Date: April 24, 2009 07:56 AM · On: Prologue: Nature's Second Course

Sweetest Alice and Jasper EVER. You are quite talented with the imagery you bring to life. I could see all of it... the snow, her uniform, his bandages.  I"m hooked and can't wait for further chapters. Thank you for sharing your story!

Reviewer: btomasko (Signed) · Date: April 23, 2009 07:54 PM · On: A Little Bit More

glady enjoying your story, and watching it unravel and grow, i guess i just have one question; what is the inspiration for the title "tie me down to this world"? i noticed you're using a lot of literary quotes at the beginning of each chapter, i just don't recognize where the title could be from. just random, or ...???

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review!

Your question is an excellent one, and I really should have included this somewhere.  I'll go and put it in the first A/N after I'm done replying.  The title of the story comes from Huraki Murakami's book, Dance, Dance, Dance.  The full quote is, admittedly, a little overdramatic, but it fits my characters well:

"... don't leave me alone. I need you. I don't want to be alone anymore. Without you I'll be flung into the far corners of the universe. Show your face, please, tie me down somewhere. Tie me down to this world. I don't want to join the ghosts. I'm just an ordinary person. I need you."

Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: kellyliz82 (Anonymous) · Date: April 23, 2009 04:52 PM · On: A Little Bit More

I have been on the search to find a great Alice and Jasper story. I need to look no more. Your story is amazing! I love the storyline and the relationship between the two of them. I am anxious to see how things play out with Jasper's family, how Alice and Jasoer's relationship grows, and if Alice's family ever comes looking for her. I am looking forward to following this story!

Reviewer: shadesofgray (Signed) · Date: April 23, 2009 04:21 PM · On: A Little Bit More

Love love love.

Reviewer: duckyd16 (Signed) · Date: April 23, 2009 10:47 AM · On: A Little Bit More

OH WOW OH WOW! i love it. ive been reading this a long time. good job!

Reviewer: Jesse Mason (Signed) · Date: April 23, 2009 09:38 AM · On: A Little Bit More


Reviewer: Shorty808 (Signed) · Date: April 23, 2009 08:41 AM · On: A Little Bit More

YAY! Jasper won and now they're going on a date :D

Reviewer: jilburfm (Signed) · Date: April 23, 2009 07:17 AM · On: A Little Bit More

GAH - I was so geared up for a first kiss in the first snow of the season on Christmas night.  And right after all the big baby steps - J calling home, A confessing her favorite places are all about him, A agreeing to car rides, J sitting in the kitchen with the oven on... so great.

This is such a lovely story. 

Reviewer: missloonylovegood (Signed) · Date: April 23, 2009 05:10 AM · On: A Little Bit More

Awww so sweet! They should have kissed in the snow, it would have been perfect!


Uh-oh... Jazzy's surgery is soon, isn't it?

Reviewer: Jesse Mason (Signed) · Date: April 23, 2009 03:55 AM · On: Not Even Past


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