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Reviewer: love2readE-B (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 05:40 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

oh my god! james is soooo creepy!
edward to the rescue!
this story is very gripping! keep up the good work!

Author's Response:

James is most certainly creepy!!! Edward will eventually come to the rescue...emphasis on eventually. hehe. I'm glad you're enjoying it!! Please continue to read and enjoy!

Reviewer: dazzled19 (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 05:00 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

I just read straight through your story and did not realize I was on the last chapter, imagine how dissapointed i felt finding out there is no more to read!  I can't wait till you update!

I wish you would have made bella be the pink ranger.  When I was in 4th grade the power rangers were just starting. I was always Kimberly (the original pink ranger) when my siblings and i played in our back yard

Author's Response:

=/ I hate when that happens to me when I'm reading a fic!! haha. I'm like, NOOOO!!! That can't be IT! I'm struggling through a lot of work right now (college-kill mmeeeee) but hopefully I'm going to have the time to finish writing Chapter 12. Although I'm tempted to just post what I've got now.

=D I LOVED the Pink Ranger. I was her for Halloween!!!! Thank you for taking the time to read, review, AND rate.

Reviewer: Lenore (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 04:52 PM · On: Eight. Oil and Water [Unknown]

Whoa crazy twist you have going! I love it!

Reviewer: Babette (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 04:46 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

Yeah, I had a feeling Zorro was James!  What I don't get is why Edward didn't come running?  Of course, he knows Bella can take care of herself now, but still.  And why is James such a big name on campus?  All the girls were upset because he danced with Bella?  I guess she'll recognize the scent the next time it appears.


Author's Response:

I'm glad you had a feeling that Zorro was James. Hm...Edward didn't come running because for once he was letting loose. He was enjoying being a college student and not checking on his wife every four seconds. At least that's what I'm going to try and explain. But he will regret that. BELIEVE ME. As for James being a big name, you shall see, you shall see. Thank you for taking the time to read, review, AND rate. You rock!

Reviewer: Twilight_obessesed (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 04:42 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

Ok that was amazing i cant wait to see what edward reaction is going to be hehehe i love this story cant wait to see what else happens next.

Author's Response:

Edward is  indeed going to pitch the biggest hissy known to man when he finds out...

I just can't tell you when that will be. hehe. I hope you enjoy where I end up taking the story!!! Thank you for taking the time to read and review!

Reviewer: EllalovesRob (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 04:39 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]


She danced with James? I was reading this in the library at college and actually like, squeaked when it got to the end! Awesome chapter yet again, I would give ANYTHING to see those photos! :D

And I can't believe I got a mention at the begining! Ah! That totally made my day! Oh and seriously...until he gets out of that outfit, they're still a-skipping. hahahahaha. Amazing work once again, I actually think this might have been my favourite chapter so far! Can't wait for chapter 12!!!

Author's Response:

Ella, your curse made me laugh my butt off. That was fantastic!!!

She did indeed dance with James. I'm hoping that while some of y'all saw it coming, it was still a surprise. haha. I think we would all give anything to see those photos, especially because it would mean that Edward was real!! *sighs* I wish he was...

OF course you did!!! Your comment made me laugh and seriously brightened my day. That deserves a mention in my book!! I'm glad that you enjoyed the chapter!!!

Reviewer: letmesign (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 04:17 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

That was an awesome chapter!

Cue Edward's insane jealousy and rage...


Author's Response:

hehehehe. Edward is definitely going to be furious.

...IF he finds out....

Reviewer: Lyanna Whitlock Cullen (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 04:14 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

great  cliff allthough i hate it lol  keep it coming i love this story

Author's Response:

Sorry about the cliffie =/ haha. I'm trying to get all of my work done so I can concentrate on updating!! I hope you continue to read and enjoy!!

Reviewer: letmesign (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 04:02 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

YEAH Will & Grace! I own 2-8...


ok now I should go back and actually read the chapter


I just got excited.

Author's Response:

=D I LOVE Will & Grace. It's probably my favorite show next to Felicity.

hahah. I hope you enjoyed the chapter!!

Reviewer: JW11 (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 03:23 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

Wooooo! Nice. This gets better each chapter!

Author's Response:

Thank you!! That's an extremely high compliment!!

Reviewer: piperann_25 (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 02:46 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

No no please more

Author's Response:

haha. I'm quite unsuccessfully concentrating on my midterm...meaning that I'm actually writing more Smile chapters.


Reviewer: an_edward_chick (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 02:41 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

Arrrgh, Bella can be so dumb sometimes.  Why didn't she just go off like Rose and Alice did?  Also, did she not remember James' scent from the first encounter?  Good chapter.

Author's Response:

hahaha. I think Bella tries to believe the best in everyone. Which...gets her into trouble tonight. She didn't remember James at all from her human encounter with him and it was the last thing on her mind at the party. They wrote it off as a fluke remember? Thank you!!!

Reviewer: Jezabella Hale (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 02:14 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

I just found this story and read it all in one sitting. I love it! Update soon

Author's Response:

thank you!!! You rock for taking the time to read, review, AND rate. YOU ROCK YOU ROCK YOU ROCK!!

Reviewer: cinemapersians (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 01:57 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

Oh boy!  It's getting good.  Go get him Edward!  Seriously, this is exciting.  I can't wait to see what happens.

Author's Response:

hahaha. Everyone is definitely rooting for Edward. I hope you continue to read and enjoy!!

Reviewer: cullen wannabe (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 01:55 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

OMG! I have just read all of the story so far in one sitting and it is amazing! I have ben spoiled doing it this way coz now I want the rest, like now!!

Your writing is fluent and the characters very in cannon, you keep your reader interested and your character development of James in his POV chapter is done really well -I got goosebumps coz he was such a creep!!


Can we have more now please?


Author's Response:

hahaha. I'm glad that you found the story and you're enjoying it!! unfortunately I don't have it prewritten until the end. I was doing well writing ahead five chapters at a time, but I was updating really fast for y'all and I'm down to two prewritten ones. I need to get on the ball with that as soon as my workload dies down.

Thank you so much for such a high compliment. I'm sincerely hoping that y'all are going to enjoy the next chapter. I completely lost it and wrote it from memory and late night additions. I'm afraid it's not as good as everyone's hoping for though.

haha. As soon as I get past the 2 tests, 2 research projects, and 2 group projects, I promise I'll post more!! PINKY PROMISE!!

Reviewer: v1cky84 (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 01:46 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

The story is getting more and more interesting.  I can't wait to read the next chapter.  I hope you'll update soon.

Author's Response:

Thank you!! I'm worried that my rewrite of the next chapter won't be up to the standards y'all are hoping for!! I dearly hope y'all will like it though!!

Reviewer: piperann_25 (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 01:28 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

No no please more

Author's Response:

If I have time this weekend (which means completely blowing off my English midterm) then I will finish up the next chapter and post it!! Thank you for taking the time to read and review.

Reviewer: Stellarrose (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 01:27 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

ARGH!  Tell Edward NOW and get out of there...the guys are gonna go feral over this!

Author's Response:

I love the way you wrote this!! Edward and the boys are totally going to go FERAL over this. Thank you for taking the time to read and review!!

Reviewer: Katie Tang (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 01:20 PM · On: One. As Thick as Thieves [Edward]

Loved it!

Reviewer: Twilightrocks1984 (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 12:21 PM · On: One. As Thick as Thieves [Edward]

I am leaving some love that was a great read I can not wait to see what happens in the next chapter

Reviewer: Menelas (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 12:06 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

Awesome as always. This story has me hooked. :-)

Author's Response:

Thank you =] I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far!!! I hope you continue to read and enjoy!!

Reviewer: Leesh (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 12:00 PM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

Okay yeah, that was just a tad bit evil with the cliffie there!! But, it was a sweet, sexy, and nerve racking chapter all rolled up into one, so therefore I totally forgive you :o) hehehe!!!

You are totally rockin this James character! You've described him just a little bit and already I totally freakin' hate the bastard! That's awesome!!! When he was dancing with Bella my mental self was totally all Alice in the dressing room of Val's "The Wedding" when she found Jake and Ness in a "compromising position"!!

The line at the beginning...Esme stood in the corner furiously snapping pictures....I got the most hillarious visual at that!!! I don't know why it struck me as so funny, but I could just totally see her hopping around like a mad woman snapping pics like one of those photographers on the giography channel trying to capture some really exciting, rare, whatever! Funny!

First, I can't believe you lost your next chapter!! That sucks ass!! I am giving you're computer a mental lashing right.... now!!! Second, take a deep breath, hon!!! You sound busy as hell!!! I'm sending you virtual ya get it??!! You are like the Jedi master of super speedilicious updates!!

As always...keep us the friggin' awsome work!!!


Author's Response:

haha. I'm sorry that I left y'all with a cliffie. Unfortunately when I have the time to get the next chapter written, it won't be much better. haha. I'm glad that you forgive me for it!!

Thank you!!! I'm glad that you hate him-honestly, I was hoping to make everyone hate him. hahaahahahahahaahah. Omg. Val will be quite delighted to hear that. I can't wait to tell her that =] Leesh was having an Alice moment when she read my last chapter. haha.

I could so imagine Esme snapping away. I can also imagine hundreds of photo and keepsake boxes piled in the basement of the Cullen house. Sometimes I wonder how into fashion Alice was in the 80's. I mean did she have everyone in acid wash jeans and awful perms? Or did she get really into bellbottoms and hippie fashions?

I KNOW!! I was yelling a ton of VERY unlady like obscenties at my macbook. I'm trying to remember what I wrote and hunt down the copy I sent to luvfiction but I think my macbook is hiding them from me. Honestly. Either that or I'm completely technologically challenged. Thank you for the virtual Starbucks. I chugged it!!! I'm so stressed out right now that I'm trying to fit in answering reviews instead of sleep. I feel terrible for making everyone wait =/ but I also need time to write ahead.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

Reviewer: Queenofhearts820 (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 11:54 AM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

Wow where was Edward in the mix of this happening? Does Alice not see the route of this?

Author's Response:

I'll explain it in Edward's POV. haha. Everyone was trying to enjoy themselves...Thank you for taking the time to read and review.

Reviewer: Shelly_gurl88 (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 11:41 AM · On: Eleven. Hips Swing [Bella]

dun, dun dun! LOL James better back off. That's all I got to say.

Author's Response:

=] hehe. I feel like I need to record that and just play it when I leave a cliffie.

Reviewer: porche911turbo (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2009 08:23 AM · On: Ten. Like I Love You [Bella]

Lovvinn it. And eagerly awaiting the Mean Girls Moment.

keep em commin.

- Madiee

Author's Response:

Your Mean Girls moment is up!! haha. I hope you like it!!

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