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Reviewer: pixiekat (Signed) · Date: December 20, 2010 09:17 PM · On: Awake

"hope. Perhaps if he could feel something so wonderful again, everything else wasn't as far out of reach as he'd first thought." *sighs* Hope is always the key, isn't it?

"He would have laughed about it if it hadn't hurt so much to watch her leave. He had felt powerful and wanted when he was with her, which was certainly something he had missed over the years." Okay, I'm thinking Edward's pain is gonna break my heart.

"If anything had the ability to finally make him feel sadness, it was the knowledge that he would most likely never see her again." Again, poor Edward, although I know he will most definitely see Bella again.

Edward's inner musings and this: "She doesn't know. Don't take it out on her." make me antsy with curiosity as to what the hell happened to him on every level.

"I want to hold her again. I want to bottle her up and keep her with me for nights like this." That is just plain touching.

Damn if I don't love both Emmett & Esme to the moon & back. She's an angel & he never fails to make me feel better.

Ahhh, so we know that Tanya is at the heart of Edward's pain (figures & I have zero love for her either). I'm seeing what probably happened, but I cannot wait to find out the hows & whys.

Fabulous as always BB!


Reviewer: pixiekat (Signed) · Date: December 20, 2010 08:36 PM · On: Let Go

Nope, you won't have me throwing anything at you...this chappy was fiiiiiine & fuckhawt!

Grrr, I knew the mutt would play a part in this, I'm just praying Bella kicks him to the curb (no offense meant, I just have no love for Jake, although I do realize he serves a purpose).

Nice save for Bella on her explanation of the key. But I'm really looking forward to what happens when she tries to return it.

Gotta go share this & catch up.



Reviewer: pixiekat (Signed) · Date: December 20, 2010 08:33 PM · On: Skin

*great big thud* Um, yeah, that was me hitting the floor! NGL that last line thoroughly floored me, but in the best possible way. Fantastic opening chapter & I'm beyond intrigued. I can't wait to see how this all plays out. Beautifully written & flowed like a dream.


Reviewer: aylah50 (Signed) · Date: December 07, 2010 12:24 PM · On: Cold

Great chapter bb!!!!! *hugs*

Author's Response:

Thank you, bb! How sad is it that I just got to this chapter's reviews on here???

Reviewer: BasketCaseMom (Signed) · Date: December 04, 2010 10:03 AM · On: Corrupt

I was so not expecting him to leave. Sniff, sniff.

Reviewer: BasketCaseMom (Signed) · Date: December 04, 2010 08:49 AM · On: Secret

The ending with Rose and Emmett knowing was classic. I laughed out loud.

Reviewer: BasketCaseMom (Signed) · Date: December 04, 2010 08:30 AM · On: Undisclosed Desires

Oh em gee!

Reviewer: BasketCaseMom (Signed) · Date: December 03, 2010 10:27 PM · On: Bad Romance

I feel the need to stock up on sticks of butter immediately!

Reviewer: BasketCaseMom (Signed) · Date: December 03, 2010 08:14 PM · On: Ca Plane Pour Moi

He totally freaked out! I love the distinction about not caring and not knowing. I feel an extremely intense scenario when they end up meeting in the outside world.

Reviewer: BasketCaseMom (Signed) · Date: December 03, 2010 07:16 PM · On: Oh My God

OMG, I need a fucking cigarette!

Reviewer: BasketCaseMom (Signed) · Date: December 03, 2010 07:16 PM · On: Skin

Best last line of a chapter I've ever read!

Reviewer: grumpbear (Signed) · Date: December 01, 2010 08:39 PM · On: Cold

awesome ./....i am glad you didnt make her torment him for chapters......bella expllained it right...he owed her nothing except an explanation as to why he skipped out....but i am glad he is trying to amend it and prove to her how much he truly cares,,,,,love love your story,...

Author's Response:

Sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much!!

Reviewer: Toto7235 (Signed) · Date: December 01, 2010 07:07 PM · On: Cold

Love love love this FF. I just discovered this story last night and read all 22 chapters in one sitting. I think it's great and I"m liking the way that you brought Edward back and that he wants to take things a little slower to show her how much she means to him. I've laughed, cried and blushed my way through this story and can't wait to see the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Thank you! I'm happy it made you feel so many of those emotions.

Reviewer: GRLTRP (Signed) · Date: November 30, 2010 12:00 PM · On: Cold

SO worth the wait. Absolute HOTNESS. Holy crap.

Author's Response:

Glad you liked it!!

Reviewer: scarlet (Signed) · Date: November 30, 2010 06:25 AM · On: Cold


Reviewer: lewna (Signed) · Date: November 30, 2010 04:48 AM · On: Cold

Oh my gosh, hottest phone sex ever!!!  You did a great job!

Reviewer: romancaholic (Signed) · Date: November 29, 2010 11:15 PM · On: Cold

Talk about being thrown for a loop.  Bella had no idea who would rock her world on the other side of her front door.  No one was more surprised than Bella.  Something she wanted for three months, her dreams were coming true.  The shock of seeing and the multiple of emotions flowing through her.  She kept oscillating from one emotion to the next.  Joy/Confusion/Anger/Lust/Pain  Edward asking her out on a date to discuss what happened why he left.  Bella having to call Alice to help her out with an outfit for her date.  Alice was actually harder on Edward than Bella.  She felt Bella still needed to make him pay for his actions and the hurt she felt at his leaving.  Bella took the original relationship in mind.  Admitted she was committed to someone else at the time.  She needed to end her commitment and if she had done so earlier things might have been different.  Fear of rejection on both of their parts was a major issue for his leaving.  Also for both of them reason neither declared their true feelings.  Sounds like Bella is ready to put the past behind them and start a new relationship.  She doesn't want to digress, she wants him and now.  Phone sex ws hot between them.  Amazing.  Looking forward to this second date.  Glad Edward told her about his past with Tanya.  That was a lot of his problem.  His fear of being rejected by his family for his actions. Concerned their disappointment in his choices and behaviors would have him being disowned by his parents and siblings.  Further from the truth.  The same with Bella, the fear that she wouldn't want him.  That he was a home wrecker in her relationship with Jake.  He wanted Bella happy.  His assumption was that she would be happy with Jake.  If he had stayed just a little bit longer, he would have learned that he was the one for Bella.  The only one. 

Reviewer: hluvsdogs (Signed) · Date: November 29, 2010 05:07 PM · On: Cold

Dial 1-900-AWESOME! Loved it! Of course she would forgive him and not drag it out that is what you do when you love someone like that and they are the reason for your existance!  I really ejoyed him trying to make it up and get his point across that he LOVES her! Squee! As always..great chapter! I have been enjoying your buddie's story The Ride a ton too!! I love stories like the both of yours that include music cus I love me some tunes..just no effin' country!

Author's Response:

Thank you for saying that! I think that IS what someone should do when they love somebody. Happy to hear that you are enjoying The Ride, too.

Reviewer: Cina24 (Signed) · Date: November 29, 2010 11:41 AM · On: Cold

OMG that was amazing...  you counld have done it any better.  I am so looking forward to the real reunion.  Keep up the great work... 

Author's Response:

Thank you!!

Reviewer: Ashwinder91 (Signed) · Date: November 29, 2010 10:26 AM · On: Cold

I totally feel like squeeing right now!! :D

Im sooo happy that everything seems to be working out for our star crossed lovers! Though i must say, you had be holding my breath and sitting at the edge of my seat for a while there..... But it was worth it. Still sucks that they had to go through so much heartbreak, but that's a real relationship for ya. 

Anyways, awesome awesome chappie, and i can't wait for the next one! :D

Author's Response:

Thank you!!! I'm happy you liked it.

Reviewer: middlewife (Signed) · Date: November 29, 2010 06:52 AM · On: Cold

*Happy dance* I'm so glad their reunion wasn't spitting venom & begging. Bella's  conversation with Alice was illuminating, she has great maturity & acceptance about what had happened and what she wants now. Their date was perfect, and now they are on track for a real relationship without the baggage they were both drowning in.

Love the phone sex, super smoldering.

Author's Response:

Thank you! So many people wanted an angry, screaming Bella, but why?? To me, it didn't fit the situation and would have only made it take longer for any real reunion to be believable.

Reviewer: SweetAngl1604 (Signed) · Date: November 29, 2010 06:51 AM · On: Cold

That was without a doubt the best reunion I have ever read in any story. I like the way you wrote Bella in this chapter and I also agree with what she was telling Alice. I have to say that the phone call was HOTT! I absolutely can't wait for more!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it that way.

Reviewer: dorothybert (Signed) · Date: November 29, 2010 02:07 AM · On: Cold

Great fic and chapter. Thank goodness naughty Edward returned. It is nice to see Bella more and more in control.


Reviewer: metalhead (Signed) · Date: November 28, 2010 11:16 PM · On: Cold


Reviewer: Jharris1313 (Signed) · Date: November 28, 2010 10:12 PM · On: Caramel

holy shit.... I will take your advice, however I will smoke after the attack

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