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Reviewer: iWant2BaMonsterToo (Signed) · Date: December 18, 2008 05:34 AM · On: In Her Room

you are freaking amazing :) i would finish reading right now but its 12:30 am and i'm super tired so i'll have to continue tomorrow... if i can remember what chapter i was on lol

Reviewer: Usagi-chan (Signed) · Date: December 18, 2008 05:21 AM · On: Falling Friday

Wow... Oh my god. I'm so worried now! What's going to happen?! YOU HAVE TO TELL ME!!!

Reviewer: Princess (Signed) · Date: December 18, 2008 02:43 AM · On: Falling Friday

Love the story!  Please update soon!

Reviewer: DSCH (Signed) · Date: December 18, 2008 02:39 AM · On: Falling Friday

...that was hot.....

Reviewer: Lei-C (Signed) · Date: December 18, 2008 01:02 AM · On: Falling Friday

i love them!!

but i'm curious to see exactly what Bella had decided on regarding Edward when she was in the shower.

he's finally realizing he's in love with her! I hope it doesn't blow up for them when he finds out it all started out as a job.

great work as always!

please update soon!

Reviewer: EmeraldEyes (Signed) · Date: December 18, 2008 12:07 AM · On: Falling Friday

Please let Bella come clean sooon, my heart is breaking.  I know the angst is coming, and I can't wait for it to get over with... :-(

Reviewer: EVEntide (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 10:41 PM · On: Falling Friday

that was a very steamy, hot end of chapter!!

Reviewer: EVEntide (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 10:41 PM · On: Falling Friday

that was a very steamy, hot end of chapter!!

Reviewer: Morrigan728 (Anonymous) · Date: December 17, 2008 10:35 PM · On: Falling Friday

REVIEWS ALL AROUND for this awesome piece!!!  I feel more for these characters than I have for some of my other fun little fics.  The way you weave in back story and history makes them so much richer.  Edward feeling upset about something as simple as french toast - such a normal feeling to have.  I love them so very very much - I don't ever want to see this story end!

Reviewer: mllesinistre (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 09:46 PM · On: Falling Friday

OMG, what an addictive story. I bet Bella never expected things to get so complicated. I'm glad Alice and the others didn't let her give up early on in the game. But now that he's admitted that he has feelings for her I wonder how he'll react when he learns the truth. The sex in this chapter was well worth the wait, but I have to say that it sounded more like making love than just sex. He really seemed to establish an emotional connection through the act.

Can't wait for more!

Reviewer: lovedforeternity (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 09:28 PM · On: Falling Friday

That was just soooo Hot! I love that they love each other and are just realizing it. keep going. I am loving your Edward big time.

Reviewer: LovesSparkles (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 08:44 PM · On: Falling Friday

this is an awesome story but I am nervous, waiting for the other boot to drop - I feel like she will tell him soon, or maybe someone else will spill the beans, but i think it will be soon - ah! i hope it all works out!!

Reviewer: sweetmahogany (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 08:37 PM · On: Falling Friday

This story really has caught my attention. I'm really enjoying what you're doing with the characters. I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Reviewer: LovelyLola (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 08:23 PM · On: Falling Friday

I love the progression of this story.  This chapter was golden! I really enjoyed it so much.  You're right, a lot did happen in this chapter and it was perfect. 

This has definitely become one of my all time favorite fics. :)

Reviewer: Jime (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 07:59 PM · On: Falling Friday

Oh hell, finally! That was all kinds of hot..too bad now I am concerned about Edward after his acceptance :(

Reviewer: falconcranelove (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 07:24 PM · On: Falling Friday

WOW! This chapter was amazing! You're right, lots of stuff happened, and it was all GOOD! Loved that more little bits of them was revealed to each other. I'm glad he's done lying to himself too. His daydream about him and Bella and a family was so sweet and awesome! And the sex was HOTT! LOL

Great job, and I can't wait to see what happens next. Keep it coming! :)

Reviewer: mscope (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 07:16 PM · On: Falling Friday

This was the best chapter yet!  I laughed - a lot - in the beginning.  I love that Edward is jealous.  Thank you for sharing some Edward history with us.  It gives a whole new depth to his character.  You have a great knack for "taming" Edward and making us fall in love with him!

Reviewer: Sheeijan (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 07:11 PM · On: Falling Friday

Office Yorkie and Edward's internal monologue was absolutely hilarious.  I laughed out loud and reread it, too.  I found it interesting how much Bella and Edward have both changed, really.  But I stil dread the ultimate blowup that's going to happen.  But I'm relieved that Edward's finally not lying to himself.  Denial can only go so far I guess!  Yay!

Reviewer: agiismsxx (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 07:03 PM · On: Falling Friday

....HOLY CRAP!!! 

I think I went through every emotion reading this story. SEriously. 

*clicks Add to My Favorites button* My favorites list is really short so please feel honored. 

I literally squealed as I read this story. IT WAS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that makes me sound pathetic but I love this angle. It's very Failure to Launch but captures a new side of Bella and you can literally feel Edward falling in love. 

I love this story and will religiously refresh until you decide to update =D PLLLEEAASSEEEEEEEE say you're updating!!!?!!!!????!!!

Reviewer: movieandbookgirl (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 06:38 PM · On: Falling Friday

At last! That was phenominally written and well worth the wait. I loved Becky too. Very cute. Well done! I cannot wait for the next chapter :)

Reviewer: EandBforever (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 06:21 PM · On: Falling Friday

I need a cold shower.  Fanning self now!  That was definantly hot!  On a lighter note.  I think it was cute they found that little girl and found her parents.  Kids always have a way of knowing what adults can grasp!  It's about time Edward figured it out, now when will Bella?  Update soon.

Reviewer: Cyartia (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 06:15 PM · On: Touchdown Thursday

Oooo! I love it when authors reference the American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S! =]

Great story, just what an ill person needs in order too feel better. And I still have one more chapter to go!

Reviewer: lobsters4ever (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 06:10 PM · On: Falling Friday

W.O.W!!  Great chapter.  Glad to get some back story with Edward (i didn't remember the family history from before).  Too cute when they found the lost girl.  AND Edward realizing his feelings for Bella!  It was incredible. 

AND the sex was HOT!!  Can't wait to see what happens next! :)

Reviewer: asrial (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 05:41 PM · On: Falling Friday

wow, that was hot.  i am aching already though because i think i feel some angst coming on....


Reviewer: dolphin62598 (Signed) · Date: December 17, 2008 05:37 PM · On: Falling Friday

WOW!  What a great chapter!!  So much happened in such a short amount of time!!  I am LOVING how everything is falling into place!  I really can't wait to read more!  Please do update soon!!

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